These chefs continuously dominate the world stage once it comes to fine dining - and also for great reason.

By Kim Ayling | august 18 2021

Alain Ducasse au Plaza Athénée

To most, a Michelin star is the highest possible accolade a restaurant can achieve, with the overview long related to as the pinnacle of well dining. While over 2,600 restaurants across the world are currently in receipt that at the very least one coveted star, some space a cut above the rest, v individual chefs boasting multiple Michelin-starred establishments – yet which chefs have actually the most Michelin stars?

First points first, it’s important to explain that chefs don’t have actually Michelin stars – restaurants do. The Michelin guide will certainly award stars based upon the caliber that the food served and also the top quality of the ingredients, not just on the ability of a single chef in the kitchen. However, if a particular chef is very closely affiliated to a restaurant and also is heralded together the an essential to that success, you’ll regularly hear civilization refer come Michelin stars as their an individual achievements – even if it isn’t strictly correct.

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For example, Alain Ducasse is no much longer the head chef of his eponymous restaurant at The Dorchester with this role now suspect by Jean-Philippe Blonde. However, the restaurant’s impressive three Michelin stars room usually unofficially attributed to the lasting affect that Ducasse himself has made ~ above the culinary world, along with the delectable cuisine the kitchen produces.

With this in mind, our guide to the chefs through the many Michelin stars describes chefs who have secured the highest total number of Michelin stars across their restaurant realms at the time of writing. So, without further ado, satisfy some the the world’s most revered culinary master of our era.

Alain Ducasse – 18 Michelin stars


Alain Ducasse au Plaza Athénée***

Alain Ducasse in ~ The Dorchester ***

Le Meurice Alain Ducasse **

Le louis XV***

Beige Alain Ducasse**

Alain Ducasse in ~ Morpheus**

Benoit (France)*

La Bastide de Moustiers*

L’Hostellerie de l’Abbaye de la Celle*

Alain Ducasse will certainly surely go under in history as among the cooking greats. Return Ducasse right now has a complete of 18 Michelin stars throughout his restaurant empire, throughout the year the figure has to be almost twin this. Ducasse forged his career underneath several of the most provided chefs the the era, consisting of Michel Guérard and also Gaston Lenôtre, at some point taking on his first head chef role at La Terrasse in ~ Hotel Juana. Under his leadership, the restaurant was awarded two Michelin stars in 1984.

Of his plenty of outposts across the globe, Alain Ducasse at The Dorchester, Alain Ducasse at Plaza Athénée and also Le luigi XV tend to it is in the most renowned – and the many awarded, through each boasting the maximum three Michelin stars. Le louis XV additionally holds the location of the very first restaurant come ever attain such one accolade.

While every of the three restaurants maintains Ducasse’s signature style, each has a slightly various focus: The Dorchester offers standard French haute cooking in contemporary settings; Plaza Athenee focuses on sustainable well dining and also Le louis XV serves timeless Ducasse dishes v a Mediterranean influence.

Martin Berasategui – 12 Michelin stars


Restaurante Martín Berasategui***


eMe be Garrote*


Ola martin Berasategui*

Fifty Seconds*

At the moment of writing, famous Spanish cook Martín Berasategui boasts a complete of 12 Michelin stars throughout his vast network that restaurants, the bulk of which are in his house country. Back born in Spain’s Basque Country, Berasategui perfect the bulk of his culinary maintain in France, wherein he learned classic techniques under the likes that Didier Oudil, Michel Guerard and, in ~ a later on date, Alain Ducasse.

When Berasategui started his cooking career, there were no Michelin-starred restaurants in Basque Country, definition he is now often heralded as a leader in the distinctive cuisine and also accredited because that bringing it come the world stage.

Berasatugei’s flagship restaurant, Restaurante Martín Berasategui – i m sorry he opened with his mam Oneka Arregui in 1993 – received its an initial Michelin star just six months after opening and was awarded the maximum 3 stars by 2001. Located much less than 5 miles indigenous his hometown, the Martín Berasategui Restaurant celebrates the bold spices of Basque nation cuisine, using both classic and modern-day techniques.

Pierre Gagnaire – 12 Michelin stars


Pierre Gagnaire, Paris***

Sketch (Lecture Room and also Library) ***

Pierre Gagnaire, Tokyo **

Gaya par Pierre Gagnaire*


Pierre Gagnaire, Seoul*

Le Comptoir de Pierre Gagnaire*

Having started his career with a pastry internship at Nelson in the French city of Saint-Étienne in 1964, Pierre Gagnaire has actually climbed the culinary ladder to become one the the most celebrated chefs of ours age, at this time holding 12 Michelin stars across his restaurants.

While his signature cuisine remains true come the classic styles the French cookery, Gagnaire is not afraid to introduce innovative methods and ingredient combinations, with the chef’s ethos articulated in his mission statement: ‘Facing tomorrow however respectful of yesterday.’ This strive because that a modern-day and more an innovative take on classic cookery has actually seen Gagnaire provided as gift at the head of fusion cuisine.

