Comedian and actor Wayne Brady has had actually a effective career for years. From his time top top the improv display Whose line Is it Anyway? to his voiceover job-related or even him hosting video game shows, Wayne has always kept his fans laughing and he even won Season 2 of The masked Singer

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Wayne has had actually a ton the success end the years, however has that moved over come his personal life? Wayne has actually been married an ext than once, but his love life has provided him a beautiful daughter. 

Nope, Wayne isn't married and also it looks like he's single, but he has been married double before. Native 1993 come 1995, he to be married to a singer named Diana Lasso. Climate from 1999 come 2008, he was married come actress Mandie Taketa. That looks like at the very least his connection with Mandie is still a solid one. Back in April 2020, he said that he was quarantining with Mandie, your daughter, and also Mandie's boyfriend, Jason. 


"My ex-wife Mandie and I, we have a different and also I think a very special partnership than a lot of human being who co-parent," Wayne stated in one interview through Yahoo.

"We’ve also lived choose seven minutes away from each other at the most," the added. "Right now, we live literally next door to each other. Therefore our quarantining is a small different. We quarantine between both of ours homes and also I’ve got a huge backyard and lots of soil so us both re-superstructure this land and this space."

Wayne walk say that he and also Mandie execute co-parent. They have actually a daughter called Maile and also she's his only child. As a young adult, she's make a effective career because that herself together an actress and also has been in a couple of TV series. She was in The Bold and also the Beautiful, according to her IMDb. But she's also appeared on shows choose The Talk, Hell's Kitchen, and Entertainment Tonight.  

Maile additionally makes her own music. In beforehand 2021, she uploaded her first single to she YouTube channel called "EXHALE." The track talks about being comfortable about someone even with a background of no feeling for sure letting your guard down.  

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According to Celebrity net Worth, Wayne is precious $12 million. Part of this is from his time on Whose Line, but it's also from other projects like The Wayne Brady Show. He's additionally appeared in a variety of funny reflects over the years like Chappelle's Show, How ns Met her Mother, and 30 Rock. He's organized the game shows Don't Forget the Lyrics! and Let's do a transaction as well.

Wayne's daughter complied with in his footsteps together a singer, together Wayne also has a great singing voice. This brought about him releasing 2 albums called "A long Time Coming" and also "Radio Wayne" in 2008 and also 2011 respectively. 

Unfortunately, to win The masked Singer doesn't include to Wayne's net worth. Rather of win a big cash prize, he won a really cool trophy and also of food the bragging civil liberties to to speak he won a season that the struggle show.