* shows the president is quiet alive. Those presidents" ages were calculated on October 1, 2021.

Rank#PresidentAge at Death
139Jimmy Carter97 years*
241George H. W. Bush94 years 171 days
338Gerald R. Ford93 year 165 days
440Ronald Reagan93 years 119 days
52John Adams90 years 248 days
631Herbert Hoover90 years 71 days
733Harry S. Truman88 years 232 days
84James Madison85 year 104 days
93Thomas Jefferson83 years 82 days
1037Richard M. Nixon81 years 103 days
116John Quincy Adams80 year 227 days
128Martin valve Buren79 years 231 days
1346Joe Biden78 year 315 work *
1434Dwight D. Eisenhower78 years 165 days
157Andrew Jackson78 years 85 days
1615James Buchanan77 year 39 days
1745Donald J. Trump75 year 109 job *
1843George W. Bush75 years 87 job *
1942Bill Clinton75 year 43 work *
2013Millard Fillmore74 year 60 days
215James Monroe73 years 67 days
2227William H. Taft72 years 174 days
2310John Tyler71 year 295 days
2422 & 24Grover Cleveland71 years 98 days
2519Rutherford B. Hayes70 year 105 days
269William Henry Harrison68 year 54 days
271George Washington67 years 296 days
2823Benjamin Harrison67 year 205 days
2928Woodrow Wilson67 years 37 days
3017Andrew Johnson66 year 214 days
3112Zachary Taylor65 year 227 days
3214Franklin Pierce64 year 319 days
3336Lyndon B. Johnson64 year 148 days
3418Ulysses S. Grant63 year 87 days
3532Franklin D. Roosevelt63 year 72 days
3630Calvin Coolidge60 year 185 days
3726Theodore Roosevelt60 year 71 days
3844Barack Obama60 year 58 job *
3925William McKinley58 years 228 days
4029Warren G. Harding57 years 273 days
4121Chester A. Arthur57 years 44 days
4216Abraham Lincoln56 years 62 days
4311James K. Polk53 years 226 days
4420James A.

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49 years 305 days
4535John F. Kennedy46 years 177 days
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