Shatner, called the oldest astronaut in history after acquisition a drive on the space Blue origin rocket, had actually all 3 of his daughters with his an initial wife Gloria Rand.


William Shatner has actually three daughtersCredit: Getty

Who are William Shatner's daughters?

The oldest daughter is Leslie Shatner who when played a function in Star Trek: The original Series.

Leslie is currently 63 year old and also has two youngsters of her very own while operating her own practice as an work-related therapist.

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Shatner's center daughter, Lisabeth who aspires to it is in an actress. She spends a big amount of time in West Hollywood.



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Besides showing up in an illustration of Star Trek: The original Series, she was a regular cast member on Boston Legals.

The youngest daughter is Melanie Shatner who additionally has an acting career. She is right now based in Los Angeles, California, and married to Joel Gretsch.

William Shatner and two the his daughters in 1987Credit: Getty

Who is william Shatner married to?

Shatner, that turned 90 this year, has been married 4 times.

William Shatner's most recent marriage, to equine trainer Elizabeth Martin, finished in divorce critical year.

Despite your 27-year period gap, the couple tied the node in Lebanon, Indiana in 2001 and also stayed together for almost two decades prior to calling the quits.

Shatner is currently single.

Who were william Shatner's previous wives?

Though today Shatner is worth a lining $100million, he was a relatively unknown theatre performer as soon as he walked down the aisle because that the very first time.

In 1956, the then-25-year-old Shatner wed fellow actress Gloria Rand.

They proceeded to have 3 kids together: Leslie,63, Lisabeth 60, and also Melanie, 57.

Rand would later watch she husband rise to tv fame, with the iconic present Star Trek, in i m sorry Shatner play the lead, premiering in 1966.

Their marriage finished the very same year that the present did in 1969.

The increasing Hollywood star waited 4 years prior to tying the knot again. Marcy Lafferty ended up being his 2nd wife in 1973 and also would walk on come act together him in the 1979 film, Star Trek: The activity Picture, and also the '80s police drama TV show, T.J. Hooker.

His longest relationship, the two stayed married because that 23 years prior to finalizing your divorce in 1996.

Shatner's shortest, and most tragic, the union came next.

He married aspiring actress Nerine Kidd, who he met on the set of Kung Fu: The Legend Continues, in a 1997 Pasadena ceremony.

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In 1999, Nerine was uncovered at the bottom of your swimming pool. The cause of fatality was an inadvertently drowning, according to she autopsy revealing alcohol and Valium in she blood.