If girlfriend think majesties Island is AMAZING, shot Kings Island Camp Cedar camping because that unbeatable relaxation, comfort and fun!

Riders plummet down a 300-foot an initial drop and also reach increases to 91 mph along 5,321 feet of steel track.

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Learn crucial information because that what to do prior to you leave home, what you will do it see and experience when you arrive, and also how to make the many of your visit—safely—while you’re here.

The spirit of everyone’s favorite season is caught in an environment of warmth and nostalgia in ~ WinterFest, Cincinnati’s premier holiday event. Choose nights November 26 - December 31.
Kings Island has actually announced its 2021 Season operation Calendar and we look front to welcoming you earlier for what is sure to be an exceptional season.

The park will certainly officially open its gateways to the basic public on Saturday, might 15. A Gold and Platinum season passholder preview will take place the weekend prior on may 8 and also 9.

Key Park opening Dates

Gold and also Platinum Season pass Preview Weekend: may 8 & 9 queens Island opened Day: Saturday, may 15 Soak City Water Park will open on Saturday, may 29 (Memorial job Weekend)

View the 2021 operating Calendar

As a reminder, every 2020 Season Passes will certainly be honored during the 2021 season.

Kings Island continues to monitor the ever-changing conditions surrounding the pandemic and is actively working with health experts and government officials to keep the greatest safety requirements for guests and associates. Guest are urged to walk toaudioeditorfree.comfor the latest updates top top requirements, policies and also safety protocols because that the 2021 season, together these guidelines might be revised before opening day.

Seasonal employment opportunities are available, and also our brand-new hiring procedure helps applicants apply and interview virtually. More details deserve to be uncovered atwww.audioeditorfree.com/jobs.

About queens IslandWith much more than 100 rides, shows and also attractions, majesties Island provides the perfect combination of world-class thrills and family attractions. Guests deserve to experience 15 roller coasters, including the all new Orion giga coaster; the award-winning kids’ area and 33-acre water park. For more information, walk to audioeditorfree.com.

Kings Island is owned and operated by Cedar same Entertainment firm (NYSE: FUN), a publicly traded partnership and one that the largest local amusement-resort operator in the world. The company owns and operates 11 amusement parks, 2 outdoor waterparks, one indoor waterpark and also four hotels. For more information, seewww.cedarfair.com.

Save the date! We are excited come announce majesties Island"s 2021 Gold and Platinum Passholder Preview - might 8 & 9 – and we look forward to welcome you earlier for what is certain to be an impressive season.

The complete schedule, including any updates to security protocols or park operations will certainly be announced in ~ a later date via our society media channels, e-newsletter and website.

To for sure you and your family enjoy the park safely, numerous operational alters will it is in in impact upon ours reopening. Come learn around enhanced health and also safety measures, please visit theWhat to Expect once We Reopensection of our website which provides necessary information because that pre-arrival planning, what you"ll see when you arrive, and how to make the most of her visit when in the park.

Stay tuned for additional park news and frequent updates in the months to come.

A post from Mike Koontz, Vice chairman & basic Manager of kings Island

On July 2, we got to a park milestone when we re-opened and welcomed guests back to majesties Island because that the an initial day of the 2020 season. Guests to be able to suffer Orion, one of only 7 giga coasters ~ above the planet, and its 300 feet first drop at speeds up to 91 mph. The reviews room in, our guest love it, and also we are proud the this outstanding enhancement to our people class coaster line-up.

It has actually truly been a distinct season. I want to say thanks to our guests and also associates because that making monarchs Island a fun and safe location to visit. The park’s new health and safety procedures were sustained by anyone visiting the park, and our associates have gone above and past expectations in creating a safe setting for households to invest time v each other.

Because the the ongoing uncertainties bordering COVID-19, we have the following updates to share:

Kings Island’s fall Schedule and brand-new Family EventKings Island will proceed to operate through Nov. 1 on pick days. Us will introduce an all-new family event, Tricks and Treats fall Fest beginning Sept. 26 special rides, distinctive food offerings, to chat and activities for every ages. This event will permit social distancing and capacity management, and also you’ll be hearing much more about it in the comes weeks.

Halloween Haunt and WinterFestWe have had to do the an overwhelming decision come cancel both Halloween Haunt and also WinterFest this year because of operating limit in our region.

