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Frequently asked Questions1. What is MEGA MILLIONS®?MEGA MILLIONS is a multi-state, multi-million dollar jackpot game readily available in 46 lottery jurisdictions (including Florida). All MEGA MILLIONS member lotteries add a percentage of sales to a shared top-prize swimming pool so jackpots can grow to numerous millions of dollars. The game"s jackpot starts in ~ $20 million and also rolls over till all 6 numbers are matched. MEGA MILLIONS has nine prize levels through lower-tier prizes ranging from $2 to $1,000,000 – and up to $5,000,000 through Megaplier®.2. What various other lotteries offer MEGA MILLIONS?MEGA MILLIONS is play in 44 states, the district of Columbia and also the U.S. Virgin Islands. Because that a finish list of states that sell MEGA MILLIONS visit www.megamillions.com.3. Will the revenue generated from Florida ticket sales continue to be in the state?As with all other games available by the Florida Lottery, all profits from MEGA MILLIONS ticket sales in Florida will be moved to the Educational improvement Trust money to benefit education in the state.4. Once did MEGA MILLIONS sales begin in Florida?MEGA MILLIONS ticket sales in Florida started on Wednesday, might 15, 2013 at 6:00 a.m. ET.5. How much do MEGA MILLIONS ticket cost?MEGA MILLIONS tickets expense $2 every play. MEGA MILLIONS with Megaplier tickets price $3 per play.6. What is the largest MEGA MILLIONS jackpot to date?The largest MEGA MILLIONS jackpot to day was a lining $1.6 Billion because that the October 23, 2018, drawing in which there to be one jackpot-winning ticket marketed in south Carolina. 7. That sets the MEGA MILLIONS jackpot and how is that calculated?Prior to every drawing, the Finance Committee the the MEGA MILLIONS Lotteries shall recognize the estimated annual payment based jackpot quantity to be advertised. The advertised jackpot amount shall be estimated and established based top top sales and also the annual payment choice factor created for the drawing.The prize money allocated indigenous the existing MEGA MILLIONS prize swimming pool for the grand Prize, plus any type of previous sections of compensation money allocated come the grand Prize classification in i m sorry no equivalent tickets were sold will be separated equally amongst all jackpot compensation winners in every participating lotteries. The yearly payment choice Grand compensation amount will be paid in 30 graduated yearly installments.8. What is Megaplier?Megaplier is an add-on feature to MEGA MILLIONS that gives players a possibility to win approximately $5 million. Once players purchase a MEGA MILLIONS ticket, lock may add Megaplier for $1 more per play to multiply your non-jackpot winnings by up to five times. Every non-jackpot prizes will be multiply by the Megaplier number, from two to five, that is attracted prior to the MEGA MILLIONS drawing.9. Where can I see the MEGA MILLIONS drawings?You may view the MEGA MILLIONS drawings on main Florida Lottery TV carrier stations in major markets transparent Florida. Viewing times will vary by station.MEGA MILLIONS win numbers will be available on this website, in ~ Florida Lottery retailers statewide, and also by phone in ~ (850) 921-PLAY. Also, you may register ~ above this website to obtain MEGA MILLIONS winning numbers and also other Lottery information by email or text message.10. How do girlfriend play MEGA MILLIONS?At any Florida Lottery retail location, you deserve to either mark your selections ~ above a MEGA MILLIONS playslip or phone call the retailer the number you great to play. Top top the playslip, select five number from 1 to 70 in the top play area and one Mega round number indigenous 1 to 25 in the reduced play area. You may rapid Pick some or all of your number by marking the QP crate in the top and/or the lower play areas of the playslip. Make her selections carefully, because MEGA MILLIONS ticket CANNOT it is in CANCELLED.11. Exactly how do friend play Megaplier?Simply note the Megaplier box situated on the left side of the MEGA MILLIONS playslip. Megaplier will apply to every panels and also Quick pick boxes you have significant on the playslip. Megaplier will include $1 an ext per play, so check your selections carefully before giving