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zanthrax-dot-nl via flickr covert deep in Germany"s Eifel forest is one of the legends the the motoring world. 13 miles long. 985 feet the altitude change. 170 corners. This is the Nurburgring Nordschleife.

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Frequently referred to as the "Green Hell," the Nordschleife is just one of the longest and also scariest gyeongju tracks still in presence today.

With blind hills, narrow straights, and trees lining the entire track, one mistake can be the difference in between life and also death.

Built in 1927, the present layout of the monitor is actually shorter than the initial which spanned an unbelievable 18 miles.

For a time, the Nordschleife was residence to Formula One and also sports car racing, yet a number of terrible crashes required the building of a much shorter grand prix circuit right next door.

But that did no shut the Nordschleife down.

Today, chauffeurs can pay a toll and take your street auto for a drive on the renowned circuit. Auto manufacturers have actually also set up shop in ~ the German monitor to construct all the recent rides. Optimal speeds are no longer the height tout for manufacturers; times roughly the "Ring are what they extol.

The history, races, cars, and also people that the Nordschleife space what make it one of the many legendary gyeongju tracks in the world.

The History.



The Nurburgring was developed in 1927 in solution to the complete lack of gyeongju circuits in Germany.

Prior come this, races were held on a closed component of the Autobahn exterior Berlin. With dedicated tracks popping up throughout the remainder of Europe, choose Monza in Italy, Spa-Francorchamps in Belgium, and also Brooklands in England, the Germans decided to invest in one monitor in the Eifel Forest.

The Nurburgring was split into 2 sections, the Nordschleife and also Sudschleife; this equates to phibìc Loop and also South Loop. The much shorter Sudschleife was supplied for society racing practice while the mammoth Nordschleife was a trial and error facility and showcase of German precision, engineering, and skill.


The Track.



There are couple of tracks the elicit the exact same awed reactions that come native the Nurburgring.

With 170 corners and also varying key changes, it can take months to simply learn the track and years to go approximately it quickly.

There are vehicle drivers that dedicate their entire careers to this one monitor who may never perfect it.

The vast array of corners, from fast sweepers to hairpins to the banked Carousel, provides a unique test because that cars the cannot be discovered anywhere else.

Over time, locals have actually spray painted graffitti everywhere the track. It is just an additional element that offers the course even much more character.

The Crashes.

The Nordschleife ended up being famous, or infamous, due to the fact that of the dreadful crashes that claimed the stays of racing heroes end the last 85 years.

For a time, the "Ring took race automobile drivers on what seemed to it is in a monthly basis.

And also the drivers that weren"t killed were scarred forever.

In among the most well known crashes ~ above the track, Formula One people Champion Niki Lauda, who additionally claimed the track to be unsafe, was practically burned to fatality in the 1976 German grand Prix (via YouTube):

His helmet fell off in the accident and also the result burns come his head left him there is no his appropriate ear. His lungs were practically destroyed from smoke inhalation and he had actually several damaged bones. The was thought that his chances for survive were for this reason low the he was even administered the critical rites.

Somehow he survived and also returned come racing just six main later. Lauda ultimately won the 1977 and also 1984 world Championships. This crash finished Formula One racing at the Nordschleife, v racing going to the much safer and shorter grand prix circuit from climate on.



Some world have made their whole career control the Nordschleife.

Sports vehicle driver Stefan Bellof stop the all out lap record at the track, extending 13 mile in simply over six minutes. This was in 1983 in a Porsche 956C race car, follow to the main Nurburgring website.

One the the most famous existing drivers is Sabine Schmitz.

According to Motor Authority, Sabine has actually lapped the "Ring over 2,000 time in she life. Top top Top gear she claimed she had actually been doing it for also longer, as her mother drove the track while she to be pregnant.

She as soon as drove a Ford Transit, a diesel van, roughly the track in simply over 10 minutes. Video clip of this impressive drive can be watched on YouTube.

One that Sabine"s main duties at the track was driving BMW"s "Ring Taxi" at full speed to give passengers the thrill the a lifetime. Now she hosts the German different to Top Gear, D-Motor and still renders runs on the ring.

While major events room still organized at the Nordschleife, prefer a 24 Hour Endurance Race, it now serves much more purposes 보다 before.

Major vehicle manufacturers have collection up full on development centers to completely track check their latest cars. Aston Martin, Mercedes, Porsche, Chevrolet, and also even Buick use the Nordschleife to develop suspension settings.

But tragedy have the right to befall lock too. Toyota"s chief check driver to be actually killed in one accident while leaving the monitor in a brand-new Lexus LFA that he was working on.

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For everyone else, a just $31 gives any licensed driver accessibility to the track because that one lap. That"s right, anybody through the money deserve to go for a ride. That means that there is a wide variety of talent out there at any type of one time.