Extending 2020 Season Passes with 2021Keep in mind the all 2020 Season Passes and add-on assets have been prolonged through the 2021 season. We’re looking forward to a good year ahead and also can’t wait to present you numerous ways to have actually fun, consisting of the return the hallmark occasions like grand Carnivale, Halloween Haunt and also WinterFest. Gold and also Platinum Season Passes because that 2021 go on sale start September 8, 2020.

Thank you for your ongoing loyalty and support during this complicated period. We all look front to having actually fun safely for the rest of 2020 and through 2021 together well. Over there are countless days left because that summer fun, and we hope to view you in the park soon.


Mike KoontzVice President and also General Manager

Kings Island Announces 2020 Season opening Dates

Park will certainly open very first to Season Passholders only, and will operate with stringent toilet protocols, measures to control capacity and enable social distancing

MASON, oh – emperors Island amusement park has put stringent health, safety and hygiene protocols in place to permit a for sure opening. The park will be open at first for Season Passholders only and shortly afterwards for daily ticketholders.

Key Park opening Dates:

Park open up to Season Passholders: July 2 – 11 Park open to Season Passholders and Daily Ticketholders: beginning Sunday, July 12

“We are prepared to welcome our guests back to majesties Island for some long-overdue fun,” claimed Mike Koontz, basic Manager of queens Island. “The security of our guests and associates has constantly been and also will always be our top priority.The park’s brand-new health and safety protocols align v CDC recommendations, and also have been shaped by information from agency and industry health and safety experts, in addition to our state and local federal government officials.”

New protocols to produce a safe and clean atmosphere include:

A brand-new online preventive system; each guest is forced to have actually a reservation prior to their visit to allow capacity management; A need to complete a pre-visit health and wellness screening declaration 24 hrs prior to admission; A touchless temperature screening before entering the facility because that both guests and also associates; needs for all guests, associates and vendors to wear masks together directed by the protocols society distancing mite throughout the park, including ride queue lines; limited guest/associate contact; magnified cleaning procedures, including added deep cleaning and sanitization the restrooms, dining facilities and also other busy areas; additional hand sanitization stations; and Capacity monitoring throughout the park.

The park will at first open come Season Passholders with limited capacity and also hours. Kings Island will certainly be sending emails come passholders, inviting castle to start making reservations. Only passholders will be able to make appointments for at the very least the first week; day-to-day ticket bookings will open up within the following two weeks. An opening date for Soak City water park is to it is in determined.

All guests are asked come download kings Island’s free mobile application to do a reservation and facilitate your park visit. 2020 Season Passes have actually been prolonged to with 2021.

Employment opportunities are currently obtainable throughout the park, and also a online hiring procedure has to be deployed for this reason applicants deserve to apply and interview remotely. Openings deserve to be discovered at www.audioeditorfree.com/jobs.

About majesties Island

With more than 100 rides, shows and also attractions, kings Island provides the perfect mix of world-class thrills and also family attractions. Guests can experience 15 roller coasters, including the all brand-new Orion giga coaster; the award-winning kids’ area and also 33-acre water park. For much more information, walk to audioeditorfree.com.

Kings Island is owned and also operated through Cedar same Entertainment company (NYSE: FUN), a publicly traded partnership and one the the largest regional amusement-resort operator in the world. The agency owns and operates 11 amusement parks, 2 outdoor waterparks, one at home waterpark and also four hotels. For an ext information, see www.cedarfair.com.

A post from Richard Zimmerman, CEO, Cedar same Entertainment Company

As a result of recurring discussions v Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine and also Lt. Gov. John Husted, us are an extremely pleased to announce the our Ohio parks, consisting of Cedar suggest and kings Island, have been cleared to reopen. We will provide certain opening dates just as soon as we check details with the governor. We evaluate the cooperation and support of all those that space working tough to assist us and the state of Ohio reopen.

We setup to continue conversations through the governor and lieutenant branch that have helped reach a optimistic resolution for all parties. We also owe a huge thank you come our local city, county and also state public representative who have assisted united state throughout this process. The reopening of ours parks is critical to the financial viability that Erie County and also Warren County, and we look front to getting back to business and also hope that other states will follow Ohio’s command in reopening parks approximately the country.

We are taking every crucial precaution to keep our guests and also associates for sure in accordance v governmental and CDC directives, Erie County and also Warren County health and wellness departments, medical professionals, Ohio’s advancement Services firm (DSA) and industry ideal practices. Cedar Fair’s capacity-controlled, family-friendly properties at Cedar allude and majesties Island, coupled with the operational specialization of our seasoned park professionals, ensures an environment where predictable observance and also enforcement of social distancing and COVID-19 protocols can be achieved. Much more details about our security measures and what come expect as soon as visiting ours Ohio parks will be released closer come the opening date.