the playslip to the retailer. If girlfriend tell the retailer your MEGA MILLIONS selections, make sure to ask because that Megaplier.12. How will I recognize if mine MEGA MILLIONS ticket contains Megaplier?MEGA MILLIONS v Megaplier tickets will display screen "MEGAPLIER YES" and also MEGA MILLIONS tickets v no Megaplier will display "MEGAPLIER NO."13. Deserve to I advancement play MEGA MILLIONS? If so, how countless draws?Yes, girlfriend may development play MEGA MILLIONS for approximately 26 continually draws. If you choose Megaplier, it will use to all drawings.14. How late have the right to I acquisition a MEGA MILLIONS ticket ~ above a attract night?On attract nights, you will have the ability to purchase MEGA MILLIONS ticket until video game sales close at 10:00 p.m. ET, as enough time is forced to ensure that the draw data has actually been securely obtained from every 46 member lotteries prior to the MEGA MILLIONS illustration is held at 11:00 p.m. ET in Atlanta, GA.There will be a 5-minute sales break between 10:00 p.m. And also 10:05 p.m. ET ~ above the night the the MEGA MILLIONS drawings, and sales after ~ 10:05 p.m. ET will certainly be because that the next draw.15. Will certainly my MEGA MILLIONS playslip from another state work-related in Florida?No, every MEGA MILLIONS says use different playslips the work exclusively on their gaming systems.16. On the MEGA MILLIONS ticket, just how is it feasible to have actually the same number twice on one line?Since you select five numbers from 1 v 70 and also one Mega ball number from 1 with 25, it is possible to repeat a number for her Mega sphere number. The letters "MB" will indicate the Mega ball number on your ticket. MEGA MILLIONS numbers are drawn from two different sets the balls in which five white balls and one gold Mega Ball space selected at random.17. Can I purchase Florida MEGA MILLIONS tickets through the internet or by mail if i live the end of the state/country?No. Florida MEGA MILLIONS tickets might only be purchased indigenous the Florida Lottery with terminals in ~ authorized Florida Lottery retailers. Although MEGA MILLIONS is sold nationally, each state have the right to only offer MEGA MILLIONS within your state. 18. Exactly how do you victory MEGA MILLIONS?During the MEGA MILLIONS drawing, 5 white balls (numbered 1 with 70) and also one gold Mega round (numbered 1 through 25) room randomly selected. Players success the jackpot by matching, in any kind of order, the 5 numbers drawn from the very first set the balls and the Mega Ball drawn from the 2nd set.Players victory other an excellent MEGA MILLIONS prizes, varying from $2 to $1,000,000, by corresponding non-jackpot winning combinations. Players who include Megaplier to your purchase, and also match a non-jackpot winning combination, will multiply your winnings. 19. What room the odds of win a MEGA MILLIONS prize or the MEGA MILLIONS jackpot?The overall odds of winning a prize room 1 in 24 and also the odds of win the jackpot room 1 in 302,575,350. 20. If the gold Mega round number is drawn from a set of 25, why are the odds of corresponding only the Mega round number not 1 in 25? MEGA MILLIONS numbers are attracted from two sets that numbers, therefore the odds of winning space calculated by combining the odds because that both to adjust of numbers for all prize levels. The odds because that the ninth prize level (for matching just the Mega Ball) room calculated by combine the odds of selecting the Mega round and the odds that not selecting any of the five numbers indigenous the first set of numbers drawn. 21. Are MEGA MILLIONS prizes shared?MEGA MILLIONS jackpots space shared amongst all jackpot winning plays in every MEGA MILLIONS lotteries. All various other prize level are set prizes. 22.

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How much deserve to I win v Megaplier?All non-jackpot prizes room multiplied 2 to five times higher than the base game, depending upon the number drawn in the Megaplier drawing. View chart listed below for all Megaplier prize payouts.MEGA MILLIONS® ODDS and also PRIZES MEGAPLIER®PRIZES (increase your non-jackpot MEGA MILLIONS because that $1 much more per play.)MatchOddsPrizex2ODDS 1 in 3x3ODDS 1 in 2.5x4 ODDS 1 in 5x5 ODDS 1 in 15
Overall odds 1:24