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I was simply curious, exactly how much ammunition would your typical infantry soldier carry if he to be expecting a fire fight?What’s the traditional amount?(this is not included mortars and such- how much ammunition because that his major weapon?)Oh, and also how numerous Shot shells would certainly a army shot gunner carry?I understand I am giving small info to work off, yet please try.Thanks a bunchGENT
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I read a short article that in nam they lugged 300 rds standard. The troops would take 600 if they thought they to be going to acquire into a large one

I additionally heard that (during Vietnam)they just loaded 16rds. In their 20rd M16 mags ,because the springs would wear out quickly if fully loaded.I don"t know what a soldier carries today on average.

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Well, that depends.When I was in the Marines (1990-1998) the an easy rifleman carried 7 30round magazines because that the M16 for this reason that would be 210 rounds in magazines. In pack lugged a reload block because that one finish reload. Now the poor Marine carring the Squad automatically Weapon carried much much much more along with his A-gunner and also the various other two members the the fire team brought a belt or 2 to feed the hungry M60 or M249. The the fireteam leader additionally carried numerous gernades for the M203 attached come his M16.All of these get burned up really quickly in a fire fight.

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At the very least 210 rds., because that m16, I believe the experienced gunners obtained 3-200rd. Boxes. That was every we had for tiny arms in mine platoon. We always grabbed much more than the minimum due to the fact that we didn"t have to walk roughly with it. My helmet bag to be stuffed v underwear, a few mre"s (or cook Boyardee ) and about 8-10 mags. I only kept 4 on my vest and one in mine weapon. That is as well cumbersome to carry too lot on your chest when you have to worry around directing her crew, handling the radio and maintaining your very own weapon.