With NASCAR and Speedway Motorsports adding Circuit the the americas to the Cup collection schedule this season in ~ the price of a consistent season gyeongju at Texas motor Speedway, the All-Star gyeongju was relocated to the Great American Speedway.

This is only the third time that the annual exhibition gyeongju hasn’t taken place at Charlotte motor Speedway. The 2nd edition that ‘The Winston’ took place at Atlanta motor Speedway in 1986 one year after that debuted in ~ Charlotte.

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The COVID-19 pandemic compelled it come Bristol motor Speedway critical year and now it moves to Texas engine Speedway. V that said, the brand-new venue isn’t the just thing novel about the non-points gyeongju this year.

Here’s a handy guide.

Most Memorable all Star Moments

One warm Night is No. 1, Duh


There’s no denying it, the All-Star Race format is a small convoluted and also designed to it is in wild, wacky and also zany.

It’s best described as placing diecasts in a blender, transforming it on, and also calling that a race. It’s draft to ar the car in a pack and forcing them come bounce turn off each other like bumper cars.

Here’s a streamlined explanation.

The race will certainly be 100 laps divided throughout six segments. Segment 1 v 4 will be 15 laps each. Segment 5 will certainly be 30 laps and also Round 6 finishes v a 10-lap shootout. Only green-flag laps will count. There is a mandatory, four-tire pit stop during the 5th segment. The pit stop should be excellent on or before the 20th lap in the 30-lap round.

So, here’s where the gyeongju starts come feel prefer a blender together it features mid-race inverts, arbitrarily draws and a little bit the arithmetic in ~ the end. Because that the uninitiated, one invert bring away a random number and also flips the ar from that point.

In other words, an 8-car invert would take the eighth-place finisher and also restart him first with first place gift flipped come first. 2nd would it is in seventh and seventh would certainly be 2nd and so-forth. An entire field invert way last ar would start first, alongside last would start second and very first place would start very first and therefore forth.

The Segment 1 starting lineup was identified by a random draw. For Segment 2, the field will be identified by a field inversion -- starting anywhere in between eighth and 12th. Because that Segment 3, the whole field will be inverted. For Segment 4, the ar will it is in inverted with a random attract that again starts anywhere in between eighth and also 12th. The Segment 5 starting lineup will certainly be determined based on drivers’ cumulative finishes through the first four segments. The driver v the best cumulative complete will start first, if the driver through the worst cumulative end up will start last. If over there is a need for a tiebreaker, it will be determined in this order: many All-Star race wins, most career Cup collection race wins and also then current driver standings. Because that Segment 6, the starting order will be collection based top top drivers’ finishing positions in Segment 5.

“There are too plenty of things to shot to remember. I guess the crew chiefs are going to get some psychological exercise as we go v each phase on Sunday,” Ryan Newman said.

Austin Dillon hasn"t also seen it.

The to win team earns $1 million.

The fastest team ~ above pit road throughout the previously mentioned mandatory pit prevent will knife $100,000. The moment is measured from the yellow line at pit entrance to the critical pit roadway loop. Teams must likewise complete those stops without a penalty.

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WHAT about THE rules PACKAGE?

The current intermediate rules formula provides a tapered spacer come restrict horsepower to 550, while likewise utilizing a high downforce human body package. In various other words, big spoilers and tiny horsepower. But for the All-Star Race, NASCAR has ordered an even greater palliation in horsepower.

The engines will use a tapered spacer lessened from 59/64th that an customs to 57/64th v a target variety of 500-510 horsepower. This will be comparable to the 2018 All-Star gyeongju at Charlotte which feature a large pack that cars, a most crashing however an i can not qualify to pass the leader as result of the clean wait on his nose.

NASCAR wishes the inverts and also random draws will certainly make for a much more compelling solution.



Drivers room eligible for the all Star race if they winner a points gyeongju in 2020 or 2021, winner a ahead All-Star Race and are existing full-time drivers or winner a NASCAR Cup collection championship and also are existing full-time drivers.

A random attract has determined the starting lineup for the 100 lap main event.Kyle LarsonKyle BuschChristopher BellCole CusterAustin DillonChase ElliottJoey LoganoWilliam ByronBrad KeselowskiMartin Truex Jr.Michael McDowellKevin HarvickKurt BuschRyan NewmanAlex BowmanDenny HamlinRyan BlaneyWinner open up Round 1Winner open Round 2Winner open up Round final RoundFan Vote


Okay, so for three of the continuing to be four beginning positions, the All-Star open is a race prior to the gyeongju to provide everyone else no guaranteed a starting position their chance to make the key event.

The All-Star open up will be break-up into 3 segments -- 20 laps, 20 laps and also 10 laps. The winners of each of those three segments will breakthrough to the All-Star Race. The beginning lineup was identified by team owner points.

Tyler ReddickChris BuescherMatt DiBenedettoRicky Stenhouse Jr.Ross ChastainBubba WallaceDaniel SuarezErik JonesChase BriscoeAric AlmirolaCorey LaJoieAnthony AlfredoQuin HouffJames DavisonJosh BilickiAustin CindricCody WareBJ McLeodJustin HaleyGarrett SmithleyTimmy HillDavid Starr


Fans have been voting because that weeks to determine the last entrant right into the 100 lap all Star Race main event.

That final beginning spot will certainly go to the driver through the many votes that otherwise hasn’t already qualified for the race after the Open has actually been completed. The outcomes of the fan vote will bot it is in made public till after the all Star open concludes.

Kasey Kahne won the 2008 all Star race from last place after to win the fan vote for this reason anything is possible.

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Bubba WallaceDaniel SuárezMatt DiBenedettoErik JonesRoss ChastainChase BriscoeTyler ReddickRicky Stenhouse Jr.