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Bishop T.D. Jakes Honored for 45 years in Ministry

Pastor, film Producer and also America"s best Preacher reaches Millions with post of Hope


DALLAS, Sept. 22, 2021 / -- There room a myriad of words to explain T.D. Jakes: Pastor. An international leader. Best-selling author. Filmmaker. Real estate industrialist. Conference producer. The senior pastor the The Potter"s home in Dallas, Jakes blazed the follow in bringing a post of expect to millions roughly the people through any mode the communication, never ever being restricted to simply the pulpit. He has actually counseled numerous U.S. Presidents and also been the guest of many leaders approximately the world. Jakes will be honored for his 45 year of ministry at a one-of-a-kind worship company on Sunday, Sept. 26, at The Potter"s House start at 9 a.m. CT, set to attribute special guests and also tributes.


During his 45 years of ministry, Bishop T.D. Jakes, senior pastor of The Potter’s home in Dallas, has reached the masses through worldwide humanitarian outreach, inspirational conference series, media and entertainment venues, and also thought management forums.

Jakes began his to adjust in West Virginia in ~ the period of 19. Currently 64 years old, Jakes has actually reached the masses v his various ministries and enterprises. Since beginning The Potter"s home in Dallas in 1996 v 50 families, an ext than 30,000 members currently attend the megachurch"s many campuses, through millions more attending online roughly the world. The Potter"s house mission is brought out through an international humanitarian outreach, inspirational conference series, media and entertainment venues, and also thought leadership forums.

Key worldwide events created by Jakes include:

Woman, Thou art Loosed! What started as a Sunday school curriculum turned right into a cornerstone that Jakes" ministry. Now a conference, a book, a play and a movie, Woman, Thou art Loosed! reaches right into the souls that women and catapults them into the confidence to live together God intended. The first Woman, Thou art Loosed! conference was held in Atlanta in 2004, hosting about 45,000 women. The conference continues to attract thousands from roughly the world.

International management Summit Jakes" leadership in the religious arena has led that to host an annual leadership conference for civilization of faith. Illustration in more than 10,000 leader globally, the global Leadership Summit has actually featured market leaders choose Tyler Perry and Denzel Washington come teach others exactly how to success in their locations of work.

ManPower This conference because that men started in 1993 to aid men of every races and also backgrounds address certain needs, hurts and struggles from a biblical perspective. The conference prospered from 2,500 to 20,000 attendees.

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MegaFest Combining Jakes" conferences and also the International confidence & film festival into one, MegaFest is thought about one of the biggest faith-based worldwide conferences in America. In 2015, an ext than 91,000 civilization attended come hear from a broad array of worldwide speakers. In 2008, the an international gathering was held in Johannesburg and contributed much more than 60 million south African edge to the local economy.

Tapping into the digital world to further Jakes" message, the Bishop"s Village offers on-demand subscribers unique, behind-the-scenes insights right into the operations of the T.D. Jakes "machine." Viewers are treated come videos and also other online content, consisting of (but not minimal to) global speaking engagements, conferences, organization seminars, meeting preparations and sermon notes that are not accessible on any type of other Jakes platform. 

Other vital Milestones

1993: launched a weekly TV transfer on Trinity transfer Network 1994: began weekly TV broadcasts on black color Entertainment Network 2000: called one of the peak 10 religion Leaders by PBS" Religion and also Ethics Newsweekly 2001: named America"s best Preacher by Time magazine and also CNN 2009: yielded the morning business for chairman Obama"s inauguration 2016: debuted the "T.D. Jakes" talk display 2021: premiered "Kingdom society with T.D. Jakes" (a weekly sermon and also conversational series) on REVOLT, the top Black-owned-and-operated multimedia platform servicing content 24/7 across digital, linear and live media channels

Books, Film, Comedy and also Music Jakes is a brand-new York time bestselling author and has published an ext than 40 books. His 2014 publication Instinct is just one of his most successful, security 16 weeks on the brand-new York times bestseller list. His recent book, Don"t autumn the Mic, which gives insights into connecting well, was on the brand-new York Times, USA Today, Amazon and Publisher"s Weekly bestseller lists.

An achieved film producer, Jakes" movies have grossed over $500 million and catapulted the faith-based film industry. His movies include: A Dog"s means Home (for Sony Pictures) starring Edward James Olmos and Ashley Judd; Miracles native Heaven, the follow approximately Heaven is for Real; the made-for-TV-film faith Under Fire (for Lifetime); top top the saturday Day; Winnie Mandela; black color Nativity; Jumping the Broom; and Sparkle. Jakes" movie projects continue to redefine and reimagine the ever-evolving "faith-based" genre. Stories around real people and also experiences often are oversimplified with a classic faith-based lens. Jakes" capacity to translate stories around real world with actual experiences into sales, streams and support is unprecedented.

Jakes" "A Time come Laugh" is a touring comedy show and concert featuring few of the sexty up-and-coming artists and also comedians.

Dexterity sound is responsible for few of the most innovative expressions in Gospel Music today. Receiving countless industry accolades, including Grammys for "The Storm is Over" and also "A Wing and also a Prayer." Dexterity might be ideal known for the fan-favorite album sacred Love song II, i m sorry featured music motivated by the film Jumping the Broom. The label is likewise known for its award-winning worship suffer DVDs and the all-female modern-day gospel group, Grace.

The Potter"s home charter is to expand a "hand of aid to the needy, a heart of compassion to the hurting, and also a post of empowerment to the disenfranchised." Jakes has led and lived this mission every day in his ministry.

About The Potter"s HouseCelebrating the 25th anniversary this year, located in Dallas, The Potter"s residence is a 30,000-member nondenominational, multicultural church and also humanitarian organization led through Bishop T.D. Jakes, double featured on the cover of Time magazine as America"s ideal Preacher and also as among the nation"s 25 Most prominent Evangelicals. The Potter"s house has five locations: The Potter"s house of Dallas, The Potter"s residence of ft Worth, The Potter"s house of north Dallas, The Potter"s residence of Denver and also The Potter"s home OneLA. For much more on the background of The Potter"s House, visit this link.