If you assumed your connection with her father to be rough, just take a look in ~ hair metal rocker Tommy Lee"s v his earliest son, Brandon, among two children Lee had with actress and also Playboy centerfold Pamela Anderson. Together you might expect, the 2 don"t spend the weekends fishing or setup up model trains. Brandon grew up with a sex prize mom and also rocker dad who had actually a drink problem. The parents had actually a quite abusive connection with every other, according come E! Online.

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You"d have a rocky relationship with your dad together well, if yours had a history of throwing you raging birthday parties that often finished in controversy. CNN reports the a toddler drowned in ~ Brandon"s fifth birthday party, and the police were dubbed to the house at least three times during his rave-themed rager because that B-day number 14. That in reality turned the end to be his son"s favourite part, the Mötley Crüe drummer told access Online. Things apparently gained pretty wild in ~ the shindig deejayed by Mix grasp Mike of the Beastie Boys. "I don"t understand what happened," stated an obviously lied Lee, "but the ice cream broke and also the next thing I see everybody is rolling approximately on the floor, glow sticking, dancing, and the cops come 3 times." Sure, Tommy boy.

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Is over there anything less rock "n" roll 보다 a dad complaining about his sons" lack of discipline? Lame. That"s exactly the kind of dad the "Live Wire" Lee turned into. On Father"s work 2018, he whined on Instagram that he had actually "failed as a father," according to Yahoo! Entertainment. He said his young "don"t know the worth of things. If they rest something, lock don"t care due to the fact that they recognize they"ll just gain a new one; if castle hurt someone, the don"t care since so many civilization tell lock it"s OK."

And that did the metalhead blame for his sons" disposable see of the world? Lee tossed the reprimand Pam"s way, saying that she enabled the poor behavior by purchase them things they wanted even when they didn"t law themselves. The obelisk of parenthood even referred to as Brandon and his brother, Dylan, "a**holes."

Brandon responded by posting a video clip of his dad passed the end on the floor, the inscription implying that he"d been knocked out there by his boy in a physical altercation previously that year: "Look a little sleepy there, Tommy." Mamma Pam sided with her son. A resource close come the instance said that in Anderson"s eyes, "while Brandon is Tommy"s biological son, the doesn"t do Tommy a genuine father." (Neither does play drums on a roller coaster do you a actual rocker, Tommy.)