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Melania trump card is not your typical an initial lady. Here"s what you have to know around the third wife of chairman Donald Trump.

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She to be born Melanija Knavs on April 26, 1970 in a river town near Sevnica, Slovenia, which was then part of communist Yugoslavia.

She voted through her husband on choice Day

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The Trumps voted at P.S. 59, an elementary school in Midtown Manhattan, on November 8, 2016.

A picture that showed up to show husband Donald sneaking a peek at his wife"s ballot easily went famous on society media.

She doesn"t constantly agree through her husband

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"I don"t agree with everything that he says, yet you know, that is normal. I"m my very own person," Melania Trump told CNN in march 2016.

Specifically, she said she had actually told her husband that she didn"t choose some of the "inappropriate" language he provided on social media and on the project trail.

Fighting bullying is a priority

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In a speech in Pennsylvania, she claimed that combatting cyber-bullying would be a cause she would certainly take increase as first lady.

She has actually a half-brother

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When GQ asked Trump around the presence of a half-brother, Denis Cigelnjak, she said she didn"t know around him.

But once a reporter later offered her court papers proving that Melania"s father had a son with a woman that wasn"t Melania"s mother, she said the magazine: "I"ve known about this for years."

She had actually lower vote ratings

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In a Washington write-up poll around campaign spouses that consisted of Melania Trump, bill Clinton and both vice presidential running mates" wives, Trump"s favorability rating was the lowest, at 37 percent.

She didn"t campaign much

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After she was heavily criticized for plagiarizing part of a Michelle Obama speech throughout the GOP convention, Melania trump card didn"t stump again until days prior to the election.

Her Novemberspeech, in Berwyn, Pennsylvania, was aimed in ~ suburban ladies voters.

She"s no Twitter-lific

Melania trump card via Twitter

Unlike she husband, Trump"s tweets are couple of and far in between these days. On march 27, 2016, she tweeted this photo with the caption, "Happy Easter!" before that, her last post was "Happy fourth of July" in the summer of 2015.

She average a few tweets a month beginning in July, and on election Day she required to Twitter come urge world to vote for her husband.

U.S. Citizen

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Melania Trump became a U.S. Long-term resident in 2001 and a citizens in 2006. She would be the an initial presidential spouse to be born outside the joined States due to the fact that Louisa Adams, mam of john Quincy Adams, who was born in England.

She"s a previous model

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She began her modeling career at the age of 16, climate signed with an company in Milan as soon as she was just 18. She take it a rest from full time modeling to go to college for a year, then went back to the profession afterward. She relocated to brand-new York in 1996.

She"s tall

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Like a true model, Melania trumped is 5-foot-11. Interesting way enough, though, she would not be the tallest very first lady. She"ll need to share the top spot through Michelle Obama and Eleanor Roosevelt, who also both clocked in at 5-foot-11.

She"s fluent in 5 languages

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Though she might not have experience in publicly service, Melania trump is prepped to assist her husband out on the diplomatic front: in enhancement to her aboriginal Slovenian, trumped speaks 4 other languages: English, French, Serbian and German.

One child

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She has actually one child and also four stepchildren through Donald Trump. Her son, Barron, is expert is Slovenian as well.

Fashion operation in she genes

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Melania Trump"s father to be a automobile dealer and also her mom was a fashion designer.

Cover girl

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Over the years, she"s appeared on the cover of various magazines such as Vogue, Harper"s Bazaar, s Drive, Avenue, InStyle and brand-new York Magazine. Then, the course, there"s likewise that now-famous 2000 covering shoot in which she do nude because that British GQ on a hair rug sporting handcuffs.

She walk not have a college degree

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Despite what her expert website and the 2016 RNC regime read, Melania trumped did no in fact complete a degree in architecture and design in ~ the college of Ljubljana in Slovenia, before coming to be a skin care entrepreneur and also philanthropist.

In July 2016, CBS News confirm the main public records of the university, and also discovered the Melania trump card is not provided as having actually graduated from there v a degree.

