It’s no wonder the famous golden arches that McDonald’s are recognised almost everywhere the world when there are virtually 39,000 outlets in 119 countries globally. While many of these rapid food chain restaurants look pretty comparable both inside and also out, there space some pretty unique locations where you deserve to enjoy a large Mac and also other signature McDonald"s treats. Below are some of the many extraordinary McDonald’s restaurants on the planet.

Sydney Airport, Australia


Opened in 2018, this is one of the most remarkable McDonald"s places in the world. Referred to as the McDonald"s skies Kitchen, that star attraction is the see-through kitchen that appears to be floating end the passenger lounge in a yellow glass box. Waiting for her meal is a genuine spectacle, as burgers and also fries are yielded to the ground level via a conveyor belt one by one.

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Sedona, Arizona, USA


Not every McDonald"s restaurants function the common red and also yellow colours. As result of Sedona"s strictly zoning ordinances, this restaurant had to mix in with its bordering landscape and as such has a green and also orange color scheme. The building also reflects the regional architecture.

Bergen, Norway


at this McDonald’s in the charming city the Bergen you can dine in among the most exquisite and oldest timeless Norwegian timber structures in the district. Through white lumber panelling and also no yellow arches an installed onto the exterior, the a an extremely different look because that the famed fast food chain. Here you"ll likewise be able come order McLaks – a chunky salmon fillet in a bun, available only in Norway.

Roswell, brand-new Mexico, USA


This McDonald’s ar in brand-new Mexico looks the end of this world, literally. Shaped like a spaceship, the cashes in on what made Roswell well known in 1947, as soon as a UFO accused crash-landed in the areas near the town. 

Dallas, Texas, USA


As with many McDonald"s franchises, this one mirrors its ar too. And if the huge 50-foot giraffe frosting isn"t enough of a clue, this one"s situated next to the Dallas Zoo. Inside, a substantial elephant greets guests as they walk with the door, another giraffe is munching top top the pipeline of among the trees while a gigantic snake is viewed slithering atop among the booths.
One of the fanciest McDonald"s locations, this franchise in Budapest is an ext reminiscent the a well dining restaurant 보다 a quick food chain. While the menu is every McDonald"s, the food most absolutely tastes far better when consumed in soft animal leather booths, in a 1920s art Deco-esque dining room.

In maintaining with the area’s locomotive heritage, this rapid food joint is housed in number of train carriages at Barstow terminal on route 66. The old cars have actually been repurposed right into dining carts, giving visitors a taste that train travel in mid-20th-century California – with included fries.

The earliest operating McDonald's restaurant is additionally a an extremely nice one to look at, through a retro Americana vibe. Opened in 1953, it was the 3rd McDonald's restaurant in ~ the time and also deemed eligible for the national Register of historical Places in 1984. It's now one the the key attractions in south east Los Angeles.

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Ever want to eat McDonald’s ~ above a plane? It might not it is in 38,000 feet up yet this McDonald’s in Taupo, on brand-new Zealand's north Island,has a decommissioned DC3 as component of that is restaurant. The aircraft previously carried passengers for southern Pacific airlines of brand-new Zealandduring the 1960sand was likewise a crop duster. Climb aboard for a big Mac v a next of history and excitement.

Walking v the old town of Lijiang, China, you can not point out this McDonald’s. That blends nearly seamlessly v the other structures in this UNESCO people Heritage Site. Visitors have the right to take in the timeless Nakhi architecture, quaint stone bridges end rivers and mountains in the distance prior to refuelling through a big Mac.

Wanting to create a calm haven from the busy human being outside, Georgian architect Giorgi Khmaladze design this futuristic-looking McDonald"s to clash with the surrounding architecture. Encircled by a pond that shows the geometric building, the restaurant attributes dining locations that skip the water and the patio area is extended in varied vegetation.

In amongst historicbuildings, good dining restaurants and designer shops on Rue Saint-Lazare sits this McDonald’s branch. Complete of charm and also character, it’s strategically inserted to draw in tourist who normally flock to the area for its background and shopping. French McDonald's franchises also offer a much more luxe experience inside – ingredient are in your ar sourced, coffee is offered in mugs and also burger buns can be swapped the end for ciabatta.

The distinctive settingof this McDonald’s restaurant came under to money. Located in Hangzhou, in the former home of the so late Taiwanese leader Chiang Ching-kuo, it led to some conflict when that opened. Activists had referred to as for the social heritage site to it is in converted right into a museum however it was leased to McDonald's due to the fact that maintenance prices needed to it is in covered. The interiors room decorated v posters about Chiang’s life in respect.

