Music superstar Tina Turner married Ike Turner in the 1960s. Throughout their relationship, the artists created the Ike and also Tina Revue. They also toured the country with access time such together “Proud Mary.” In 1978, Tina divorced Ike after years of abuse. However, the pair remained connected through their children. Some fans that the pair might wonder exactly how many children did the performers have. This is what us know.

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Tina Turner and Ike Turner| Gilles Petard/Redferns

How walk Tina Turner and also Ike Turner meet?

Tina was born Anna Mae Bullock top top Nov. 26, 1939. Once she was a teenager, the singer met Ike at a Manhattan nightclub. At first, Ike and also Tina were close friends. The artists bonded through music and also were both in relationships with other world at the time. During their friendship, Tina was in a relationship with Ike’s bandmate, Raymond Hill.

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After castle met, Tina begged Ike come let her carry out with his band majesties of Rhythm. When he heard her sing, Ike permitted Tina to sign up with him top top tour. Eventually, the musical act change to the Ike and Tina Revue, and also she was the command singer. 

Around the time of their very first hit record, “A stupid in Love,” Tina and Ike’s connection changed. The pair came to be lovers and eventually acquired married in 1962. According to USA Today, Tina composed in her memoir, My Love Story, their marital relationship was the starting point of Ike’s physical, mental, and sexual abuse.

Ike and Tina Turner elevated four youngsters together

Before they acquired married, both Tina and Ike had children from ahead relationships. The “I nothing Wanna Fight” singer offered birth to she son, Craig Turner, ~ above Aug. 29, 1958. She ended up being pregnant through Craig during her relationship with Hill. Additionally, Turner common two sons- Ike Turner, Jr and also Ronnie Turner indigenous his first marriage.

on Oct. 27, 1960, they invited their first child together, Ronnie Turner. As soon as Ike and also Tina bound the knot, the couple adopted every other’s sons and also raised them Los Angeles. However, after years of enduring she husband’s abusive behavior, Tina left the relationship. ~ she escaped Ike, Tina created that the made her and their children’s stays insufferable. In one chapter, the singer listed that Ike once sent his “stooges” over to shoot up her friend’s residence after offering him divorce papers. 

“One night, us heard this according to ‘bang, bang, bang’ comes from outside. When we looked, we witnessed that the back window of Rhonda’s automobile had been blown out v bullets,” Tina wrote. “Another night, they actually shot right into the house. We were so scared that Rhonda slept in the boys’ room, and also I slept in the closet since the room had a skylight, and I was afraid there would be more shooting.”

Where room the previous couple’s youngsters today?

When Ike and Tina officially divorced, the singer continued to raise their four boys. Follow to The Sun, 2 of the pair’s sons went on to occupational in music. Ronnie is a bass player and toured v both that his parents’ bands. Ike Jr worked as a sound engineer and produced some of Ike’s music. Turner died of a cocaine overdose in 2007.

Tina Turner's child Craig Turner has actually died. He was 59. Https://

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As for the pair’s two various other sons, Michael and Craig tried to continue to be out of their parents’ spotlight. Craig functioned in actual estate because that multiple years, when Michael’s career is unknown. 

In 2018, Craig passed away by suicide at age 59. The complying with year, Tina opened up around her young death. Back she explained him together a “shy” child, the singer admitted come noticing changes in his behavior prior to he died.

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“He was an introverted person; that was very shy, so i didn’t recognize either, except now when I listen back to our last conversations, I notice a change,” Tina stated in one interview with BBC News. “The last couple of times us talked, the conversations to be different, and also I didn’t recognize that till after the suicide.”

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