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Says 194 human being were eliminated in fixed shootings in 2018 if undocumented immigrants killed 83,211 people.


A viral post circulating top top Facebook cases that, in 2018, tens of thousands more people passed away at the hand of undocumented immigrants than those eliminated in massive shootings.

The Aug. 15 write-up has been common over 7,000 times and says: 

"Number of civilization killed in fixed shootings in 2018 = 194 … number of people killed by illegal immigrants in 2018 = 83,211."

The short article was flagged as component of Facebook’s efforts to combat false news and also misinformation top top its News Feed. (Read an ext about ours partnership through Facebook.)

This really specific, unsourced short article is inaccurate, for several reasons.

First, over there is no universally accepted an interpretation of a fixed shooting. 

The gun Violence Archive, a nonprofit research team that monitor shootings in the unified States, specifies a mass shooting together an event in which four or more people, excluding the shooter, room shot and/or killed in the exact same location, at around the same time. 

Based on that definition, the company reported the 372 human being were killed from 338 fixed shootings that developed in the nation in 2018. That’s almost twice as many as the case states.

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If you go by the crowdsourced Mass shooting Tracker project, which goes by the looser fixed shooting meaning of four or an ext people shot in one incident, consisting of the shooter, 2018’s counting goes approximately 528 deaths native 426 fixed shootings.


Or take mother Jones’ findings, which offers the government’s more conservative mass shoot designation: A solitary attack in a public location in which three or an ext victims room killed. This an interpretation dramatically lowers the numbers, eliminating all shootings in which victims are just injured. Based on the stricter classification, mom Jones report there were 12 mass shootings in the U.S. In 2018 the took the lives of 80 people. 

Regardless of exactly how you look in ~ it, the an initial half the the short article is off – that either as well high, or far too low.