We can not wait come welcome earlier our faithful guests come Ohio’s treasured amusement parks, i m sorry have brought fun and happiness come generations of families.

A blog post from Richard Zimmerman, CEO, Cedar fair Entertainment Company

Cedar Fair fully supports the amendment come HB 665 the was adopted today in the House agriculture and Rural advancement Committee. The amendment offers for the immediate re-opening the Ohio amusement parks and also water parks.

We completely anticipate and also expect having the same opportunity granted to various other businesses in Ohio to operate our business in a safe and also manageable environment.

As experienced amusement park operators through an exemplary safety and security record, we are specialists at controlling risks and also following protocols. The protocols us have arisen to reopen ours parks space in accordance v governmental and CDC directives, Erie County and also Warren County wellness Departments, clinical professionals, Ohio’s advancement Services company (DSA) and industry best practices. They are specifically responsive come the COVID-19 crisis.

Our capacity controlled, family members friendly nature at Cedar point and majesties Island, coupled with the operational expertise of our seasoned park professionals who job-related there, offers for an setting where predictable observance and enforcement of social distancing and COVID-19 protocols have the right to be achieved.

This legislation not only benefits Cedar Point, majesties Island, and also their guests, but also the economic viability that the regional citizenry and also surrounding Ohio communities.

We look forward to welcoming earlier our loyal guests to Ohio’s treasured amusement parks, which have brought fun and also happiness to generations the families.

A article from Mike Koontz, Vice president & general Manager of monarchs Island

As the coronavirus (COVID-19) issue remains a part of our everyday lives, the team at monarchs Island proceeds to job-related with health and safety experts as we arrangement for raised safety measures and operational changes throughout our park.We room in constant communication v our state and also federal governments and also are looking forward to welcome you back just as quickly as the is for sure to carry out so.Although ours reopen day is still uncertain, right here are a few things we have the right to share:

We space looking forward to Orion joining ours world-class line-up that roller coasters, one of only seven giga coasters in the civilization with a an initial drop that 300 feet grand Carnivale, our immersive cultural celebration and also nighttime parade, is being postponed until 2021 Summer Nights, our evening block party event with live music, specialty food and interactive experiences is additionally now postponed until 2021

As formerly announced, we have extended the validity of every 2020 Season Passes and Season pass Add-On products through the 2021 season, add to we have actually paused basic Pay billing while the park is closed*.Likewise, we will proceed to job-related with guests who may have prepaid single-day tickets valid because that days during our momentary park closure. Ticket inquiries may be directed towww.audioeditorfree.com/help/contact-us.

The security of our guests and also associates has constantly been and will constantly be our height priority.We desire to guarantee you that when we do open, emperors Island will continue to be a safe and also fun setting for all.Our team is 100% committed to this promise.And we are working alongside market experts and also government officials towards this mutual goal.We will store you updated as we move forward; in the meantime, we thank you for her loyalty and continued support.

*2020 Season Passes and purchased 2020 Season pass add-on commodities (if applicable) will certainly be valid through the 2021 Season according to happen type. Because that 2020 Season Passholders participating in our straightforward Pay Program, monthly billing has actually been suspended, and also will remain suspended if the park is closed.When the park reopens, billing will certainly resume.Passholders will need to be existing on payment to receive both 2020 and 2021 Season happen admission and also associated benefits.

A blog post from Mike Koontz, Vice president & general Manager of queens Island

As we face these unmatched circumstances, I desire to say thanks to you for her patience and support of kings Island.We continue to monitor and also follow local and national health directives while prepare to open up our park as quickly as the is safe to do so.

In the meantime, I want to share details on just how we will regulate 2020 Season Passholder benefits:

2020 Season Passes and purchased 2020 Season happen Add-On assets (if applicable) will be valid because that the remainder of 2020 once our park is able to reopen. Additionally, we will prolong the validity days for existing 2020 Season passes (as well together purchased 2020 Season happen Add-On Products) v the 2021 Season follow to pass type. For 2020 Season Passholders participating in our straightforward Pay Program, monthly billing has actually been suspended together of April 8, 2020, and will stay suspended while the park is closed.When the park reopens, billing will certainly resume.Passholders will should be current on payment to receive both 2020 and also 2021 Season happen admission and also associated benefits.

Likewise, us will proceed to occupational with guest who have actually prepaid single-day tickets during the time duration of our short-term park closure. Ticket inquiries may be directed to www.audioeditorfree.com/help/contact-us.

