Since 2016, Carlson has actually been the host of Tucker Carlson Tonight, a nightly political talk show.

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Since 2016, Tucker Carlson has actually been the organize of Tucker Carlson TonightCredit: AP:Associated Press

Does Tucker Carlson have children?

Carlson has been married to Susan andrews for virtually three decades.

Andrews has known Carlson since they to be teenagers, meeting at St George's high school, whereby Andrew's father offered as headmaster.

They have 4 children, Hopie, Buckley, Dorothy and also Lillie.

Lillie is the oldest, followed by Buckley, Hopie, and Dorothy.

Tucker Carlson and also his wife Susan Andrews have four kids togetherCredit: Getty

Hopie is 21, yet the exact periods of the various other Dorothy and Lillie have not been revealed.

According come CelebSubrub, Hopie attend St George's private school - the very same school she parents attended.

Their boy Buckley was named after Tucker's brother, and according come Distractify, he is 23 or 24-years-old and also works for united state Rep Jim Banks.

What go Carlson say about Kamala Harris' border plan?

During his June 8 edition of Tucker Carlson Tonight, Carlson accused Vice chairman Kamala Harris the "bribery" after ~ unveiling a setup to "pay Latin America's negative billions that dollars no to move" come the US.

The Fox News host likewise claimed that the American device of order "is gift mocked and also destroyed" – branding Joe Biden's immigration policy "lunacy."

VP Harris has come under a tirade the backlash in current weeks after being tapped together "border czar" by the chairman as thousands of migrants pour over the Mexico border right into the country.

Despite being placed in fee of diplomatic initiatives to prevent soaring number crossing, Harris has actually yet to visit the border - i m sorry she has come under fire because that from all fronts.


During his June 8 edition of Tucker Carlson Tonight, Carlson accused Vice president Kamala Harris of 'bribery' ~ unveiling a border planCredit: Fox News

As numbers proceed to surge, the Biden administration has proposed safety $4billion to attend to the "root reasons of migration" in countries including Honduras and also Guatemala.

Harris has finally met through Mexican president Andrés Manuel López Obrador, however Carlson has now asserted the VP is "bribing" main Americans to continue to be in your home nations with the large payments.

He fumed: "On Sunday, Harris flew come Guatemala, to unveil her policy to deal with the crisis.

"What is it? In a word, the arrangement is bribery.

"The administration plans to spend billions that dollars to pay Latin America’s negative not to relocate to the unified States. CNN loves the idea the course. It blames America."

Carlson likewise took target at the administration's handling of the crisis, branding Biden's immigration plan "lunacy".


Carlson likewise branded Joe Biden's immigration plan 'lunacy'Credit: Fox News

"On the border, the rule of law has actually been suspended," that said.

"The American mechanism of order and also decency and fairness is being mocked and also destroyed through the an extremely people in charge of maintain it.

"You don’t have to be a conservative Republican to it is in offended through this. Last November in Texas, many thousands that lifelong Democrats v Mexican critical names voted because that Donald Trump.

"Why? because they knew perfectly fine what the left to plan to do at the border. They to be right. They’re patriotic Americans.

"They didn’t desire to see their country destroyed. So for the Joe Biden administration, this is a really serious political problem.

"Most people, no issue what their shade or political registration, think Joe Biden’s current immigration policy is lunacy. Because it is.

"Opening the border is the solitary most unpopular point the White House has actually done, by far."


Carlson likewise took jabs at previous President Barack ObamaCredit: Fox News

An incredulous Carlson likewise pointed the end that together VP for Barack Obama, Biden implemented a comparable foreign assist plan.

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"The idea at the moment was the idea now: once we sent billions to corrupt international governments, their citizens would certainly stop showing up in Texas and also California," Carlson said.