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Mourners adopt at a vigil honoring Horizon High institution sophomore havier Amir Rodriguez, who shed his life in a mass shooting in surrounding El Paso, on respectable 5, 2019 in Horizon City, Texas. (Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images)


On Aug. 3, 2019, a gunman walked right into a pack Walmart in El Paso, Texas, and opened fire, killing at least 22 and also injuring 24.

In the wee hours of Aug. 4, a gunman opened fire ~ above the street in a Dayton, Ohio, to chat district, killing nine and also injuring 27.

Later that day, Wisconsin state Rep. Ron Tusler to be on on facebook claiming fixed shootings room down under President Donald Trump.

"Less massive shootings under Trump! His basic doesn"t hate anyone," declared Tusler, R-Harrison, in a since-deleted post.

The message accompanied a re-posting the a chart shared by one more person that proved 24 fixed shootings under President Barack Obama and four shootings under Trump.

That’s quite the disparity.



There’s a lot come cover — and also a lot dorn — in this seemingly an easy claim. Let’s rest it down.

Claim based on flawed, outdated data

Tusler’s insurance claim is ridiculous on multiple fronts.

For one, the data it references is bad outdated. The chart in Tusler’s post is traction from a feather 2018 post in National Affairs, a quarterly journal from the American companies Institute, a conservative think tank.

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The chart says it pulled the tallies for each president from an LA times timeline published in October 2017, then added the February 2018 Marjory Stoneman college shooting in Parkland, Fla.

So the data at finest ends a year and a fifty percent ago, reflecting less than half of Trump’s time in office to date.

The graph itself is flawed together well. Converting the LA times narratives come a chart indicates a level of consistency and comprehensiveness the the newspaper did not intend. The article didn’t define any kind of criteria for inclusion as well as a sentence at the optimal saying, "Here are some of the many notable fixed shootings in the U.S. In current decades."

The national Affairs chart is an especially haphazard since it added in the Florida shooting however ignored the Texas first Baptist Church massacre in November 2017 the killed an ext people.

Mass shootings increase over time

The wider issue through both the chart and also Tusler’s case is the use of raw number to to compare one partial term under Trump come two full terms under Obama.

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Simple tallies will, that course, be bigger over a longer time period.

So what are those tallies? and how go Tusler’s claim around less shootings organize up come a far better comparison, such as mass shootings per year?