We desire nothing an ext than to reopen our park and welcome friend back, yet our priority for currently is to store everyone safe.This is a an overwhelming time for united state all, and we thank you again for your understanding and loyalty to monarchs Island.

At Cedar Fair, the safety and well-being of our Guests and Associates are always our peak priorities.

We have been continuously monitoring and also following local and national health directives pertained to COVID-19 and we want to save you notified on exactly how these occasions will impact our park schedule. Currently, the is our hope to open monarchs Island mid-May or as quickly thereafter together possible. We believe this decision is in the ideal interest of our associates, our guests, and our community.

We will work-related with guests who have prepaidsingle-day tickets during the time duration of our park closure. Friend may contact us in ~ www.audioeditorfree.com/help/contact-us.

For 2020 Season Passholders, we will certainly be including days to the park’s operating calendar come accommodate for the job the park is temporarily closeup of the door (against initial 2020 operation calendar). Additionally, 2020 Season Passholders will gain added-value benefits to it is in announced at time the park opening.

We evaluate the support and cooperation of ours Guests and Associates throughout this ever-evolving situation. Your loyalty to our park is invaluable. We look front to seeing you soon.


Richard ZimmermanChief executive, management OfficerCedar fair Entertainment Company

At Cedar Fair, over there is nothing more important than the safety of our guests and associates. This is our highest possible priority now and also always.

As we continue to monitor advances surrounding the Coronavirus (COVID-19), we want to administer you with another update concerning our parks. We will be temporarily closeup of the door Knott’s Berry farm yard in Buena Park, CA and also both Schlitterbahn Waterparks in brand-new Braunfels and also Galveston Island, Texas efficient Saturday, march 14. The parks will continue to be closed till the finish of this month. In addition, us will also be postponing the opened of California’s good America in Santa Clara, CA, kings Dominion, in Doswell, VA and Carowinds in Charlotte, NC till the first weekend that April. We think this decision is in the finest interest of ours associates, ours guests, and also our communities.

All our hotel properties will certainly remain open as scheduled. We will work-related with our guests who have prepaidsingle-day ticket or booked hotel rooms throughout the time period of ours park closures. Please recommendation our individual parks websites for info on just how to call Guest solutions with her inquiries. We space committed come responding come questions and also requests end the days and weeks ahead and also we ask for your continued support and patience together we work difficult to resolve all guest concerns.

We proceed to carry out preventive procedures as recommended by the Centers for an illness Control and Prevention (CDC) and our very own health and also hygiene protocols. Additionally, us are maintaining close relationships through local, state, national and also international public health authorities and are acquisition their accuse as extr preventive procedures are considered necessary.

Our guests and associates are thought about family. We have actually their well-being at the head of ours decision-making. We appreciate the continued loyalty and trust in Cedar Fair and also our family members of parks and resorts.


Richard ZimmermanChief executive OfficerCedar same Entertainment Company

Cedar Fair"s greatest priority is constantly the security of our guests and associates. We understand you proceed to hear and see news reports around the coronavirus, or COVID-19, and some that its effects approximately the world. The Cedar same team is very closely monitoring this evolving situation and also are in regular contact with health and wellness agencies for information and also guidance.

All Cedar same properties intend to welcome guests in accordance v our published schedules, and we proceed to implement preventive actions as encourage by the Centers for disease Control and also Prevention (CDC) and our own health and also hygiene protocols. Every our parks and resorts have high standards of cleanliness, which assists with disease prevention. Us employ rigorous sanitation standards and also robust cleaning procedures, including:

Extensive and ongoing training because that associates on maintaining a safe and also hygienic workplace and also environment for our guests; stated intervals for frequent sanitization of targeted locations throughout the day; many and available handwashing facilities and hand sanitizer locations; Quick an answer to spills, trash and also other situations; Daily and also frequent sanitation measures for restrooms, kitchens, dining surfaces, benches and trash cans; Daily and frequent cleaning and "wash down" of the end locations, including walkways and also queue lines

The leadership team is interacting with our associates around illness prevention; this contains guidance authorize by the CDC. The CDC recommends everyday preventive plot to aid stop the spread of germs. The CDC provides more detailed coronavirus info on that website in ~ www.cdc.gov.

As always, we preserve close relationships v local, state, national and also international public wellness authorities. We take their guidance when extr preventive measures are considered necessary.

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Thank you for your continued support and also trust in Cedar Fair"s family members of parks and also resorts.