exactly how Much Robert Downey Jr. To be Paid because that Each of His MCU films Robert Downey Jr. Play Iron male for more than a te in the MCU. Here"s approximately how lot he was paid every Marvel movie.

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Robert Downey Jr together Tony Stark
when Marvel Studios took a gambling on casting Robert Downey Jr. as Tony distinguishable in 2008"s Iron Man, filmmakers more than likely didn"t suspect the actor would become nearly as affluent as his character. However, through the blockbuster success of the Marvel Cinematic cosmos came the meteoric climb of Downey"s salary package, plus back-end deals.

Despite repeated, unsubstantiated rumors, and also the really hopes of fans, Downey"s tenure as Tony Stark ended in 2019, v the release of Avengers: Endgame. And so, we look back at just how much the gibbs (and, now, producer) has made from every of his nine appearances in the MCU.

Robert Downey Jr as Tony distinct in stole Man
Downey was considered a risky investment for a range of reasons: he wasn"t an activity star, the was basically uninsurable as result of his checkered past and also was assumed by numerous to be past his prime, an ext likely to show up in tabloids than on cinema screens. However, producer Kevin Feige and also director Jon Favreau observed something in the actor and insisted that play the role. Downey himself had belief in the matchup, and agreed to accept a low salary of $500,000, through an unknown reduced of back-end profits, through some sources saying as high together 8 percent. There"s part indication this salary, or the one the earned for Iron guy 2, likewise covered his cameo in The tremendous Hulk.

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The movie to be a hit beyond all expectations and also kicked turn off the Marvel Cinematic world properly, grossing over $585 million an international and increasing Iron Man into the height tier of superheroes. Even if Downey"s percentage was a much more typical .05 percent that gross, that"s still sufficient to bring his full haul approximately $2 million.

RUNNING TOTAL: $2 million

IRON man 2 (2010)

Downey had the ability to negotiate more money because that the blockbuster sequel, earning a rumored $10 million, plus another sweet back-end deal. While the movie was considered underwhelming by critics, Iron male 2 grossed slightly an ext than its predecessor at roughly $623 million internationally. Through his career officially reinvigorated, Downey created himself as a mainstay the the MCU because that years to come.

Iron Man and also Captain America in The Avengers
once Avengers rolled about in 2012, Hulk, Thor and also Captain America all had their own lucrative movies, though Iron Man"s very first solo film was still the best-received critically of the bunch. Downey and also Stark were two of the movie"s anchors, and also his $10 million salary reflect that. This $10 million became his basic salary for following several films. The Avengers proved one astonishing success, earning $1.5 billion worldwide and leaving various other studios scrambling to shot and duplicate the success Marvel Studios to be seeing. Due to the enormous success the the film, back-end deals ended up happen Downey"s haul increase to$50 million.

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RUNNING TOTAL: $72 million

IRON man 3 (2013)

Robert Downey Jr as Tony distinguishable in Iron man 3
Downey"s $10 million salary/$50 million total phase ongoing for the 3rd and last Iron Man movie. Despite it disappointed part hard-core fans, the movie to be the highest-grossing Iron man film, v a 1.2 exchange rate dollar haul.

Although he wouldn"t get a solo movie again, steel Man absolutely didn"t take it a backseat, together he still play a prominent function in the world after this point. And also he was certainly compensated accordingly.

RUNNING TOTAL: $122 million


Age the Ultron earned an estimated $1.4 billion dollars, making it the lowest-grossing that the Avengers films. However, approximates put Downey"s earnings as somewhere between $50 million and $80 million. Tony stark may have been recklessly endangering the world, yet Robert Downey Jr. Had actually never to be a more secure bet.

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RUNNING TOTAL: $172 million - $202 million


Civil War was one more blockbuster, grossing $1.15 billion worldwide, almost beating the highest-grossing Iron Man. Downey made about $50 million to play Captain America"s enemy. However, that"s not including profit-sharing, back-end and also a $5 million bonus because that surpassing the vault Captain America movie"s box office. The puts his haul simply a little shy of $64 million.

As a note, scene from Civil War were repurposed because that Spider-Man: far From Home, and also it"s not totally clear right now what, if anything, Downey to be paid for that.

Spider-Man is among the most universally recognized characters in the world, and Homecoming represented Peter Parker"s very first solo adventure under the Disney banner. The movie itself made a solid $880 million throughout the globe, yet it"s Downey who ended up making out the best. Downey made at the very least a million dollars for each that those minutes for roughly 10 minute of screentime, putting his revenue on the film between $10 million and $15 million.

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Infinity War represented the first part in the culmination that the MCU therefore far, i m sorry Downey had helped launch through the success of Iron Man. The film finished up earning more than $2 exchange rate at the global box office, netting Downey at least $75 million.

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RUNNING TOTAL: $321 million - $356 million


numerous went into Endgame figuring it"d be Downey"s last appearance together Iron Man, and also they to be inevitably proven right. Back Tony distinguishable couldn"t take it it with him, Downey"s last MCU paycheck earned the around $75 million, v the rumored 8% back-end transaction earning that an extra $55 million because that this film alone. As Endgame is still in theaters, its complete haul might readjust a bit, however film is close to ending up being the highest-grossing movie ever, simply shy that $2.8 billion.

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RUNNING TOTAL: $396 million - $435 million

Considering just how much money Downey"s movies ended up racking up, that was more than likely worth that initial $500,000 deposit, having gone on come earn an ext himself than Iron Man did over its entire residential run at package office.