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A French police officer standing external the Charlie Hebdo offices in Paris ~ above April 10, 2015, 3 months after a terrorist assault on the magazine"s staff.

The November 13 attacks

The November 13 assaults on Paris and environs began at 9:20 pm, when a self-destruction bomber was foiled in his effort to enter the Stade de France in the northern suburb that Saint-Denis. Within the stadium, Hollande was among the 80,000 world watching an combination football (soccer) match in between the French and German national teams. As soon as security policemans at one of the stadium’s main entrances detected the attacker’s bomb belt, the detonated it, killing one passerby. The belt was an improvised machine consisting that the extremely unstable explosive compound triacetone triperoxide and also shrapnel such together nails and also ball bearings; identical tools would it is in employed by various other attackers transparent the evening. Return the blast to be audible come those within the stadium, pat on the ar continued.


Investigators examining the body of victim of a terrorist assault on a Paris restaurant, November 13, 2015.

At 9:25 afternoon a team that gunmen introduced a collection of strikes on well-known nightspots in Paris’s 10th and also 11th arrondissements (municipal districts). The an initial location to it is in targeted to be Le Carillon, a popular bar ~ above the rue Alibert that had actually been a neighborhood fixture for some 40 years. ~ firing on patrons at Le Carillon through AK-47 assault rifles, the gunmen moved throughout rue Bichat to Le Petit Cambodge, a Cambodian restaurant. Return this strike took simply minutes, the left 15 human being dead and much more than a dozen wounded. The gunmen were then observed leaving the step in a black color SEAT Leon hatchback.

Minutes later, at 9:30 pm, a second suicide bomber assaulted the Stade de France, detonating his belt at one more entrance yet causing no casualties. Within the game continued, yet Hollande to be evacuated indigenous the stadium because it had actually by then become evident that a terrorist assault was under way. The citizens of the black color Leon crossed into the 11th arrondissement and also opened fire ~ above businesses follow me the rue de la fontaine au Roi at 9:32 pm. Five civilization were killed and also eight were wounded in ~ the Italian restaurant La Casa Nostra, the cafe Bonne Bière, and a laundromat. The gunmen then ongoing their fatal course, targeting La Belle Équipe, a popular eatery top top the rue de Charonne in ~ 9:36 pm. The restaurant’s terrace was packed through diners, and the gunmen fired right into the crowd, death 19 people as well as critically wounding 9 others. In ~ the southeast end of the Boulevard Voltaire, just blocks south east of La Belle Équipe, a suicide bomber detonated his belt exterior the coffee shop Comptoir Voltaire in ~ 9:40 pm, injuring one person.

At the exact same time and at the other end of the Boulevard Voltaire, the deadliest strike of the evening to be being lugged out in ~ the Bataclan, a historic theatre and concert hall. The American rock tape Eagles of death Metal was play to a sold-out group at the 1,500-capacity venue once three attackers to explode in and fired on the audience. Several of the concertgoers to be able to escape with a side entrance, and dozens took refuge ~ above the building’s roof, while others hid or feigned fatality in an effort to protect against the attention of the gunmen. Witnesses claimed that the attackers shouted “Allāhu akbar” (“God is greatest”) and indictments the Hollande because that France’s military treatment in Syria as the massacre continued. The gunmen occupied the Bataclan for an ext than 2 hours, hold hostages and also killing indiscriminately, prior to French security pressures stormed the building at 12:20 am. Two of the attackers detonated their suicide belts, and also the third attacker’s belt explosive spontaneously once it was hit through police bullets. Scores to be seriously hurt in the attack, and at the very least 89 civilization were killed.

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As the siege at the Bataclan to be developing, the 80,000 fans at the Stade de France were becoming increasingly mindful of the horrors unfolding outside the stadium. Sirens and police helicopters were audible in the distance, and also at 9:53 afternoon a third suicide bomber detonated his belt near a McDonald’s restaurant a short distance from the stadium. Enhance organizers and also stadium defense officials had determined to enable the video game to proceed to discourage mass panic, and fans were prevented indigenous leaving until it to be clear that it was safe to do so. The match ended in a 2–0 win for France shortly before 11:00 pm, and also many fans, through nowhere rather to go, poured onto the field. The mood to be somber, and also the crowd stayed orderly together stadium public official assessed the case outside. It was after 11:30 pm once fans finally started to head come the exits. In the corridors beneath the stadium, members of the crowd damaged into a defiant rendition the “La Marseillaise,” the French nationwide anthem. In the job after the attacks, the French sports minister would worship the action of the Stade de France employee for heading off what could have to be a much greater tragedy.