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Just two days after her daughter, Rebecca Lo Robertson, announced her engagement, Korie Robertson said fans the she wouldn"t just have a new son-in-law but likewise another son.

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The Duck Dynasty star and also her husband, Willie Robertson, room in the process of adopting a 13-year-old boy. Korie post a photo of her farming brood to Instagram top top Sunday, reply the question many fans were asking: Who"s the cute boy that keeps popping increase in your photos?

"We are excited to it is in in the procedure of adopting a brand-new son!" she wrote. "He"s been through us due to the fact that May, however we wanted part privacy and time because that him and our household to bond before telling the human being (It"s a little bit of an convey coming into this big, crazy family, ha?)."

"He"s amazing, and we room all so dazzling to have another kid approximately the house," the 42-year-old reality star added.

While she didn"t share she soon-to-be-son"s name, Korie did admit that the family "couldn"t save the an excellent news come ourselves any longer!"

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The Louisiana indigenous is really excited around the new addition to her family, filling ET in on just how he"s already been made a large part that the Robertson household.

"We obtained him in May, at the end of the school year," Korie said ET. "He to be at john Luke"s wedding and walked mine grandmother under the aisle."

Korie and Willie are already parents come five children -- their three biological kids, man Luke, Sadie and also Bella, an embraced son, Will, and also a foster daughter, Rebecca, who first came to the family members as one exchange college student from Taiwan in 2004.

ET spoke v the pair in November, and they common theirdifferent parenting approaches for each of their children.

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"Some the our youngsters are one way, few of them to be hard-headed, some of them were not. Some of them to be super sensitive, so you need to take all of that right into effect," Willie told ET. "I can look at Sadie one way, and also she would begin cryin" -- favor that! -- that wasn"t a spanking or anything like that, she was so sensitive. And John Luke was an extremely hard-headed, and also his brother, Will, was an extremely hard-headed."

We"ll watch even more of your parenting skills when Duck Dynasty return to A&E on Jan. 13.

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Find out much more about Willie and Korie"s disciplining techniques in the video clip below.

'Duck Dynasty' Stars Willie & Korie Robertson top top Disciplining children

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