CONCORD, N.C. -- The stage lengths for the 2021 NASCAR Cup series have been released. While stage lengths for the regular races remain the same, the brand-new venueshave had their phase lengths revealed.

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The inaugural dirt gyeongju at Bristol engine Speedway on in march 28 will certainly be have an initial two step consisting that 75 laps in the 250-lap event. The gyeongju at Nashville Superspeedway have breaks ~ above laps 90, 185 and concludes ~ above lap 300.

Per usual, the 600-mile gyeongju at Charlotte engine Speedway will have four stages as result of the length of the event.

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Take a look below to see exactly how each gyeongju in 2021will be broken down, including the roadway courses at road America, Indianapolis motor Speedway andCircuit the the Americas.


DATE TRACK phase 1 stage 2 last STAGE
Feb. 14 Daytona international SpeedwayLap 65Lap 130Lap 200
Feb. 21 Daytona international Speedway roadway CourseLap 16Lap 34Lap 70
Feb. 28 Homestead-Miami SpeedwayLap 80Lap 160Lap 267
March 7 Las las vegas Motor SpeedwayLap 80Lap 160Lap 267
March 14 Phoenix RacewayLap 75Lap 190Lap 312
March 21 Atlanta motor SpeedwayLap 105Lap 210Lap 325
March 28Bristol motor Speedway (Dirt)Lap 75Lap 150Lap 250
April 10 Martinsville SpeedwayLap 130Lap 260Lap 500
April 18 Richmond RacewayLap 80Lap 235Lap 400
April 25 Talladega SuperspeedwayLap 60Lap 120Lap 188
May 2 Kansas SpeedwayLap 80Lap 160Lap 267
Map 9Darlington SpeedwayLap 90Lap 185Lap 293
May 16 Dover global SpeedwayLap 120Lap 240Lap 400
May 23 Circuit that the ameri (COTA)TBDTBDTBD
May 30 Charlotte motor SpeedwayLap 100Lap 200Stage 3: Lap 300Final Stage: Lap 400
June 6 Sonoma RacewayLap 20Lap 40Lap 90
June 13 Texas engine Speedway (All-Star Race)TBDTBDTBD
June 20 Nashville SuperspeedwayLap 90Lap 185Lap 300
June 26 Pocono RacewayLap 25Lap 77Lap 130
June 27 Pocono RacewayLap 30Lap 85Lap 140
July 4 Road AmericaLap 14Lap 29Lap 62
July 11 Atlanta MotorSpeedwayLap 80Lap 160Lap 260
July 18 New Hampshire motor SpeedwayLap 75Lap 185Lap 301
Aug. 8 Watkins glenn InternationalLap 20Lap 40Lap 90
Aug. 15 Indianapolis road CourseLap 15Lap 35Lap 82
Aug. 22Michigan worldwide SpeedwayLap 60Lap 120Lap 200
Aug. 28Daytona global SpeedwayLap 50Lap 100Lap 160
Sept. 5 Darlington RacewayLap 115Lap 230Lap 367
Sept. 11 Richmond RacewayLap 80Lap 235Lap 400
Sept. 18 Bristol motor SpeedwayLap 125Lap 250Lap 500
Sept. 26 Las vegas Motor SpeedwayLap 80Lap 160Lap 267
Oct. 3 Talladega SuperspeedwayLap 60Lap 120Lap 288
Oct. 10 Charlotte engine Speedway roadway CourseLap 25Lap 50Lap 109
Oct. 17 Texas motor SpeedwayLap 105Lap 210Lap 334
Oct. 24 KansasSpeedwayLap 80Lap 160Lap 267
Oct. 31 Martinsville SpeedwayLap 130Lap 260Lap 500
Nov. 7 PhoenixRacewayLap 75Lap 190Lap 312