In a final-day acceleration to the finish, Team USA overtook China to complete with the most gold medals at the Tokyo Olympics through 39.

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The united States had actually to wait till its penultimate gold-medal match to surpass China, yet after a success in the women's volleyball final, Team USA clinched the gold-medal counting for the third-straight Summer Olympics. 

Team USA's 39 gold medals doesn't quite complement its last 2 Olympic performances whereby it won 46 gold medals in Rio de Janeiro and also London, respectively. But it was sufficient to finish just one ahead of China's 38 in Tokyo. 

The last time that Team USA didn't success the gold-medal count was in ~ the 2008 gamings in Beijing. China won 48 yellow medals back the U.S. Winner the as whole count v 112 complete medals. 

The U.S. Also clinched the in its entirety count in Tokyo v 113 medals, the second-biggest draw dating ago to the 1988 gamings after win 121 in Rio. Team USA has actually not lost the overall medal count because the 1992 games in Barcelona, where the linked Team conaudioeditorfree.comst of of previous Soviet republics winner 112 medals. 

In Tokyo, China finished 2nd in the as whole count v 88 medals when Japan come in third with 58, including 27 gold medals. The United says closed out the 2020 Olympics with 41 audioeditorfree.comlver and 33 bronze medals. 

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