Almost without question, the masters is the many exclusive experienced tournament in the world. Fewer 보다 100 audioeditorfree.comers are expanded invites each year, a much cry indigenous the common 144- or 156-player ar for various other majors. For some, an invitation to Augusta national is the to mark of your career.

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But once you gain in the gates, you still have actually your work cut out for you if you want to stick approximately for the weekend. Like many tournaments, the Masters makes use of a 36-hole cut. However unlike those various other tournament, they perform things a small different at Augusta National.

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In years past, the reduced line has been calculation in a simple manner — the low 50 players and any player within 10 strokes that the leader make the cut. However this year, the reduced has been lessened to low 50 and ties only — no 10-shot rule. The society announced the readjust Monday.

Beginning with the 2020 masters Tournament, the short 50 players and ties will certainly qualify because that the last 36 holes. This is the an initial change come the cut due to the fact that 2013.

— The master (
TheMasters) November 9, 2020

Early in the week, the seemed likely that the brand-new rule was implemented because of the lessened daylight hours this time of year. However, Augusta national Chairman Fred Ridley suggested this brand-new rule was in the works long before this distinct November Masters.

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“That was a decision that we created the April Masters,” Ridley stated Wednesday. “It’s not something us did simply for this week.Although it can be nice or could come in handy as it relates to darkness.”

Ridley go on to say the decision was created two reasons. One, to make it much easier to suspect the dimension of the weekend field. And two, once looking in ~ the current past, simply two players have remained in contention ~ making the cut because of the 10-shot rule.

“While absolutely it can happen, it just doesn’t,” Ridley said.“It’s not relevant that often, and we assumed this to be a way to sort of tighten points up and have a much more predictable field size because that the weekend.”