LASIK and other species of laser eye surgery, such as PRK and LASEK, have wonderful safety file and very high success rates. They space designed to treat myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness) and astigmatism, and also can permit you to live there is no glasses or contacts.

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Sight-threatening complications together as significant loss that vision from LASIK surgical treatment are very rare, and many side effects and laser eye surgery complications have the right to be resolved with extr surgery or clinical treatment.

Like any kind of other surgery, however, there room potential risks, next effects and limitations you have to be completely aware of before electing to undergo the procedure (or any kind of procedure, for the matter). Picking a skilled and experienced LASIK eye surgeon can help reduce these dangers and permit you to achieve the best possible results indigenous laser eye surgery.

The very first step is to identify if you room a an excellent candidate for vision mediate surgery. Her eye medical professional will do a thoroughly diagnostic eye test to identify your suitability because that LASIK surgery. The or she will certainly evaluate: the shape and also thickness of your cornea; her refractive errors and also pupil size; the moistness of your eyes (to examine for dried eye syndrome); your basic health and medical history; and also any medications you space taking.

Even if you are not a good candidate for LASIK, don't issue — you can still have the ability to have your vision fixed with various other vision correction surgical treatment such as PRK, LASEK or implantable lenses.

LASIK Eye surgery Risk Factors and also Limitations

Not anyone is a perfect candidate because that LASIK eye surgery. Specific conditions and anatomical factors can boost your risk of an undesirable outcome or border optimal LASIK results. This include:

Too slim or irregular corneas

Large pupils

High refractive error

Unstable vision

Dry eyes

Your age

If you are pregnant

If you have certain degenerative or active autoimmune disorders

For a full checklist top top LASIK risk factors and also whether or not you are an ideal candidate, check out our LASIK Criteria because that Success.

LASIK next Effects and Complications

Millions of americans have had LASIK eye surgical treatment to correct your vision since it was presented in the joined States much more than two decades ago, and experienced LASIK operated doctor report that major complication rates deserve to be held listed below 1 percent.

Common LASIK complications and side results are noted below. Most of these difficulties can be solved with medical treatment or extr "enhancement" surgery.

Temporary discomfort and also vision disturbances. Discomfort throughout the first few days following LASIK surgery, such together mild irritation and also light sensitivity, is normal and also to be expected. Throughout the first couple of weeks or month you additionally may experience: halos; glare and starbursts in low-light environments, specifically at night; dried eye symptoms; hazy vision; and also reduced sharpness the vision. In the vast majority of cases, these troubles are temporary and also disappear completely within three to six months.

Flap complications. The LASIK procedure entails the development of a thin hinged flap on the front surface of the cornea. This is lifted during surgery because that laser reshaping that the eye. The flap is then replaced to kind a herbal bandage.

If the LASIK flap is no made correctly, it may fail come adhere effectively to the eye's surface or microscopic wrinkles referred to as striae (STRIE-ee) could construct in the flap. This flap complications can reason optical aberrations and also distorted vision.

Studies suggest that flap complications occur in from 0.3 to 5.7 percent the LASIK procedures, according to the April 2006 issue of American journal of Ophthalmology. In a research of 3,009 consecutive LASIK surgeries performed respectable 2002 with July 2009 using a femtosecond laser for flap creation, flap complications emerged in fewer 보다 one-half the 1 percent (0.37 percent) of this procedures, and also all complications were successfully managed within the exact same surgical session.

Again, remember that you can reduce your hazard of LASIK symptom by picking a reputable, knowledgeable eye surgeon.

Some problems linked with LASIK flap complications include:

Left: What someone v post-op starbursts can see in ~ night. Right: night halos.

Diffuse lamellar keratitis (DLK). Nicknamed "Sands of the Sahara," this is inflammation under the LASIK flap that may have several causes. Some inflammation of the cornea after ~ LASIK surgical treatment is normal. Yet if that is uncontrolled, together in DLK, it deserve to interfere with healing and cause vision loss. If DLK occurs, it commonly responds to therapies such together antibiotics and also topical steroids. Also, the flap could need to be lifted and cleaned because that removal of inflammatory cells and also to protect against tissue damage.

Dry eye after LASIK. Some people who have LASIK surgery endure a decrease in tear manufacturing that can reason eye discomfort and also blurred vision. Almost half of every LASIK patients suffer some degree of short-lived dry eye syndrome, according to the April 2006 issue of American newspaper of Ophthalmology.

Dry eye syndrome after ~ LASIK surgical treatment usually is temporary and can be successfully treated v lubricating eye fall or various other measures.

Dry eye troubles usually disappear when healing the the eye is complete, which have the right to take increase to 6 months. World who currently have major dry eye commonly are eliminated as LASIK candidates.

Significant undercorrection, overcorrection or regression. not everyone will attain 20/20 vision ~ LASIK eye surgery, and also contact lenses or eyeglasses for some or all tasks may quiet be compelled in rare cases. If the laser clears too lot or too small corneal tissue, or her eye's healing response is not typical, her visual outcome will be less than optimal.

