Basic to the debates on gun regulate is the fact that most violent crime is committed by repeat offenders. Managing recidivism is key to resolving violence.

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71% that gunshot victims had actually previous arrest records.64% had actually been judge of a crime.

Most gun violence is in between criminals. This should be the public policy focus.

Myth: pistol violence is prevalent in America


Fact: Misuse of guns is highly centralized in major metro areas, within negative neighborhoods (typically street corridor infested) and thus highly among young black males.

Myth: criminal buy guns at total stores and also gun shows

Fact: much less than 1% that crime weapons are acquired at pistol shows, follow to the office of righteousness Statistics. 5

Fact: In total, around 10-11% that crime firearms come native retail sources 6, wherein background checks space conducted. About 2.3% of firearms used in violent crime come from retail sources. 7

Fact: just 7.3% that traced weapons were recovered from the separation, personal, instance who an initial bought the gun. 8

Fact: One study 9of adult offenders living in Chicago or surrounding determined the criminals obtain most that their weapons through their society network and personal connections. Rarely is the proximate resource either straight purchase from a pistol store, or even theft. This agrees through other, broader studies of incarcerated felons.

Fact: another city-wide study, 10 this one in Pittsburgh, verified that 80% of civilization illegally carrying weapons were prohibition from possessing guns, and that a minimum the 30% the the weapons were stolen.

Fact: Other usual arrangements incorporate sharing firearms and holding weapons for others. 11

Myth: guns are no a good deterrent come crime

Fact: weapons prevent an approximated 2.5 million crimes a year or 6,849 every day. 12 many often, the gun is never fired and also no blood (including the criminal’s) is shed.

Fact: home crime prices are dropping (especially burglaries). The chart reflects the legal handgun supply in America (mainly in civilian hands) relative to the residential or commercial property crime rate. 13

Fact: Every year 400,000 life-threatening violent crimes are prevented utilizing firearms.

Fact: 60% of convicted felons admitted that they avoided committing crimes when they knew the victim to be armed. 40% of convicted felons admitted that they avoided committing crimes once they assumed the victim could be armed. 14

Fact: Felons report that they stop entering homes where civilization are in ~ home because they fear being shot. 15

Fact: 59% the the burglaries in Britain, i beg your pardon has hard gun control laws, room “hot burglaries” 16 which room burglaries cursed while the home is populated by the owner/renter. By contrast, the U.S., with an ext lenient gun regulate laws, has a “hot burglary” price of only 13%. 17

Fact: Washington DC has basically banned pistol ownership since 1976 18 and has a murder rate of 56.9 per 100,000. Across the flow in Arlington, Virginia, gun property is much less restricted. There, the murder price is just 1.6 per 100,000, less than three percent of the Washington, DC rate. 19

Fact: 26% that all retail businesses report keeping a gun on the premises for crime control. 20

Fact: In 1982, Kennesaw, GA passed a regulation requiring top of families to keep at the very least one firearm in the house. The residential burglary rate dropped 89% the adhering to year. 21

Fact: A survey of felons revealed the following: 22

74% of felons i agreeed that, “One factor burglars avoid houses when human being are at home is the they fear being shot during the crime.”57% the felons polled agreed, “Criminals are more worried around meeting an equipped victim than they are around running into the police.”

Myth: “Ghost guns” space widely supplied by criminals

Fact: A inspection of the height 100 police agencies because that calendar year 2019 verified that at many 1.3% that crime firearms were DIY firearms (when outlier agencies to be removed) and also maybe 2% v outlier organ included.

Myth: Private weapons are offered to walk violent crimes


Fact: 90% of all violent crimes in the U.S. Carry out not involve guns of any type. 23

Fact: also in crimes whereby the offender possessed a gun during the commission of the crime, 83% walk not use or threaten to use the gun. 24

Fact: Fewer 보다 1% of weapons will ever be offered in the commission of a crime. 25

Fact: Two-thirds of the world who die each year from gunfire room criminals being shot by various other criminals. 26

Fact: Cincinnati’s review of their gang difficulty revealed that 74% the homicides were committed by less than 1% the the population. 27

Fact: 92% of corridor murders space committed with guns. 28 Gangs room responsible for in between 48% and also 90% of all violent crimes. 29

Fact: most gun crimes are gang related, and also as such space big-city issues. In fact, if mayors in larger cities were an ext diligent around controlling corridor warfare, state and nationwide pistol violence prices would autumn dramatically.

