Thousands the migrants have actually arrived in ~ the US-Mexico border after travelling an ext than 4,000km (2,500 miles) from central America.

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They say they are fleeing persecution, poverty and also violence in their home nations of Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador.

Many of lock say your goal is to clear up in the US in spite of warnings by united state officials that anyone discovered entering the country illegally will confront arrest, prosecution and also deportation.

More 보다 7,000 main American migrants have arrived at the US-Mexico border after crossing Mexico and also parts of main America, according to official figures released by the Mexican inner Ministry. They are staying in short-term shelters in the border cities of Tijuana and also Mexicali.

Image source, Reuters
The migrants have actually been provided shelter, but Tijuana's mayor has warned that the city will not be able to carry out for them because that long

Those currently in Tijuana are part of a migrant caravan which left the crime-ridden Honduran city of mountain Pedro Sula top top 13 October. The group, made up mainly the Hondurans, to be joined follow me the method by various other migrants from Guatemala and El Salvador.


There are additionally other smaller groups of migrants which have actually not yet got to the us border. An ext than 400 room in a sanctuary in Mexico City and more than 250 room in the northern Mexican state the Sinaloa.

There are also four teams of Salvadoreans who have left their home country due to the fact that the end of October. They are in different parts that Guatemala and also Mexico, heading towards the united state border.

The migrants say they room leaving your respective nations in the hope of structure a much better future because that themselves and also their families.

Some say they have actually been intimidated or extorted by criminal gangs operation in their hometowns. Plenty of are travelling through their youngsters whom they do not desire to fall prey come the gangs.

Others hope to gain jobs abroad which pay enough for them come send money to their family members who continued to be behind.

Many say your dream is to with the US. Few of them have relatives there already whom they expect to join, others have chosen it as their destination since they think they will earn greater salaries there than in Latin America.

Long prior to the very first members that the caravan got to the united state border, chairman Donald trumped labelled the migrant caravan as "an invasion".

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Ahead the the mid-term vote in the US, he tweeted dozens that time about the migrants alleging that "many corridor members and some really bad civilization are mixed into the caravan heading come our southerly border" and also warning that "our army is waiting for you".