T.I. And Tameka ‘Tiny’ Harris space R ‘n’ B and also Hip Hop royalty, so, who are their kids? Let’s obtain to understand the Harris family!

Many viewers of VH1 display T.I. & Tiny: The family Hustle will certainly be well-acquainted through Tiny and also T.I., however, others might recognize the pair for your contributions come the music world. If T.I. Has actually collaborated with artists such together Justin Timberlake, Rihanna, and Destiny’s Child, Tiny was a member the girl band Xscape.

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T.I. Was additionally a judge on Netflix series Rhythm + Flow in 2019.


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Are T.I. And Tameka married?

Yes, T.I. And Tameka ‘Tiny’ Harris space married. After conference in 2001, the couple dated for nine years before tying the knot.

In 2010, T.I., whose actual name is Clifford Joseph Harris, Jr, and also Tameka Cottle married in Miami.

Their marriage hasn’t to be without that ups and also downs, though. In 2016 tiny filed for divorce ~ T.I. Was unfaithful. However, in 2017 the couple announced the they were continuing to be together adhering to Tiny’s Xscape reunion tour.

Meet T.I. And Tiny’s kids

Before beginning a family members with Tiny, T.I. Had actually three children, Deyjah, Domani, and also Messiah.

T.I. Share his first-born daughter, Deyjah, with fellow musician Ranniqua, who is likewise known as ‘Ms. Niko‘. Deyjah is 19 years old in 2021.

Domani and Messiah share the exact same mother, Lashon Thompson, who defines herself ~ above IG together their “Momager”.

She starred in Bravo show Mother Funders in 2015. Messiah is T.I.’s first-born son, if Domani is the second.

T.I. And also Tiny: children names

Between T.I. And also Tiny, they share seven children. Your ages variety from 5 come 24 year old.

Zonnique Pullins – 24Messiah Harris – 20Deyjah Harris – 19Domani Harris – 19Clifford “King” Joseph Harris III – 16Major Harris – 13Heiress Harris – 5

T.I. And also Tiny have three organic children together, and also four children from previous relationships.

Their an initial daughter together, Leyah Amore Harris, was sadly born stillborn in 2007.

However, the couple went top top to have actually Clifford “King” Joseph Harris III, Major, and also Heiress together.

Is Zonnique T.I.’s daughter?

Singer Zonnique Jailee Pullins is T.I.’s step-daughter and biological daughter the Tameka Harris and Zonnie “Zeboe” Pullins.

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Zonnique is a solo singer, however, she was previously part of the team OMG Girlz.