IT is hard to go all over without seeing a McDonald's - yet how many are there really?

Here we define how the numbers, which nation has the most, and where to go if you desire to avoid one.

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There room tens of hundreds of McDonald's restaurants throughout the globeCredit: Alamy

How numerous McDonalds restaurants room there in the world?

There room a complete of 39,198 McDonald's outlets in more than 100 countries and territories roughly the world.

This number has actually increased year-on-year for the critical 16 years.

How many brand-new restaurants are opened each year?

Figures for how many new restaurants open every year vary, however they are have actually one thing in usual - it's a lot!

Some reports suggest one brand-new outlet opens its doors every five hours, when others insurance claim it is much more like 15 hours.

However frequent it is, it appears Maccies opens an ext than 1,000 restaurants annually.

According come its website, McDonald's really hopes to open 300 brand-new restaurants over the following 10 years, developing 20,000 project opportunities.

And if you've ever before fancied opening your own McDonald's, the firm is constantly looking for world to launch new sites.

According to McDonald's, opened one could lead to mouth-watering return of between £1.5m and also £4.3m a year.

But you will need about 25 every cent the unencumbered funds, or approximately £100,000, v the remaining 75 per cent funded by a bank.





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Which country has the many McDonalds?

There are much more McDonald's restaurants in the United states than any other country in the world.

In 2019, the recent data available, there to be 13,837 outlets across the 50 states.

Orlando, Florida, has the highest number of American stores, with virtually 21 every 100,000 residents, according to Statista.

After the united state is Canada, through 1,478 McDonald's restaurants in 2019.

What countries have no McDonalds?

They may seem to be everywhere, but there are a large number of nations which don't have actually a single McDonald's.

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This includes European countries such together Iceland and also North Macedonia - though both have previously been house to several.

Other destinations not to house the golden arches are Barbados, Nigeria, Laos, Iran, Ghana, Bolivia and the Maldives.