Apparently late-night funny male Jimmy Kimmel and also Fox News host Sean Hannity are engaged in a “war” ignited through Kimmel’s recent remarks around Melania Trump. And because nothing really essential seems to be happening in the world, we’re riveted.

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The battle thus far has to be laced with several playground-like name-calling (You “ass clown!”) and also talk of Viagra and erections and also Harvey Weinstein, and also other high-brow put-downs.

Spoiler alert: Some vibrant language ahead …

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This little verbal donnybrook all started throughout Monday’s edition of “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” as soon as the host joked about the very first lady’s function in the White residence Easter Egg Roll. He said there was “not a opportunity she walk one point to help collection that up.” He additionally had funny impersonating her accent when she read youngsters a picture book.

Kimmel climate turned to guillermo Rodriguez, his Mexican-American sidekick on the show, and also said: “Guillermo, you understand what this means? You could be an initial lady the the united States!”

Hannity clearly didn’t uncover the jokes funny and, choose the chivalrous white knight he is, pertained to Melania’s defense ~ above “Fox & Friends” Thursday. That tore right into Kimmel, calling that a “despicable disgrace” (Oh, snap!) and also an “ass clown.” (Ouch!) as for Melania’s accent, he mentioned that the an initial lady speaks five languages and asked Kimmel: “How numerous languages do you speak?”

In his response that night, Kimmel zeroed in on Hannity’s usage of the below-the-belt “ass clown” insult.

“What is an ass clown?” the wondered. “I to be thinking around it this morning; is that an ass that’s a clown or a clown that stays in an ass, like a little Bozo bird in your butt cheeks? I honestly don’t know. And much more importantly, why is Sean Hannity fantasizing around clowns in the ass? Is this your point at night? in ~ 2 a.m., you gained your laptop open up to Breitbart, you sneak to hump a pillow native the Ivanka Trump collection, quietly, for this reason your wife doesn’t wake up and also make you go to church?”

(We interrupt this write-up to report that, for this reason far, there has actually been no hair-pulling and/or eye-gouging, and that it’s times choose these that we really miss out on shows choose “Celebrity Boxing”).

Now earlier to Kimmel: “Sean Hannity’s problem is, for eight year while Obama was president, he was unable to gain an erection,” the went on come say. “And that tried everything: Viagra, Cialis, the tried spring at images of Paul Ryan through his shirt off, didn’t work, checked out office Christmas parties v Bill O’Reilly — naught worked. However now that Trump is president, here’s the twist: Sean Hannity is can not to have actually anything yet an erection.

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“He’s had actually an erection because November the 2016, and it’s driving that mad, he’s shed his mind,” Kimmel added. “This is the male who protected the multiple alleged pedophile Roy Moore, and I’m the despicable disgrace, I’m the ass clown. If I’m an ass clown — and also I really well could be — you, Sean, room the entirety ass circus.”

After Kimmel’s show, Hannity took come Twitter whereby he gift a couple of old videos of Kimmel native Comedy Central’s “The male Show” and also called the “Harvey Weinstein Jr.” He also vowed, “I’ll have actually much much more tomorrow,” come which Kimmel replied, “I can’t wait!”

We can’t either, however if this little scrap goes on lot longer, we might need to put both guys in time-out.