Myth: 40% the Americans have actually been or personally understand a gun violence victim

Fact: This data was from one unpublished survey conducted by a political research organization. Their very own footnote reads “Greenberg Quinlan Rosner research study for the brand-new Venture money (Aug. 2011). Note, this is no publicly easily accessible data.” 30

Myth: Interstate transport of guns defeats regional gun control

Fact: The BATF reports that the average age of a traced total is 11 years 31, meaning that most guns moving from state to state to be transported when legal owners moved.

Fact: Fewer than 5% the traced firearms in California, plenty of of i m sorry were not crime guns, came from neighboring Nevada and also Arizona. 32

Myth: High-capacity, semi-automatics are preferred by criminals

Fact: The use of semi-automatic handguns in crimes is slightly lower than the proportion of semi-automatic handguns owned by exclusive citizens. Any increase in style and capacity simply reflects the as whole supply the the various species of firearms. 33

Myth: Banning “Saturday Night Specials” reduces crime

Fact: This to be the conclusion that the Johns Hopkins University facility for pistol Policy and Research – and it is wrong. They learned firearm homicide prices from Maryland after passage of a “Saturday Night Special” half in 1998. It appears the firearm homicide rate has actually not subsided and also remained between 68-94% greater than the national typical through 2008. 34

Fact: even banning firearms does not sluggish down criminals. In the U.K., where exclusive ownership of weapons is nearly forbidden, criminals have and also use firearms regularly, and also even develop their own. One enterprising fellow converted 170 starter pistols to functioning firearms and also sold them to gangs. Numerous such underground gun factories have been established, contributing to a 35% run in gun violence. 35

Myth: Criminals prefer “Saturday Night Specials” 36

Fact: “Saturday Night Specials” were provided in fewer than 3% that crimes including guns. 37

Fact: Fewer than 2% of all “Saturday Night Specials” make are offered in crimes.

Fact: “What was accessible was the overriding variable in weapon an option .” 38

Myth: Gun mirrors are supermarkets for criminals

Fact: just 0.8% that convicts to buy their firearms at gun shows. 39.2% acquired them native illegal street dealers. 39

Fact: Fewer 보다 1% the “crime guns” were derived at total shows. 40 This is a reduction from a 1997 research that found 2% of guns used in criminal offenses to be purchased in ~ gun shows. 41

Fact: The FBI finish in one study that no guns acquired at gun reflects were supplied to kill police. “In comparison to media myth, none of the guns in the research were acquired from pistol shows.” 42

Fact: just 5% of city police departments think gun reflects are a problem. 43

Fact: only 3.5% the youthful offenders reported the they acquired their critical handgun at a pistol show. 44

Fact: 93% of weapons used in crimes are obtained illegally (i.e., no at gun stores or pistol shows). 45

Fact: in ~ most, 14% that all weapons traced in investigations to be purchased at gun shows. 46 But this includes all guns that the police traced, whether or not they were supplied in crimes, which overstates the salvation rate.

Fact: pistol dealers space federally licensed. They room bound to stringent rules because that sales that apply equally whether they room selling weapons from a storefront or a total show. 47

Fact: many crime guns are one of two people bought off the street native illegal resources (39.2%) or through straw-man purchase by household members or friend (39.6%). 48

Myth: all four firearms used at Columbine were bought in ~ gun shows

Fact: each of the guns was either bought v an intermediary or someone that knew they to be going to underage buyers. In all cases there was a purposeful criminal task occurring and the gibbs knew they to be breaking the law.

Myth: 25-50% that the vendors at many gun shows are “unlicensed dealers”

Fact: there is no such point as an “unlicensed dealer,” other than for world who buy and also sell neck — curio — weapons as a understand (not a business).

Fact: This 25-50% figure can only be completed if you incorporate those dealers no selling weapons at this shows. These non-gun dealers encompass knife makers, ammunition dealers, equipment dealers, army artifact traders, clothing vendors, bumper-sticker sellers, and also hobbyists. In short, 50% that the sellers at shows are no selling guns at all!

