Despite what people think, Twitter proceeds to preserve its standing as a popular social media platform. Here is a comprehensive collection that the most up-to-date Twitter statistics because that 2020. Twitter has actually been said to have actually reached its used date, to it is in dying even – however there"s still life in this old bird.

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Because stats prefer 330 million monthly energetic users (MAUs), 500 million tweets posted every single day and also 23 percent the the internet populace are on Twitter to speak otherwise.

In an effort to keep you increase to date with the newest stats, we’ve given our numbers a once over come make sure they have been updated to reflect task in 2020.


chapter 1

general Twitter Statistics & truth

Collection of general Twitter statistics and facts because that 2020

Key takeaways:

over there is a total of 1.3 billion Twitter accounts. Twitter has 330 million monthly energetic users (MAUs). There are 500 million Tweets sent out every day.

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There is a total of 1.3 billion Twitter accounts, but only 330 million are energetic users.


Twitter has 330 million monthly energetic users (MAUs). Q4 2019 daily active users (DAUs) was 152 million.

Only 50 million that those 330 million MAUs are located in the unified States, if 290 million (88 percent) space international. Twitter supports those global users with much more than 35 offices approximately the world.

Twitter’s Monetizable Daily active Users (mDAU) worldwide was 152 million in Q4 2019, versus 126 million in Q4, 2018, up 21% primarily driven by product improvements.

BarackObama, his “No one is born hating one more person due to the fact that of the shade ..” tweet in 2017 has received 4.3 million likes therefore far.


chapter 2

Twitter User Statistics & truth

Collection the Twitter user and usage statistics and facts because that 2020

Key takeaways:

as of jan 2020, previous US president Barack Obama has actually the most followers ~ above Twitter (113 million followers). The average time invested on Twitter is 3 minutes and also 39 seconds.

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Korean pop team BTS had actually the most-liked tweet in 2019. The K-pop group also topped the list for most tweeted around musicians and also celebrities. This tweet resulted in over 1 million likes.


The most well-known Twitter accounts as of January 2020, sorted by the many numbers the followers. During that month, former US chairman Barack Obama‘s account
justinbieber through 109 million followers

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realDonaldTrump has actually 52 million Twitter followers is ranked 18 for number of followers amongst all Twitter users.

thing 3

Twitter demographic Statistics & truth

Collection of Twitter demography statistics and facts because that 2020

Key takeaways:

56 percent of users on Twitter room men, 44 percent room women. 12 percent of americans say they obtain their news from Twitter. 40 percent of Americans aged 18 to 29 year old usage Twitter.

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40 percent of Americans aged 18 come 29 year old usage Twitter, an ext than any other period group. Usage drops as age increases, v 27 percent that those aged 30 to 49 using the service, 19 percent of 50- to 64-year-olds, and just 8 percent that those aged 65 and also up.

32 percent of Americans with a college level use Twitter, compared to 25 percent that those through some college education and 18 percent the those v a high institution diploma or less. Amongst those who use Twitter to acquire their news, 45 percent have actually a university degree.

77 percent that Americans who earn $75,000 or an ext use Twitter, compared to 74 percent the those that earn between $50,000 and $74,999, 74 percent of those that earn between $30,000 and also $49,999, and 63 percent the those who earn less than $30,000 per year.

The percent of American guys using Twitter is 24 percent; because that American females it’s 25 percent.

Slightly more urban Americans usage Twitter than their rural and suburban counterparts. 29 percent that American city-dwellers use Twitter compared to 23 percent the suburbanites and 17 percent that rural Americans.

80 percent that Twitter users accessibility the network ~ above a mobile device, and also 93 percent the Twitter video clip views happen on mobile.

46 percent that Twitter users accessibility the app every day, with one more 25 percent making use of the network every week, for a linked total the 71 percent of customers accessing the site at least weekly.

thing 4

Twitter Marketing Statistics & facts

Collection the Twitter marketing and also business statistics and facts because that 2020

Key takeaways:

67 percent of all B2B businesses use Twitter together a digital marketing tool. On average there room 164 million ads shown on Twitter every day. 66 percent that the companies who have actually 100+ employees have actually a Twitter account.

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According to eMarketer virtually 66 percent that the companies who have 100 or more employees have a Twitter account.

Twitter serves more than 2 billion search queries daily, follow to recent developer job postings.

On November 7, 2013, Twitter priced your IPO in ~ $26 every share which climate valued the firm at $14.2 billion.


Twitter through the numbers: facts, usage stats and also demographics girlfriend should recognize about. Anyone knows by currently that Twitter was created in march 2006 by Jack Dorsey, Evan Williams, Biz Stone, and also Noah Glass as a social media platform that permitted users come send short 140-character messages dubbed tweets.

Here I’ve compiled 50 up-to-date Twitter stats to give you the present state of Twitter in 2020, what the users room doing top top it and how they space using the platform.

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