Previously known as the ugliest structure in Rotterdam, this McDonald’s restaurant is now one of the most stylish rapid food areas in the civilization after a sleek makeover. As soon as in line for demolition, it’s beenrenovated in a minimalist style with a glass-panelled front, explain white spiral staircase and also perforated gold façade.

What was once well-known as the royal Café in Porto is now residence to McDonald’s. The building from the 1930s was in an excellent need that restoration when McDonald’s to buy it. The eagle statue outside the entrance was retained and also inside it’s full of mirrors, chandeliers, art Deco stained-glass and ornate architecture on the high ceilings.
Next door come the space Center Houston, this space-themed McDonald"s embraces its place on NASA Road and features a giant astronaut ~ above its roof. What"s an ext the kids" Play space logo is re-designed for the word "space" to appear in a futuristic font.
Built to commemorate the 1000th McDonald"s in Brazil, this special ar is referred to as Méqui (slang for McDonald"s in Brazil) 1000. Opened up in 2019, there"s a giant large Mac chandelier inside, a golden arches swing set and Happy Meals and fries adorning the façade. Come celebrate the milestone, there was also a McDonald"s-themed trailer obtainable to rent on Airbnb right alongside the restaurant.

With end 110 McDonald's restaurants in ras Vegas, it's no surprised there room six various franchises on the ras Vegas piece alone. This certain branch, located in 3475 southern Las vegas Boulevard, is significant for that is giant golden arch looming over other fast food joints nearby.

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Located in stylish Krasnaya Polyana – house to numerous ski resorts in the Caucasus Mountains– it's basic to wrong this McDonald's ar for an Alpine restaurant. Near the Russian city that Sochi, the will played host throughout the 2014 Winter Olympics. This momentary McDonald's opened up for the event has turned right into a much-loved irreversible feature.

One that the 7 1960s-themed McDonald's to have opened in France, this franchise in Bordeaux sporting activities a vintage watch on the outside. Inside, diners are welcomed with mismatched chairs, black and white ceramic floor tiles and also turquoise benches.

When plans emerged in 2016 to open up a McDonald's franchise the contrary St Peter's Basilica, the spiritual home of the world's roman Catholics in Rome, it was met with harsh criticism native many. Part even referred to as the venture the "McVatican". However, the branch opened a year later and McDonald's comment by saying the "this restaurant has been fully adapted through respect to the historic environment". It has actually partnered through a neighborhood charity to distribute meals to homeless human being in the area too.

Located top top the financial institutions of the Nile in the Egyptian city of Aswan, this McDonald"s restaurant has exceptional views end the storied river. V plenty of outdoor space across two floors, you can enjoy burger and fries while looking out to the bordering landscape.

To get more than simply a burger from McDonald’s, its Yangshuo outpost comes with added mountainscapes and also a few special items. Below diners can order Sichuan twin chicken burgers, spicy McWings and German sausage double beef burgers i m sorry are only sold in China, if looking out to the glorious peaks and waterways.

Three of Georgia"s McDonald’s restaurants space in Tbilisi and two room standouts. At an initial glance, this could look like an observatory or a planetarium, however, the easily recognisable McDonald"s logo is unmissable. The building blends in with the traditional Georgian style around and offers good views that the city native the peak floor.
This Tudor-style building in Bray, ar Wicklow, Ireland is just one of a kind. The structure dates earlier to the 19th century and also housed a sector in the 1940s. The floor floor has been house to McDonald’s due to the fact that 1997 v the upper floors serving together the Bray city Council chambers.
Another cool McDonald’s ar in Norway operates out of this beautiful structure in Kristiansand, a city in the south. Formerly a bank, sadly the original doors room still intact yet can’t be used by visitors. Instead customers have to use doors at the side of the building.

Built in 1795 as a farmhouse, then converted right into a 19th-century Georgian mansion, this historic structure in lengthy Island is currently a McDonald’s. The quick food chain had actually originally planned come knock the down and also build a traditional restaurant in that is place yet after uproarfrom locals, the burger joint decided to renovate it into the classiest McDonald's in the state.

The Birch residence in George Town, Penang used to be an office because that a tin smelting tree in 1908. The mansion was at some point abandoned until a property team bought the in the at an early stage 2000s. The building was set to be demolished come make means for a contemporary office building, however, thanks to neighborhood activists, it's still standing and now residences a 24-hour McDonald's.

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Known because that beautiful mountains and colourful parks, Ulsan is likewise home to one of the few drive-thru McDonald's in southern Korea.Part gas station, component fast food chain, this branch doesn't have actually the common yellow and also red color scheme however instead has actually bright pink neon lights illuminating it.

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A hotel in the 1930s, this Macca's (as Australians contact it) is much loved in Melbourne thanks to that is quirky exterior. The arts Deco building has a retro dining room and neon lights that glow at night, adding to that charm.