Tom Brady isn’t simply a legend athlete: he’s a pretty remarkable father as well! discover all around the NFL quarterback’s three children here.

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Whether he’s top top or off the football field, Tom Brady, 44, is constantly a winner. That course, top top the ar Tom is recognized as may be the best NFL quarterback of every time, v a record seven Super key wins — 6 of which came from his time on the new England Patriots. However when he steps off the field, Tom is simply as celebrated and loved by his family: wifeGisele Bundchen, 41, and his kids John Edward ThomasMoynahan, 14, who goes through Jack,Benjamin Rein Brady, 11, and Vivian Lake Brady, 8.

Tom has actually a nearby bond v all 3 of his children, and they’re constantly cheering top top their renowned father in his NFL games. He shares Jack through his ex, actress Bridget Moynahan, 50, when he shares Benjamin and Vivian v Gisele, who he’s been happily married to since 2009.

Below is every little thing you must know about Tom Brady’s children and how they proceed to accumulate the legend athlete.

Jack Moynahan




Tom’s eldest child, Jack Moynahan, was born in respectable 2007. Jack’s mother, Bridget, learned she was pregnant ~ Tom had already begun dating Gisele following his 2006 separation from Bridget. In spite of the complicated situation, Bridget and also Tom have actually remained on great terms while co-parenting Jack, and Bridget even found brand-new love too when she married businessman Andrew Frankel in Oct. 2015.

Jack technically bears his mother’s last name, but he’s quiet super close v Tom. In fact, Tom has even said the his eldest son is very similar to him. “Jack is similar to me—he holds a many in,” the athlete said Men’s Health in 2019. “Jack loves sports. He wants to try hard, and also he never ever wants to disappointed his dad. The was me. I’d wake up at an early stage weekends to perform stuff with my dad.”

And together stepmom come Jack, Gisele additionally has a special bond with the teenager. “I couldn’t imagine my life there is no . I contact him mine bonus child,” the Brazilian supermodel claimed in a 2018 interview v PEOPLE. “He opened up my love in means I didn’t even know mine heart might expand. I fell in love through him.”

Benjamin Brady

Benjamin Brady at one of Tom Brady’s Tampa bay Buccaneers gamings (Photo: Shutterstock)

Tom and also Gisele welcomed their an initial child together, kid Benjamin Brady, in December 2009. Benjamin can commonly be checked out by fans on his parent’s Instagram feeds, and also at some of his dad’s huge football games. Many recently, Benjamin, his siblings, and Gisele all cheered on Tom during the 2021 supervisor Bowl, whereby the well known quarterback led the Tamp just Buccaneers to win over the Kansas City Chiefs.

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Benjamin has a loving partnership with his father, yet he does no share the same love for sports that Tom or Jack do. “When Benny come along, I thought he would certainly be as with Jack. So i was like, ‘C’mon, let’s perform this.’ and also he was like, ‘Nope,’ ” Tom told Men’s Health. “And i was like, ‘What? No, carry out this!’ and also Gisele kept saying to me, ‘Would girlfriend effing know that your child is different?’ ” Tom go on to share the he and also Benjamin’s differences were at first “hard for me,” however he’s grown to love his kid for exactly who he is. “The truth is the Benny simply likes various things. And also it’s an excellent because currently I just have to go execute what he wants to do,” said Tom. “When we do that, we have the finest time. He’s like, ‘OMG, Dad, you’re therefore funny.’ the loves joking, and I hoax back.”

Vivian Brady

Tom Brady & daughter Vivian Brady at Super bowl LIII ~ above Feb. 3, 2019 (Photo: Shutterstock)

Vivian Brady, Tom’s youngest child, was born in December 2012. Over the years, Vivian has actually grown into a beautiful young girl, and as fans have actually picked up on, share a strong resemblance to her supermodel mother. Meanwhile, Tom has admitted prior to that given Vivian is his just daughter, he’s had actually a little of trouble disciplining her at times.

“It’s the worst — well, it’s no the worst because that me, ns think it’s the worst for my wife who’s trying come instill some technique in her and I just provide her whatever she wants,” he told Entertainment Tonightin 2016. “But isn’t the what men are an alleged to carry out for daughters?” Tom added. “Yeah, there’s princesses, and My small Pony dolls, and also it’s simply the cutest point ever.”