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There were a document 44.8 million immigrants living in the U.S. In 2018, making up 13.7% that the country population. This to represent a much more than fourfold increase because 1960, as soon as 9.7 million immigrants resided in the U.S., accountancy for 5.4% that the full U.S. Population. Click the link listed below each an introduction table to download the data.

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To find much more context on the numbers below, visit the blog write-up “Key findings about U.S. Immigrants,” and also for a downloadable variation of the tables below, watch the PDF and the Excel workbook. For facts on Latinos in the unified States, check out our file on U.S. Hispanics.

For details on our regional grouping of countries, check out our “Countries by local classification”document (PDF).

Nativity that U.S. Immigrants
Foreign-born population total44,760,622
Percent born in Mexico25.0%
Percent who are citizens50.7%

Download Excel sheet through all populace and nativity findings

Race the U.S. Immigrants
Percent who room white alone, no Hispanic17.7%

Download Excel sheet through all gyeongju findings

Language use among U.S. Immigrants
Percent speaking English in ~ least very well(ages 5 and older)53.2%

Download Excel sheet with all language findings

Age and also gender that U.S. Immigrants
Median age of foreign-born population (in years)45
Percent of foreign born who are female51.8%

Download Excel sheet with all age and gender findings

Marital status and also fertility of U.S. Immigrants
Percent who space married(ages 18 and also older)61.2%
Percent who room women eras 15-44 offering birth in previous year7.5%

Download Excel sheet with all marriage and fertility findings

Education of U.S. Immigrants

Highest degree completed, periods 25 and older

High college or less49.2%
Two-year degree/Some college18.8%
Bachelor’s degree or more32.0%

Download Excel sheet through all education and learning findings

Work status and occupations the U.S. Immigrants

Ages 16 and also older

Percent in job force(among civilian population)66.6%

Download Excel sheet v all work-related findings

Earnings and also income of U.S. Immigrants

Ages 16 and also older

Median annual an individual earnings(in 2018 dollars, among those through earnings)$31,900
Median annual household income(in 2018 dollars)$59,000

Download Excel sheet through all revenue findings

Poverty and health insurance among U.S. Immigrants
Percent living in poverty14.6%
Percent uninsured19.6%

Download Excel sheet v all poverty and insurance findings

Homeownership and households that U.S. Immigrants
Percent in family members households82.3%

Download Excel sheet through all homeownership and household findings

Region and top claims of residence that U.S. Immigrants
New York10.0%
New Jersey4.6%

Download Excel sheet through all an ar findings

Source: Pew Research facility tabulations of 2018 American ar Survey (1% IPUMS).“Statistical Portrait that the Foreign-Born populace in the united States, 2018”

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