This week, the GoMN team got every little thing we ever wanted as kids: a box of happy Charms Marshmallows. Yes, just the marshmallows.

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It to be so magically mysterious the we started asking ourselves all sorts of questions, choose how many marshmallows room in there? Is one shape more prevalent than others? perform they taste any kind of different?

due to the fact that there weren't specific answers on the box, we chose to take matters into our own hands and sort/count every single marshmallow charm. It took 1 hour 38 minutes. You can watch the whole video here, or (if friend actually have things to perform today) there's a 2-minute, ultra sped up version above with the answers and a bunch of funny facts.

What else we learned

General Mills says the cereal was born as soon as a guy named John Holahan experimented v mixing Cheerios and chopped up piece of his favourite candy – Circus Peanuts. Eventually, the Circus Peanuts were swapped the end for green clovers, pink hearts (the just original one us still have today), orange stars and also yellow moons marshmallow bits and the happy Charms debuted in 1963. Those shapes developed over the years.

by the way, those marshmallows are actually called marbits – which might be a combination of the native "marshmallow" and "bits."

happy is the name of the leprechaun that shows up on boxes of regular Lucky charm – which provides sense. And Inquisitr states each marshmallow shape represents among Lucky's powers.

Hearts show his power to lug things come life. Shoot Stars because he have the right to fly. Horseshoes represent his strength to speed things up. Clovers are just for luck. Blue Moons because Lucky deserve to apparently become invisible. Rainbows display his ability to instantaneously travel from location to place. Balloons since leprechauns have the right to make things float, duh.

and also that orange and also yellow one is not a pot of gold. It's an hourglass, and also it reflects Lucky's strength to regulate time.

Oh, and also Lucky temporarily lost his project to an absent-minded wizard named Waldo in 1975. However things didn't occupational out and Lucky acquired his job back.

About the marshmallow boxes

friend won't find Lucky Charm Marshmallows top top the shelves that your regional grocery store anytime soon.

Minnesota-based general Mills is actually  releasing simply 10,000 box of the good stuff. A action up indigenous 2015 once it only provided away 10 the the special boxes.

To acquire your hands on a box of marshmallows, you must buy a winning box of regular Lucky charm then get in its one-of-a-kind 14-digit password at

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