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Change is the one continuous in the NASCAR world, and it comes with the subset constant that is complaints about said change. The course, pushback against change in general is person nature and also far from distinctive to motorsports.

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But pan reaction to the readjust NASCAR announced Monday to be amusing considering the irony that the most common objections.

Those who oppose the Cup collection moving to a single, center-locking lug nut because that its following generation automobile — as opposed to the existing five-lug sample — because together a design makes the automobile "less that a stock car" are absent the point. NASCAR literally is make this move so the auto closer resembles a stock car.

NEWS: NASCAR moving to solitary lug-nut style for next Gen car.Details: https://t.co/pEZsqytsQr pic.twitter.com/rF8vGqbMKx


Soon after ~ NASCAR"s announcement Monday, the NASCAR on Fox Twitter account post a simple, open-ended question: "So what space your thoughts on the single-lug wheel?"

The (mostly) an adverse feedback to be predictable. Listed below we pluck a few of those responses to the tweet and also explain why they"re misguided.

"How countless "Stock" cars have actually a single nut? Really gaining away native what NASCAR was created as." ... "Just another example that NASCAR act the the contrary of what fans want."

This is in reality NASCAR attempting come do exactly what pan want.

NASCAR an elderly vice president of innovation and racing advancement John Probst defined Monday that the organization wants that is Gen 7 Cup cars, reserved to debut in 2021, to feature 18-inch aluminum wheels quite than the present 15-inch stole wheels. The reason: The larger style closer resembles the wheels on production cars.

And because that the 18-inch aluminum wheel, the strength and durability of a single nut architecture was NASCAR"s only option.

Aluminum wheels space not a new thing in racing. A vast bulk or gyeongju competes in aluminum wheels. Wheel a tire goes flat it tears stuff up. Stole / aluminum / regardless it junk. Thanks for the concern https://t.co/QAwFNV4km2

— Steve Letarte (
SteveLetarte) march 3, 2020

"Once you get to one 18-inch aluminum wheel," Probst said, "the next step for us is come make certain that from a durability standpoint under racing problems is that it will certainly accept the durability the we require to complete races and also then also finish multiple races. ...

"The steel wheel is an ext forgiving and also can handle loosened wheels a little bit better. As soon as we get to the aluminum wheel, we did some durability studies, and also if you leave lug nuts loosened on one aluminum wheel, you mitigate the trust of the wheel by around 30 percent. It’s much more of, the aluminum wheel has less tolerance to loosened lug nuts, so once we have one, there yes, really is just one thing to concentration on, and also that is to acquire that lug seed tight. Then everything else native a durability standpoint is fine."

That part — tire-changers needing to concentrate on simply one lug fairly than 5 — leads to the other prominent complaint attached to NASCAR"s move.

"Seems it will certainly take away employment for males that have actually been on a pit crew because that years." ... "Terrible, takes far the excited of the town hall a pit stop!"

Simply, this is no true.

Many seem worried the adjust to a single lug nut will make NASCAR Cup collection pit stop look and also feel an ext like those in Formula 1 and/or IndyCar, open-wheel series in i beg your pardon the choreography that a crew"s work throughout a stop is much different and, as part argue, much less challenging. Such an advancement won"t occur as a result of this readjust in NASCAR.

"There will still be males coming turn off the wall, there will certainly still be a premium for that athlete to come turn off the wall, obtain to the ideal side of the car, make that tire change, get over to the left next of the car and make the tires change," Probst explained. "From the look and feel of the pit stop, us don’t watch any far-reaching changes.”

the same way that a baseball infielder have the right to handle a soil ball, a pop up and also a line drive while also being able come bunt, hit come the opposite field when require be. ... I don"t think the talented pit crew members will have to much trouble doing 5 lugs because that Xfinity and 1 for Cup. Https://t.co/GgjCMXKSU8

— Bob Pockrass (
bobpockrass) march 3, 2020

And no, there will not be a dramatic readjust in the time important to readjust a tire throughout a NASCAR Cup series pit stop.

The single lugs call for adequate torque, and the time top top the air gun required to accomplish that level of torque will be comparable to the lot of time needed to affix five lugs come the existing steel wheel.

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If anything, the should aid the bottom tier crews nearby the void a little to the average/good crews yet it likely won’t ruin things because that the good ones and make them suddenly average. This is not a payment endorsement. I’m not Mike Bloomberg however I approved this message

— lumber Brothers racing (
woodbrothers21) march 2, 2020

"On the on and also off, castle still have to keep the total on," Probst said. "They can’t just cap it, it’s got to in reality ratchet a few times prior to it in reality gets tight.

"So today, good tire changers deserve to take five lug nuts off or placed them ~ above in much less than a second, speak eight tenths of a second to a second. They’re walk to need to leave the gun on for most likely at least a half a second, therefore if anything, they might be three-tenths (quicker) here and also there, yet it shouldn’t dramatically change the timing on the pit stop."