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The Gmail message and attachment dimension limit is 25 MB. Messages sent to your account that exceed the limit are returned to the sender.To send larger files, pick Google drive > Upload. Choose a record from your an equipment and select Drive link > Upload. Send the message.

Like many email providers, Gmail boundaries the size of message and document attachments you have the right to send and also receive. Learn about Gmail attachment restrictions and also how come get roughly them making use of both the net version the Gmail and the mobile apps for iOS and also Android.

Message and Attachment Size borders in Gmail

Gmail processes messages approximately 25 MBin size. This border is used to the sum of the message"s text and also the encoded attachment. Encoding provides the record size contempt larger, so if you have a file that is precisely 25 MB, it will certainly not walk through.

Sending messages larger than 25 MB indigenous Gmail returns an error. Messages sent to your Gmail account that exceed the border bounce ago to the sender.

You can connect any document type of file, but the dimension limit rules the end most video clip and audio formats too as large PDFdocuments with numerous pictures. Still, there are options for sending large files through Gmail.

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Send and Receive Larger documents with Gmail

The easiest means to work around the blog post size limit is integrated to Gmail. You cansend records using Google journey while composing a message:


Click Select documents from your device and also choose the documents you great to share, or drag-and-drop the documents into the window.