Legendary comedian Eddie Murphy has had actually his hands full ever due to the fact that fiancée Paige Butcher offered birth to their second baby together, Max Charles Murphy, in December 2018. Max’s arrival is fairly a milestone in an ext ways than one, as the tiny bundle of joy is Eddie’s 10th child.

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You heard right, the Beverly Hills Cop actor has actually kept himself incredibly busy throughout his life, and because of that, he have the right to literally count all of his children on both hands. In enhancement to Max, Eddie is the proud father of his enlarge kids, Eric, Bria, Christian, Miles, Shayne, Zola, Bella, Angel and also Izzy, and this family members tree has quite a couple of branches!


Eddie shares two kids with Paige, five youngsters with ex-wife Nicole Mitchell Murphy and also a child from a previous partnership with Tamara Hood. Eddie has another son with Paulette McNeely and also one daughter v pop star and also TV personality Melanie “Mel B” Brown. No matter just how busy he is through his family, though, Eddie can not feel more “blessed” to it is in the dad the 10 kids.

“I really, really acquired lucky,” the Oscar nominee gushed during an figure on Marc Maron‘s “WTF” podcast in in march 2021. “I am going to be 60 in April, and also I have actually all this babies. Ns love fatherhood.”


During his rare interview around his family, Eddie praised his children for being significant people. “My kids are smart and are trying to carry out stuff. Ns am blessed through my kids,” that marveled, noting all of his tiny ones are very well-behaved and also respectful.

“I don’t have one negative seed,” the proud dad sweetly insisted. “I nothing have any type of like ‘Oh you are the one.’ i don’t have any type of of that. My kids are for this reason great, normal human being — and also nobody is like the Hollywood jerk kid.”

Though Eddie is still functioning in showbiz, at this allude in his life, he’s much more concerned with elevating his younger children. “The totality idea of being the end there and also doing 3 movies a year, that s—t is over,” that told the host. “I uncovered over and also over again and also along the way, ns realized the if you placed your children first, you never make a bad decision.”


The Dolemite Is my Name star revealed his youngsters are likewise always in ~ the head of his mind as soon as making decision in regards to his career. “When girlfriend hit a crossroads moment or friend have gained some s—t, friend think, ‘Well, what is best for my children?’ If you walk that course then you never make a negative decision,” he shared.

Scroll with the gallery below to view photos and learn more about Eddie Murphy’s 10 kids. 


Eric Murphy

Eddie experienced parenthood because that the first time once he invited his eldest son, Eric, top top July 10, 1989, together his then-girlfriend Paulette McNeely. On Eric’s 32 birthday, his girlfriend, who simply so wake up to be Martin Lawrence‘s daughter Jasmin, mutual a selfie of the two, creating in the caption, “Happy birthday, mine love! i’m so very blessed to recognize you, to love you, and to have you by my side. Cheers come many much more blessings, laughs, and also beautiful memories! i love you so much!!”


Bria Murphy

Just four months after welcoming his very first kiddo, Eddie invited his daughter Bria alongside Nicole Mitchell Murphy ~ above November 18, 1989.

The brunette beauty captured the acting an insect like she dad together she’s appeared in a couple of films. Per IMDb, Bria has acting credits in Baby Daddy, Mr. Box Office, The begin Up and also most recently The Line in 2019.

Christian Murphy

Christian came down on November 29, 1990, during Eddie’s connection with Tamara Hood. Though he’s the child of one of Hollywood’s most famous comedians, Christian has lived the majority of his life the end of the spotlight, beside from sustaining his dad in ~ red carpet occasions through the years.

Miles Mitchell Murphy

After getting ago together with Nicole, Eddie and also the Hollywood Exes alum increased his household with the birth of their child Miles on November 7, 1992. One year later, the pair finally bound the knot in 1993.

Though the unclear exactly what miles does for work, we do know he shares his just child, Evie, v his girl friend Carly Olivia. While chatting through Vanity Fair, Eddie marveled over his role as a grandfather, saying “there’s no sweeter blessing 보다 seeing your grandchild.”

Shayne Audra Murphy

Shayne, who is Eddie’s 5th child and also his third with Nicole, to be born on October 10, 1994. Shayne tested her talents on the TV screen when she appeared on VH1’s Hollywood Exes in 2014 with her mom. Though she no have any type of other credits, according to IMDb.

However, Shayne is a society media influencer with more than 50 thousand pendant on Instagram. There, she posts tons that photos if traveling, security time v friends and also modeling her favorite outfits.

Zola Ivy Murphy

Eddie and also Nicole invited the actor’s sixth child, Zola, top top December 24, 1999. Though Zola has actually yet to monitor in she dad’s exhilaration footsteps, she has showed up alongside she mom and also older sister top top Hollywood Exes. Because that the most part, girlfriend can catch Zola posting pics on she adventures on Instagram.

Bella Zahra Murphy

Bella, Eddie’s seventh small one, was born to him and also Nicole top top January 29, 2002. It shows up Bella has actually plans come pave a job in Hollywood considering she’s set to do her exhilaration debut alongside her dad in the upcoming 2021 movie Coming 2 America.

When Eddie opened up around his daughter’s future role, the insisted Bella earn the gig on she own. “She had actually to really be able to — girlfriend know, to deliver,” the told Good Morning America in February 2021. “Otherwise, she i will not ~ have gained the role.”

Angel Iris Murphy Brown

After five youngsters and virtually three years of history, Eddie and Nicole separation in 2006. However, he expanded his household the following year as soon as daughter Angel came down on April 3, 2007. Eddie invited his kiddo throughout his relationship with Mel B. Though she young, Angel has made a few appearances v her dad in ~ A-list events.

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Izzy Oona Murphy

Just as soon as you thought he to be done, Eddie ended up being a father because that the 9th time after meeting Paige Butcher. The couple’s first child together, Izzy, come along on may 3, 2016. In ~ the time, People report Izzy weighed 7 pounds, 15 ounces, and measured 19.5 inch long. She grown increase a bit due to the fact that then!

Max Charles Murphy

Max is Eddie’s youngest boy in his bunch. The little tot arrived once Paige gave birth to him top top November 30, 2018. Max was presented to the world when Eddie posed because that a holiday picture alongside every 10 the his children in December 2018. Bria uploaded the Christmas-themed snapshot and in it, you have the right to see the adorable newborn being organized in Paige’s arms.