Myth: Regulation of gun shows would reduce “straw sales”

Fact: The key study that renders this claim had no scientific way for determining what sales in ~ the show were “straw sales.” habits that Dr. Wintemute cited as “clear evidence” of a straw purchase were observational only and also were much more likely instances of more experienced acquaintances help in a acquisition decision. No attempts to be made to verify that the sales in inquiry were straw sales. 49

Myth: prison isn’t the answer come crime control

Fact: Why walk crime rise as soon as criminals space released from jail early? since they are likely to commit more crimes. 67.5% to be re-arrested for new felonies or serious misdemeanors within three years. Extrapolating, those exit felons killed an additional 2,282 people. 50

Fact: 45% of state prisoners were, at the time they committed their offense, under conditional supervision in the community – one of two people on probation or on parole. 51 Keeping violent convicts in jail would mitigate violent crimes.

Fact: Homicide convicts serve a little more than fifty percent of their original sentences. 52 Given that guys tend to be much less prone come violent behavior as they age, 53 holding them because that their complete sentences would certainly probably minimize violence significantly.

Fact: Los Angeles County observed repeat offender and also re-arrest prices soar after authorities close up door jails and also released detainees early. In less than 3 years, early on release of prisoners in LA result in: 54

15,775 rearrested convicts518 robbery charges215 sex-offense charges16 killing charges

Fact: In 1991, 13,200 homicides were committed by felons on parole or probation. For comparison sake, this is about half of the 1999 yearly gun fatality totals (keep in mind that gun deaths fell from 1991 to 1999).

Myth: Waiting durations prevent rash crimes and also reduce violent crime rates

Fact: The “time-to-crime” of a firearm is about 11 years, making the rare the a recently purchased firearm is supplied in a crime. 56

Fact: The nationwide five-day waiting period under the Brady Bill had no affect on murder or robbery. In fact, there was a slight boost in rape and aggravated assault, describe no reliable suppression of specific violent crimes. Thus, for 2 crime categories, a feasible effect to be to hold-up law-abiding citizen from gaining a gun for protection. The risks were best for crimes against women. 57

Fact: compare homicide rates in 18 says that had actually waiting periods and also background checks prior to the Brady invoice with rates in the 32 states that had actually no equivalent laws, the difference in readjust of homicide prices was “insignificant”. 58

Myth: 86% that Americans, 82% of gun owners favor global background checks

Fact: Those statistics come from a pair that surveys reported by gun control group Mayors against Illegal Guns, who has been caught stacking inspection responses by polling left-of-center mailing lists.

Myth: Gun makers are marketing plastic guns that on slide through metal detectors

Fact: over there is no such thing as a ‘plastic gun’. This myth started in 1980 59 when Glock began marketing a handgun v a polymer frame, no the entire firearm. Many of a Glock is metal (83% by weight) and also detectable in usual metal and x-ray detectors. “espite a reasonably common impression to the contrary, over there is no current non-metal firearm not sensibly detectable by present technology and approaches in use at ours airports today, nor to mine knowledge, is anyone on the threshold of developing such a firearm.” 60

Incidentally, Glocks are one that the favourite handguns the police departments since it is lightweight, many thanks to the polymer frame.

Myth: maker guns 61 are favored by criminals

Fact: In the drug-ridden Miami that 1980, fewer than 1% of every gun homicides to be with device guns. 62

Fact: nobody of end 2,220 guns recovered native crime scenes by the Minneapolis police in 1987-89 were device guns. 63

Fact: 0.7% of seized guns in Detroit in 1991-92 were an equipment guns. 64

Myth: Corrupt certified dealer sell almost 60 percent that crime guns

Fact: only 0.5% the the reported traces were because that an initial purchase of 3 years or less prior to the trace was conducted. 65 Thus, 99.5% the retailer sales had actually left their regulate long prior to the gun to be traced (and many traces room not because that crime guns).

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Fact: The average “time to crime”, the time in between the sleeve sale the a firearm and also its usage in a crime is eleven years. A firearm can change hands and also travel much in six years.