There room 18,332 McDonald’s in north America as of February 2021. Within its house country, the USA, it operates13,683 units spread throughout 4,649 cities. Canada came in second, bookkeeping for an ext than 1,400 devices in the very same fiscal year. The least number of McDonald’s restaurants were in Cuba, which only had one establishment.

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The fastfood sector is not safe indigenous the impact of COVID-19. In 2020, 200 McDonald’s areas in the United claims permanently closeup of the door down due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Much more than 50% of the closed devices were categorized together “low-volume restaurants” situated in Walmart stores. Despite its status, McDonald’s still felt the weight of the pandemic as operational changes in the restaurants were implemented to minimize health and wellness risks.

In this article, we will certainly not only look into the number of McDonald’s restaurants pre- and post-COVID-19, we will additionally examine exactly how the world’s top quick-service restaurant adapted to the correctly changes, and its future plans.

McDonald’s Table the Contents

How numerous McDonald’s are there in every state in the US?

The nation with the highest number of McDonald’s not just in phibìc America, yet worldwide, as expected, is the United States. As of 2019, McDonald’s is the leading quick-service restaurant chain in the united States in terms of systemwide sales, audit for about $40.41 billion.

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Number of McDonald"s areas in the US, through State

Number of McDonald"s locations in the US, by StateCalifornia: 1492

Number that McDonald"s areas in the US, by StateTexas: 1224


Number that McDonald"s areas in the US, by StateFlorida: 986


Number the McDonald"s places in the US, by StateOhio: 823


Number the McDonald"s places in the US, by StateNew York: 767

New York

Number of McDonald"s areas in the US, through StateIllinois: 738


Number the McDonald"s locations in the US, by StateMichigan: 631


Number the McDonald"s areas in the US, by StatePennsylvania: 583


Number the McDonald"s locations in the US, through StateGeorgia: 511


Number that McDonald"s areas in the US, through StateNorth Carolina: 475

North Carolina

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State in the us That Doesn’t have actually McDonald’s

If you go to the joined States, the seems prefer there’s a McDonald’s on every corner. So it’s normal to assume the whichever state you go to in the US, you’ll uncover a McDonald’s. It’s true because that the many part. Forty-nine the end of the 50 states in the US have McDonald’s. The odd city out? Montpelier, Vermont.

To it is in fair, Montpelier is the smallest funding in state of population size, v only about 7,500 people. Furthermore, Montpelier has tendency to favor regional businesses over big chains.For what it’s worth, the doesn’t have actually Burger King as well.

How much is Mcdonald’s precious in 2020?

As that June 2020, McDonald’s reported earnings of $8,475.9 million, a decrease native the $10,433.9 million report revenue because that the same quarter in the previous fiscal year. Globally, the equivalent sales decreased by 23.9% and also the consolidated revenues also declined by 30% throughout the first six months of 2020. Regardless of the decrease in revenue, McDonald’s remains the most an important quick-service restaurant brand in the world in 2020 complied with by Starbucks and KFC.

How many large Macs are marketed each job in phibìc America?

McDonald’s might absolutely not confirm the exact variety of how many huge macs have actually been sold an international since the above sandwich launched, yet the restaurant reports the they serve roughly 550 million large Macs annually in the us alone.

This equates to more than 1.5 million big Macs offered in the united state every single day the the year.

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A website called Every second is a specialized counter that mirrors the number of big Mac and also other signature McDonald’s items offered every second.