Shanna Moakler’s youngsters with Travis Barker are celebrating Kourtney Kardashian’s engagement with the Blink 182 rocker. If you space curious around what will certainly be the brand-new family equation after Travis and also Kourtney tie the knot, here’s all you must know.

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Shanna Moakler and also Travis Barker re-publishing two organic kids Alabama Luella Barker, 15, and also son Landon Asher Barker, who is 18. Along with the two, Travis Barker is very close through stepdaughter Atiana de la Hoya.

Barker who is recognized for gift a good dad has obtained outpour of love and support from all his children after the surprised engagement. Landon, Alabama, and also Atiana take it it to Instagram to wish the happy pair with captions prefer ‘so happy for you guys.’


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Meet Shanna Moakler’s children with Travis Barker

Shanna Moakler’s kids with Travis Barker came in news soon after the duo confirmed their relationship earlier in January as news reports suggested that the children are friends v Kourtney’s kids.

Travis and also Shanna Moakler share 2 kids. Child Landon Asher to be born ~ above October 9, 2003, adhered to by daughter Alabama Luella who was born ~ above December 24, 2005. Barker likewise treats stepdaughter Atiana Cecilia De La Hoya together his very own daughter. Atiana is Moakler’s daughter v ex-fiancé, boxer Oscar De La Hoya who was born on march 29, 1999.

The family appeared in a reality television present titled ‘Meet the Barkers’ the aired on MTV indigenous 2005 to 2006.

A close resource of the duo revealed the household dynamics of Kourtney and Travis Barker to united state magazine. The publishing quoted the resource saying, “Travis and Kourtney’s kids, , are very close. They ended up being friends life in the very same neighborhood and hang the end a lot. Their kids’ friendship had Kourtney and also Travis safety a the majority of time together.”

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Shanna Moakler additionally talked around Kourtney’s relationship with her kids saying, “As lengthy as she’s good to mine kids and they’re both happy, I’m happy for them.”

“I absolutely to be super happy because that them. Ns think they’ve been friends because that a really lengthy time. My kids seem to really prefer her, and they every seem in a great place, and I’m in a great place, for this reason it’s good,” us Weekly reported.

Kourtney and Travis likewise appeared in a Tiktok video clip with their kids called ‘Pass The phone Challenge.’ clock the video below.

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How Shana Moakler Barker’s children reacted to the engagement

Shana Moakler and Travis Barker’s kids commemorated the engagement by sharing breaks on their IG through touchy captions. Landon wrote, “Congratulations
travisbarker ns so happy because that you males love you males so much!” Landon composed in one Instagram Story sharing a picture of the pair kissing after the engagement.