She has her own jewelry line

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Melania Trump has actually her very own jewelry line, referred to as "Melania Timepieces & Fashion Jewelry," i beg your pardon she sell on QVC. When it launched on the house shopping network in February 2010, Donald to be the first caller and Melania"s products sold the end in just 45 minutes.

And a skin care line

Melania trump card via Twitter

In march 2013, Melania added a skin treatment line to her resume, referred to as "Melania™ Caviar Complexe C6.

One month later, she said The daily Mail that her kid Barron uses the caviar to his skin every night ~ his bath.

She"s lot younger than her husband

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Donald trump is 24 years Melania"s senior.

She"s showed up on TV too

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Melania trump has remained in several tv commercials — consisting of one for the insurance company Aflac, in a spot together with the company"s renowned "Aflac" duck. She also co-hosted "The View" through Barbara Walters. And also of course, she appeared on she husband"s show, "The Apprentice," as well.

She"s Trump"s third wife

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Melania and Donald trump card met in new York in 1998, two years after ~ she moved to the city from Europe. The proposed in 2004 and also the pair to be married in January 2005, through a reception in ~ Trump"s Mar-a-Lago society in Florida (the website of his countless primary-night press conferences).

She"s the company mogul"s 3rd wife: he to be married come his first, Czech-American design Ivana Trump, from 1977 come 1992, and also his second, Marla Maples, native 1993 to 1999.

A first for the first lady

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Melania is the very first first lady to be born and raised in a communist country.

She"s a homebody

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In a 2005 interview v The brand-new York Post, Paolo Zampolli, the president of id Models recalled: "It was unusual for her to walk out; she never went to clubs or bars... She never ever dated anyone in brand-new York before Donald. She just went to movies by herself and also to the gym.

"This is a woman who modeled because that Camel cigarettes top top a large billboard in time Square however stayed home all the time," Zampolli added. "She was no a party girl."

And her brand-new home is the White House

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After virtually five months of living apart, Melania and Barron moved into the White home with president Trump in June 2017.

Another first

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Melania trumped is also the first first lady to have ever before posed nude for a magazine. And that"s a fact Ted Cruz"s at sight PAC made certain Americans acknowledged, much to Donald Trump"s disdain.

She"s a philanthropist

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Since marrying Donald trumped in 2005, Melania Trump has actually taken on various philanthropic causes both in new York and also beyond.

She"s been connected with the Martha Graham run Company, the Police athletic League, the Boys society of new York, The American Red Cross and also Love Our youngsters USA.

She considers it s her traditional

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In 1999, when her then-boyfriend Donald Trump to be considering a presidential bid, Melania told The brand-new York Times, ""I would be really traditional. Prefer Betty Ford or Jackie Kennedy."

She adjusted her name while modeling

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While modeling professionally in Italy, Melania changed her maiden name from Knavs come Knauss.

Pregnant photo shoot

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In 2006, she posed for Vogue, seven month pregnant in a gold bikini. Annie Leibovitz shot the picture on the stairs the Donald Trump"s private jet.

It wasn"t love at an initial sight

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Melania met Donald Trump at a fashion sector party at brand-new York"s Kit Kat society in 1998. And in a 2005 interview, she close friend modify Molnar called The New York write-up that Melania was at first "turned off" by the fact that Donald Trump tried to gain her phone call number, in spite of having concerned the party with one more woman.

Instead, she reportedly obtained his number and called a couple of days later.

She"s functioned with mega photographers

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During her modeling career, Melania operated with a number of hugely renowned photographers, consisting of Patrick Demarchelier, Helmut Newton and also Mario Testino.

She signed a prenup

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According to "The luck Hunters: Dazzling Women and the men They Married," Donald Trump and Melania signed a prenuptial agreement prior to their wedding in 2005. "And the beautiful thing is the she agrees v it," trumped boasted come columnist Liz smith over having lunch at Le Cirque, follow to the book.

She provided to it is in chummy v Hillary

Melania trump via Twitter

The Clintons attended Donald and also Melania Trump"s wedding. And also in January 2013, Melania posted this throwback photo on Twitter with the caption, "#memories #mywedding."

The swimsuit issue

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In however another very first for a first lady, Melania posed for the Sports illustrated Swimsuit concern in 2000.

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