The first lady herself has proclaimed in interviews the she is a polyglot.

Published30 December 2019

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First lady Melania trump speaks five languages fluently: Slovenian, English, French, Italian, and German.

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In February 2016, well before Donald trump card was chosen president, potential very first lady Melania trump took component in an interview v cable news station MSNBC, throughout which she discussed her vault career as a fashion model. In the food of that interview, she proclaimed that she was multilingual and also spoke “English, Italian, French, German”:

 Since then, plenty of news stories and social media posts have claimed that she is possessed of vaunted linguistic skills. readers have because of this asked united state to verify even if it is it is true the the first lady speaks 5 languages: Italian, French, and also German, together with her indigenous Slovene and her obviously obtained proficiency in English.

She to be born in the central European nation of Slovenia, which was formerly component of Yugoslavia before the latter began splintering right into multiple states in 1991. She has proclaimed that she functioned as a fashion design in various European countries before showing up in new York City in 1996, and in 2001 she attained irreversible U.S. Residency via what is colloquially known as the “Einstein visa,” a eco-friendly card afforded to immigrants v extraordinary abilities. She ended up being a U.S. Citizens in 2006.

She has provided a variety of interviews and speeches in English as result of her role as an American publicly figure, but we’ve found small evidence documenting her fluency in any kind of languages external of English and her mother tongue, and some proof that casts doubt top top her claims to multilingualism.

For example, when the Trumps checked out Pope Francis in Rome in may 2017, a news clip caught the pontiff jokingly asking the an initial lady (in Italian) what she feeds she husband. The an initial lady didn’t appear to understand the substance of the concern until a translator repeated it in English:

 During the same pilgrimage to Rome, the very first lady visited a children’s hospital however evinced no sign of speak Italian beyond offering part rudimentary phrases, while supposedly speaking English with the youngsters the remainder of the time — and even in the former instance she to work the untrue conjugation. Once entering a room whereby youngsters to be gathered to accomplish her, she can be heard speak “Come stai,” which converts to “how room you?” yet that utterance is one informal method of greeting a single individual, no a group of people.

 Likewise, when the chairman and very first lady visited France, a video clip of the event readily available by the brother news outlet The Telegraph to be captioned, “Melania Trump speak French!” — although the didn’t record the first lady speak much more than “Hello” and also “My surname is Melania” in French:

 We were unable come locate any kind of videos or recordings of her conversing — or also repeating the simplest of unit volume — in German in ~ all. Part photographs native a G20 summit dinner in 2017 showed up to show the an initial lady conversing through Vladimir Putin, that speaks some English as well as German, but what language they might have been utilizing is not discernible from quiet pictures.

As various other multi-linguists, such as AMERICAblog Editor man Aravosis, have actually noted, it seems curious that if she were truly distinctive among U.S. Very first ladies through her fluency in lot of languages, she would at least show that (even just a tiny bit) by summary engaging locals in conversations in their native languages once she saw European nations with she husband, however she doesn’t:

 Our query come the White home seeking documentation that the first lady speak Italian, French, and German had not to be answered through time of publication. Given that the truthfulness that this claim currently shows up to rest exclusively upon Melania Trump’s own description and also no various other substantive evidence, we room rating this case “Unproven” pending additional information.

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