Central Park has actually amazing views, consisting of this one looking out from the southeast sheet of the park, at E. 60th Street and also Fifth Avenue. Photo by Marques Jackson/Filles Garcons Photography.

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Of every the places to run in new York City, central Park is the most iconic and most displayed park in movies. From scan views follow me the reservoir to the bustle that dog walkers, live music, performers, and also hosting the world’s largest marathon, main Park is a must-see for any kind of runner. The park deserve to be overwhelming for visitors however, and also if she wondering wherein to run in main Park, this central Park running guide will aid you plan your main Park run, including which trails to hit, and how come navigate the gorgeous green space surrounded by concrete.

Central Park offers 843 acre of nature amidst the cement and also steel of Midtown Manhattan, the Upper eastern Side and also the top West Side. The world-renowned park attracts 38 million visitors annually. Whether you room visiting NYC or room a new Yorker, central Park is a must-hit on your running list. Right here is the synopsis of where and how to operation in central Park:

Central Park running Trails


Stay in the left lane once running roughly the main central Park loop. Bicycles go on the right.

Central Park includes a 6.1-mile (almost 10 km) to run trail about the outer loop of the park, and many next trails come run. Simple place come hop ~ above the key running loop is in ~ Columbus Circle, on the southwest next of central Park, in between 58 Street and also 60th Street in ~ Columbus one (see map).


The Bridle Path provides a soft running surface and a much-needed dose of nature in the large Apple.

If you are looking for an ext soft to run trails, you can hit the Bridle Path, made up of a dirt path winding through the park. One of the courses is 1.66 miles and circles around below the reservoir. The complete Bridle route Loop is 2.5 miles and extends beyond the reservoir, more north to the north Meadow fields and throughout the 102nd Street Transverse. It ultimately rejoins the main path after some time ~ above the West Drive. I love the Bridle Path since it is an ext relaxing than running top top the concrete key loop approximately the park, and also the footing is softer so if you have knee troubles or room coming back from an injury, the is simpler on the joints.

There are plenty of other main Park running options, including shorter routes off the key loop by to dance onto among the transverse running paths at 72 Street or 79 Street. For speed work, check out theGreat LawnOval, which is a paved path the is shaped prefer a track and measures practically one-half mile. Girlfriend can also run v theRambleor theNorth Woodsto escape into the forest.

Central Park to run Tips

Best photograph Opp: Running the reservoir provides some of the ideal views in central Park, and you can catch the comparison of nature through the water against the exceptional Manhattan skyline. The see are an especially stunning in ~ sunset or sunrise. The Bridle Path likewise offers remarkable views, particularly in spring when the cherry blossoms space in bloom.

NYC Marathon: The last segment of the world’s biggest marathon, the new York City Marathon, is in central Park every year. The NYC Marathon course comes down fifth Avenue top top the North next of the park, at 110 Street, and follows 5th Avenue down to 59 Street, wherein the course turns right and also comes up the West next of central Park, finishing at 67 Street on West Drive.

Fred Lebow Statue: There is a statue the a guy unobtrusively was standing on 90th Street and also East Drive follow me the central Park key running loop. The man, Fred Lebow, is the creator of the new York Marathon. Every year, days prior to the marathon, the frostbite is moved to a spot close to the NYC Marathon complete line, not far from whereby Fred himself would stand ~ above marathon days during his years at the helm the the organization. There he is, quiet wearing his cap and running gear like no time has passed in ~ all, glancing at his watch together the runners end up their 26.2-mile journey.

If You obtain Lost: Besides using your phone call GPS and also Google maps, check out the lampposts in central Park for determining your location. Inspect the 4 numbers on any type of lamppost base — the very first two numbers suggest the nearest street (“70” would median 70th Street) and also the last two numbers designate even if it is you’re on the west or eastern side (odd number method west, also number method east).

Central Park to run Rules

Stay to the right and also run counterclockwise on the reservoir. Be alert as tourists have the right to be wade in groups and also stopping because that photos.

On the main central Park loop, make certain you space in the run/walk roadway on the left and also not in the bicycle lane, which will certainly be to her right. Be careful as speeding bikes have actually been well-known to struggle pedestrians on foot. Follow the general running principle of staying to your best side in ~ the running lane and also then pass on the left. Always look both ways when comes onto or off of the to run loop.

Where is your favorite location to operation in main Park? Comment below.

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