In Latin America, music lover treat Marc Anthony the means members the the Beyhive law Beyoncé: prefer royalty. The 50-year-old new York City-born, Puerto Rican superstar is arguably the most renowned Latin salsa singer of all time, having actually earned two Grammys and broken dozens top top dozens of records in the Latin music industry. Oh, and also he just so wake up to it is in Jennifer Lopez’s ex-husband, to add the father of her two children.

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Anthony is set to carry out at the 2019 Billboard Latin Music Awards top top April 25. And he’s nominated for Tropical Artist of the Year, Solo (which he, uh, often tends to win a lot). But before his performance provides waves, here’s a fast refresher on why the musician is for this reason beloved—and how, together the father of six children, the juggles occupational with family and life in ~ home.

He isn"t simply famous—he’s majorly successful.


Go to any type of Latin party and mamis and also papis will certainly hit the dance floor the 2nd his Spanish hits prefer “Vivir Mi Vida,” “Te Conozco Bien,” “Ahora Quien,” and also “Nadie Como Ella” do it to the playlist. But you may recognize his English crossovers, including Billboard chart-toppers prefer “You Sang to Me,” “I need to Know,” and also “Rain over Me.”

Marc Anthony is Jennifer Lopez’s ex-husband.


Anthony and J.Lo to be married for seven years, native 2004 come 2011, and also when castle announced your split…let’s simply say fans to be heartbroken. Why? Well, in addition to being one of the Latin world’s most popular couples, they likewise gave us extremely emotional songs world love to sing along to.


Specifically, this two have released four duets consisting of “Escapémonos,” “Por Arriesgarnos,” “Olvídame Y Pega La Vuelta,” and, many beloved the all, “No Me Ames.” Even short article breakup, the familiar exes have reunited on stage, leading to fans to fairly literally freak out.

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Anthony first welcomed a daughter, Arianna, through girlfriend Debbie Rosado in 1994. Lock later adopted a son, follow Muniz. He to be married to miss Universe 1993, Dayanara Torres, between 2000 and also 20004, and also together they have actually two sons: Christian and also Ryan Muniz. Through Lopez, Anthony invited 11-year-old pair Max and also Emme.

This is just how he balances work and his family members of 6 children.

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“I shot to do the effort to view all my kids during division as lot as possible,” Anthony recently told People en Español. “Thank God all my youngsters know the their dad doesn’t have the 9 to 5 grind…They recognize that my job-related takes me far from residence for lengthy periods the time.”

He’s a component of J.Lo and Alex Rodriguez’s life, and they make rather the mixed family.

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While many celebrity exes often tend to break-up up and never speak again, Anthony and Lopez have maintained a healthy and balanced relationship post-split. “He was ruined when castle split, and he will always be a part of her life because of their comparable backgrounds, their kids, and their love that music and also performing,” a source told People in 2016.

In fact, as soon as Lopez and Alex Rodriguez came to be engaged in March, the said, “Yes, of course ns am!” as soon as asked by Us Weekly if he to be happy because that them. He also regularly attends occasions that indicate his children and Lopez’s blended family, like his daughter Emme’s run recital.

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