Oshkosh Defense is proceeding v its $6 billion contract to make new postal delivery vehicles, while shedding bidder Workhorse pursues a lawsuit against USPS.

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Workhorse Sues Postal organization over Mail truck Deal


So lot for spring Cool While transporting the Mail

Politicians Want an ext New Postal van to be EVs

Oshkosh was the winner the a half-decade-long bidding procedure to acquire the postal service some new trucks. One of the other two companies trying to victory the bid was Workhorse, which newly filed a lawsuit end the contract process. Workhorse, an electric-vehicle startup, has questioned how serious the USPS is about converting its fleet to electrical vehicles, given that Postmaster general Louis DeJoy just committed come making 10 percent that the brand-new fleet electric, at the very least at first.

There has been talk about replacing the powertrains in the gas-powered NGDVs over time, however for now, the bulk of the initial orders will certainly run ~ above fossil fuels. Follow to Reuters, Ford claimed it might supply powertrain components for either gas or electrical models. No Ford nor Oshkosh have released any financial details of your deal, but the USPS contract was reportedly worth $6 billion.

The NGDV to represent the an initial major fleet change for the USPS in around three decades. The present mail shipment vehicles, recognized as Grumman lengthy Life Vehicles, to be built in between 1987 and also 1994 and were only meant to it is in on the roadway for a maximum of 24 years. The new contract says the USPS will purchase somewhere between 50,000 and also 165,000 NGDVs end 10 years.

Oshkosh stated in a push release that it will have the ability to make any number of the new vehicles electric, however the contractor admitted to the Securities and also Exchange the supervisory board in November that it does not have actually much experience structure electric-powered vehicles and also that that may need to spend an ext money on research study and advancement to actually build and also deliver the plug-in NGDVs.

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Oshkosh claimed it will certainly hire end 1000 world for the Spartanburg facility, not counting associated supply-chain tasks that the brand-new plant will require. The facility will repurpose what Oshkosh is calling an "expansive warehouse facility," and also NGDV production need to start in the summer the 2023.