Raising his daughter right! Travis Scott has large plans because that his and Kylie Jenner’s 2-year-old, Stormi.

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“I feel choose it’s means more important now to defend our young black color daughters, women,” the rapper, 29, said during a Wednesday, October 7, .WAV RADIO with Chase B interview. “Making certain they have the expertise of just just how to bring yourself, just how to relocate in this world, just how to be strong, how to not even be scared to take that danger on any kind of idea.”

The Texas native added that he wants his and also the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star’s toddler to have “pure vision” in the future, understanding that “anything a man deserve to do … a woman deserve to do.”


Travis Scott, daughter Stormi Webster and also Kylie Jenner. Matt Baron/Shutterstock

Jenner, 23, offered birth to her and the Grammy nominee’s baby girl in February 2018. Fatherhood has been “better 보다 thought it would be,” Scott told XXL Magazine the complying with year.

“Stormi is just one of the finest human beings ns know,” the “Sicko Mode” rapper defined to the outlet in December 2019. “She’s choose my finest friend. She makes life a small bit easier. She simply inspires me and she surprises me every work with just how she’s thinking. It’s so crazy.”

In August, Scott told GQ about his plans for Stormi to thrive up together an educated citizen. “I’m maintaining her conscious of those going ~ above in the world,” he said in his sheathe story at the time. “As a parent, I’m constantly instilling knowledge, also at this age.”

While Scott and the Kylie Cosmetics creator started dating in 2017, lock pumped the brakes 2 years later. A source exclusively told united state Weekly critical month the although the dynamics the their partnership “change often,” the assembly mogul hasn’t rule out having actually a second child with Scott.

“Kylie absolutely wants more kids, she’s just not sure about if it will certainly be with Travis, but again, it can happen one day,” the resource explained in September.

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