He’s dominated the civilization of WWE, beaudioeditorfree.comme a effective actor and also now he’s likewise fluent in Mandarin… there really is nothing john Cena can’t do.

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The actor, 42, showed off his an abilities in a video clip he post to Chinese society media network Weibo, before and after he had actually his hair cut.

Fans were shocked to hear him to speak in Mandarin: ‘Hello friends! long time no see. A year back I audioeditorfree.comnfirmed a film through Jackie Chan and the director asked me if i audioeditorfree.comuld readjust my hairstyle.

‘So right now you have the right to see it’s long and wild. Currently I’m filming a brand-new movie and also the manager asked me if ns can change my hairstyle.

‘So currently I will certainly mine hair. My duty in this movie is a secret! i can’t tell friend anything around this function but I can let you watch my brand-new look! view ya!’

Last month, john revealed he would be starring in the brand-new Fast & Furious 9 movie, but his brand-new language skills aren’t believed to be audioeditorfree.comncerned that role.

The video later cut to the after his haircut, informing fans: ‘Hello friends! Look at me now. I have a lot much less hair now.

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John Cena recently shown he would be authorized Vin Diesel in fast & Furious 9. (Picture: Vin Diesel)

‘So I’m all done through my hairstyle change for my brand-new role in my new action movie. I’ll most likely have one more haircut in the future, simply a tiny cut however for currently I will certainly look an ext like WWE john Cena.

‘That look at is audioeditorfree.commparable to what ns look like currently so a lot of WWE fans will certainly be an extremely excited. I’m excited now. My hair is audioeditorfree.commfortable and not wild and also crazy. So currently you check out me! view ya!’

Fans took to Twitter audioeditorfree.comme share their surprise at how great John is at speaking the audioeditorfree.commplicated language:

John Cena learned, and now speak Mandarin very well, simply because he obtained a duty for a Mandarin movie. That’s dedication. This man never ceases to it is in inspiring