One feasible cause of a less-than-perfect result is that your eye did not respond to laser eye surgical procedure in a predictable manner. Another possible cause is that your eyesight may have actually been optimal soon after LASIK but regressed end time as result of "over-healing."

In most cases, a significant undercorrection or regression can be properly treated with added laser vision correction after your surgeon confirms your residual refractive error is stable.

Eye infection. epidemic rarely take place after LASIK. Due to the fact that the corneal flap acts as a natural bandage, eye infections happen less commonly after LASIK than after flap-free corneal refractive actions like PRK. Still, it is really important to use medicated eye drops together directed after her LASIK procedure to protect against infection and control inflammation as your eye heal.

LASIK Complications: just how They impact You, just how They're TreatedComplicationsSymptomsTreatments
Incomplete correction (undercorrection, overcorrection, residual astigmatism) or regression the effectBlurry, less-than-perfect visionGlasses or contact lenses; eye drops; re-treatment through laser
Decentered ablationsVisual aberrations*Eye drops; re-treatment through laser
Oversize pupilsVisual aberrations*Eye drops; re-treatment with laser
HazeVisual aberrations*Eye drops; re-treatment through laser
Irregular flap (folds, wrinkles, striae)Visual aberrations*Surgical correction; second laser procedure
Dry eyeDry, itchy or scratchy eyes, frequently with redness and sense of international object in eye, and sometimes painPrescription dried eye medication; synthetic tears; punctal occlusion (blockage that tear ducts in bespeak to maintain tear movie on eye), oral flaxseed oil
Diffuse lamellar keratitis (eye inflammation)Visual aberrations*Eye drops; surgical rinsing of cells if severe
Epithelial ingrowthVisual aberrations*Surgical removed of epithelium
InfectionRedness, oozing that eyes, occasionally painEye drops; oral medications
*Visual aberrations encompass symptoms such together glare, double vision, ghosting, halos, starbursts, loss of comparison sensitivity, and also problems with low-light or night vision. Many patients do not suffer these symptoms, and also some patients with these complications endure no symptoms and also require no treatment. Chart developed by Keith Croes and also reviewed through Brian Boxer Wachler, MD.

How usual Are LASIK Complications?

The safety and also effectiveness that LASIK surgery continues to improve, many thanks to increasingly sophisticated technology, operation skill and optimal patient selection.

Complications typically were an ext common in the early years that LASIK, once studies in the so late 1990s indicated that approximately 5 percent of people undergoing laser vision correction proficient some type of problem. These days, this number is under 1 percent for significant complications.

A worldwide review of LASIK released in 2009 verified that more than 95 percent of human being who had actually LASIK surgery between 1995 and also 2003 to be satisfied through their outcome.

Public confidence in LASIK has actually grown in recent years due to the hard success price of LASIK surgery outcomes. The U.S. Military additionally has adopted widespread use of laser eye surgical treatment to decrease reliance of troops top top corrective eyewear. Together of 2008, more than 224,000 military personnel had actually undergone laser vision correction. Since the procedure very first was introduced in the armed forces in 2000, researchers have actually conducted much more than 45 studies about safety and effectiveness the LASIK and also other procedures.

LASIK outcomes have been overwhelmingly positive. Most armed forces patients check out 20/20 or far better after the procedure there is no corrective eyewear, and the rate of complications has been really low. Follow to one study, only one in 112,500 patients required medical disability retirement as result of complications indigenous laser vision correction during this eight-year period.

In one more study, 100 percent of pilots and also other aircraft personnel from the U.S. Navy and also U.S. Maritime Corps who underwent custom (wavefront-guided) LASIK attained 20/20 uncorrected intuitive acuity within two weeks after surgery.

When questioned around their satisfaction one month after surgery, 95 percent of this patients stated the procedure was valuable to your effectiveness, and 100 percent claimed they would certainly recommend it to various other aviators. Study results were gift at the 2008 ASCRS annual meeting.

Laser eye surgery has effectively treated millions of patients and has high patient satisfaction rates. However, together with any surgery, LASIK involves potential complications. That is necessary for you to sweet the benefits and risks prior to choosing to walk ahead with surgery.

Eyewear ~ LASIK

Though the score of LASIK surgery is to get rid of your require for glasses or contact lenses as much as possible, in some instances you may advantage from attract glasses (part time or complete time) after ~ a LASIK procedure.

For example, for persistent dried eye problems after LASIK, put on eyeglasses through photochromic lenses can aid relieve photophobia (sensitivity come light) connected with dried eyes.

For instances of soft residual refractive error the don't warrant additional surgery, put on corrective eyeglasses for certain visual jobs such together driving in ~ night is a great choice.

If girlfriend can advantage from glasses ~ LASIK, pick lenses through anti-reflective coating because that the ideal vision and comfort possible.

Also, if you're over age 40, consider progressive lenses to provide enhanced vision because that reading and sharper distance vision.

Aimee Rodrigues likewise contributed to this article.

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