Malls space such critical part the our lives that also after the arrival of authoritative e-commerce websites, we couldn’t protect against us indigenous visiting over there from time-to-time. They room also an essential asset to local as well as the nationwide economy.

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Based top top the gun leasable area, we have actually compiled a list of the greatest mall in the world. The gross leasable area or GLA stands for the total space (floor) obtainable for advertising renting. On the various other hand, the pistol floor area is the total area within an facility including walls.

15. Brand-new Century an international Center

CentralWorld Square | photo Courtesy: Imtaiki

Located In: Bangkok, ThailandOpened In: 1990 and/or 2006Gross Leasable Area: 187,046 Square Meters

Bangkok’s CentralWorld shopping mall was originally launched together the ‘World trade Center’ in 1990. It was adjusted to central World Plaza in 2003 complying with an expansion. The mall go through an additional round that renovations to complete with Siam example mall (also in Bangkok). The name was finally readjusted to central World in 2006.

The mall houses close to 600 retail stores, a 45-story office building and a 5-star hotel v a 17,000 m2 convention hall. The entire complicated is situated over one area the 1,024,000 m2.

13. SM shopping center of Asia

Persian Gulf complicated bowling arena | picture Courtesy:

Located In: Shiraz, IranOpened In: 2011Gross Leasable Area: 450,000 Square Meters

In state of complete floor area, the Persian Gulf facility is Iran’s third-biggest and also the world 12th greatest mall. However, that is the 2nd biggest, behind only the Iran Mall, in terms of the total variety of stores (2,500).

Inside the complex is a bowling alley, six cinemas, 3 amusement parks (one outdoor) with a gaming corner, two swimming pools and also a hypermarket.

11. 1 Utama

Located In: Petaling Jaya, MalaysiaOpened In: 1995Gross Leasable Area: 465,000 Square Meters

1 Utama, situated in Petaling Jaya city near Kuala Lumpur, is the biggest shopping shopping center in Malaysia. That is residence to the biggest rooftop garden in southeast Asia, a crossfire arcade center, and a giant 36-lane bowling alley. As lot as six various other recreational sporting centers are located inside the mall.

The entire facility was developed in 2 phases, v the most recent being opened for windy on 19 respectable 2011. Follow to the official numbers, more than 60,000 people visit 1 Utama daily on weekdays and about 120,000 people on weekdays.

10. Isfahan City Center

SM Seaside City Cebu | photo Courtesy: happy Ambago

Located In: Cebu City, PhilippinesOpened In: 2015Gross Leasable Area: 470,486 Square Meters

SM Seaside City Cebu (don’t confuse it through SM City Cebu) is the crowned jewel that SM Seaside Complex, an ₱8.5 exchange rate (close to US$600 million) project, which contains residential buildings, office spaces, and also a hotel.

The mall feature an amusement center with one 18-lane bowling alley and also an Olympic-sized skating rink. It likewise accommodates a large-format cinema (similar to IMAX), and six other cinemas.

At the center of the shopping center is a 150-meters tall tower, recognized as the Seaside Tower. The peak viewing deck the this tower provides a complete 360-degree view of the city.

8. SM Megamall

SM City phibìc EDSA | image Courtesy: Ramon FVelasquez

Located In: Quezon City, PhilippinesOpened In: 1985Gross Leasable Area: 498,000 Square Meters

The SM City north EDSA shopping center is the biggest in the Philippines and seventh-largest in the world. The was additionally the very very first real estate job of SM Supermalls. When introduced in 1985, the mall had actually just 120,000 square meter of gross floor area. The was only after a wire of redevelopment and also expansion jobs (since 2006) that the mall reached its present size.

The entire facility is separated into 5 blocks or annexes, excluding the initial building. Out of the five blocks, 2 accommodate office spaces, while the various other two are used specifically for parking. The continuing to be block (annex 2) attributes retail outlets, restaurants and also entertainment centers.



Located In: Nonthaburi, ThailandInaugurated In: 2015Gross Leasable Area: 550,278 Square meters

Next in this perform of the best malls is Thailand’s CentralPlaza WestGate (or Bangyai), located in Nonthaburi province just external Bangkok. With six floors and a total floor area the 550,278 square meters, the shopping mall houses much more than one thousands shops, consisting of the fifth-largest IKEA store in the civilization (50,278 m2). It is owned and developed through Thailand’s biggest property developer main Pattana.

4. Golden Resources Mall

Bird’s eye see of SM City Tianjin | picture Courtesy:

Located In: Tianjin, ChinaInaugurated In: 2016Gross Leasable Area: 565,000 square meters

SM City Tianjin is the world’s third-largest mall based on the total leasable area. The is the seventh and most current mall in China built by Philippines based SM Supermalls. The entire mall spans over a total area that 436,000 m2.

SM Tianjin’s distinctive design; a round building at the facility surrounded by 3 leaf-like oval buildings, each other a flower when viewed indigenous above. It to be designed by American architectural and also design for sure arquitectonica.

About 60% of the mall’s full leasable space was populated within a couple of weeks ~ its opening. It functions some that the best domestics and also foreign retailers.

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2. South China Mall

Under building and construction Iran shopping mall | photo Courtesy: Diba Tensile Architecture

Located In: Chitgar Lake, TehranGross Leasable Area: 1.4 million square metersEstimated Completion: 2020

The crown the the world’s biggest mall goes to the Iran Mall, situated in northwest Tehran. The construction (ongoing) of the shopping center is excellent in two phases.

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The first phase, which consists of facilities ranging from restaurants and also food courts to cinemas and a family entertainment center, was inaugurated in 2018. And with the supposed completion of the second phase in 2020, the Iran shopping mall will most likely retain its position for fairly some time.

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After the completion of the project’s second and last phases, its total area will boost from 1.4 million square meters to 1.95 million square meters.