Included in his vast list the starred restaurants is the flagship Pierre Gagnaire in Paris, i m sorry is found inside the opulent Hotel Balzac. Gagnaire also oversees the food selection at the famous London hotspot, Sketch, including the three-Michelin-starred great Room and Library, which us at Elite Traveler have actually named as among London’s most exclusive destinations.

Yannick Alléno – 11 Michelin stars


Le 1947***

Alléno Paris au Pavillon Ledoyen***

L’Abysse au Pavillon Ledoyen**




Yannick Alléno is an additional French chef who is unafraid to push the boundaries of good dining while remaining respectful that its origins. His immersion into the human being of food began at an early age; that spent much of his time in the kitchens that his family’s bistros in his hometown the Paris. Because then he has cut his this in several of the world’s finest kitchens and worked with few of the many renowned chefs, including the likes of Roland Durand and also Gabriel Biscay.

In his bid to transform the cooking world and also leave a lasting influence on the industry, Alléno has hallmarked his very own movement: Modern Cuisine. The modern Cuisine manifest outlines the use of fresh produce, respect for the seasons and also highlighting foraged ingredients among its 18 guiding principles, advertise the motion firmly into the realms of sustainable fine dining.

Across his an international restaurant network, Alléno currently has a full of 11 Michelin stars, consisting of his 2 three-starred restaurants in France – one in Paris and the various other in Courchevel – and also other outposts in Seoul and also Italy. All of his restaurants memory Alléno’s signature take it on French cuisine in decidedly stylish settings.

Anne-Sophie Pic – 8 Michelin stars


Maison de Pic***

Anne-Sophie Pic**

La Dame de Pic, London**

La Dame de Pic, Paris*

Across her five restaurants (including the flagship Parisian location that has remained in the family members for almost a century), Anne-Sophie Pic currently holds an superior eight Michelin stars. Including an imaginative touch to she family’s standard style, Pic’s cooking is rooted in experimentation, with intriguing ingredient combinations and unusual methods often featuring on she menus.

In addition to making history as the first (and because that now, only) woman French chief to run a three-Michelin starred restaurant, Pic is also making waves on the sustainable cooking scene. Elite Traveler recently called her amongst the new tide of eco-conscious chefs many thanks to her focus on vegetables and also commitment come using in your ar sourced ingredients. This attentions have also garnered Maison de Pic a environment-friendly Michelin star.

In enhancement to Pic’s 2 Michelin-starred French restaurants, she also has acclaimed outposts in London and Switzerland, both of which stay true to her distinctive, modern-day style the cooking.

Andreas Caminada – 8 stars


Schloss Schauenstein***

IGNIV poor Ragaz at grand Resort**

IGNIV St. Moritz at Badrutt’s Palace**

IGNIV Zürich at Marktgasse Hotel*

Swiss chef Andreas Caminda has been running the three-Michelin-starred Schloss Schauenstein restaurant in the tiny city (the smallest in the world, in fact) the Fürstenau due to the fact that 2003. The three collection menus on offer are of differing lengths and each showcase the modern, thoughtful Swiss cuisine for which Caminda has come to be famed.

As well as receiving three of Michelin’s typical stars, Schloss Schauenstein has likewise been awarded a green Michelin star in recognition of its meeting to making use of fresh necessary produce, and support of farmers operation to the very same high standards.

In addition to his an initial celebrated restaurant, Caminda has additionally gone on come launch the IGNIV group, which at this time has 4 outposts. This includes IGNIV negative Ragaz at cool Resort and IGNIV St. Moritz in ~ Badrutt’s Palace, which have both been awarded 2 stars by the Michelin guide, and the one-starred IGNIV Zürich at Marktgasse Hotel, bringing the total variety of Michelin stars throughout Caminda’s realm to an superior eight.

Gordon Ramsay – 7 Michelin Stars


Restaurant Gordon Ramsay***

Le Pressoir d’Argent – Gordon Ramsay**

Pétrus by Gordon Ramsay*

Gordon Ramsay au Trianon*

Gordon Ramsay’s hot-headed nature and notorious television collection have garnered him rather the reputation. However, under the fiery exterior is a remarkable talented cook who has actually forged his own niche in an industry full of greats.

Ramsay has been exposed come the prestigious world of good dining from at an early stage in his career, having famously trained underneath Marco Pierre White, Albert Roux, Joël Robuchon and Guy Savoy. His first experience of leading a kitchen come in the mid-nineties as soon as he presume the head chef position at Aubergine which, under his leadership, to be awarded the maximum three Michelin stars.

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Flash forward to the present day and Ramsay’s an international restaurant empire is impressively diverse, covering from lofty good dining facilities to casual American-style grills. His signature Restaurant Gordon Ramsay contributes to 3 of Ramsay’s seven Michelin stars and also holds the title of gift London’s longest-running three-Michelin-starred restaurant. The menu showcases the ideal of brother ingredients, indigenous Scottish seafood come Lake ar lamb.