The world-renowned movie director Steven Spielberg requirements no distinct introduction. His enthusiasm for do innovative and breakthrough movies is fine known anywhere the world.

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Spielberg was born on 18th December 1946 in Cincinnati, Ohio. He to be passionate around film making ever due to the fact that childhood. The went on to become one of the most successful surname in the world, making award winning movies like Jurassic Park, color Purple, E.T.: The extraterrestrial, Schinder’s list and Saving exclusive Ryan.

Steve was the only son out of four children. His father to be an electric engineer and also mother was a pianist. All the family members members pampered him. However, things were much different at school. He was an average student at studies.

Due come his father’s regular transfers, Steven relocated from colleges in brand-new Jersey, suburban Phoenix and finally to san Jose in California. In the beforehand years, he satiated his hunger for filmmaking by make 8 mm “adventure” films. A Jewish by religion, he was admitted come a Hebrew school from 1953 to 1957.

Spielberg family members Profile


Let us take a look in ~ the household of Steven Spielberg

Spielberg parental – Arnold Spielberg and Leah (Posner) Spielberg

Steven was the only son that Arnold Spielberg and also Leah (Posner) Spielberg. Steven’s father to be an engineer and also his mother functioned as a restaurateur and concert pianist.

Steven Spielberg brothers – ann Spielberg, Sue Spielberg, Nancy Spielberg


Anne is one American screenwriter who was attributed to co- writing renowned film large along v Gary Ross. Anne was likewise associated with her brother’s production agency for a while.

Steven Spielberg Spouse(s) – Amy Irving (Ex), Kate Capshaw


Steven Spielberg has actually been married twice. He very first entered into an alliance with the actress Amy Irving. The marriage lasted for 4 years. The pair parted ways in the year 1989. They had one son from the marriage.


In the year 1991, the married Kate Capshaw, that had showed up in movies favor Temple that Doom and also Indiana Jones. The pair have four children. Kate likewise has a daughter called Jessica indigenous her an initial marriage. The pair has also adopted three children.

Children the Steven Spielberg and Amy Irving

One Son

Children of Steven Spielberg and also Kate Capshaw

Destry Spielberg

Sasha Spielberg


Theo Spielberg

Sawyer Spielberg

Jessica (Step daughter)


Mikaela Spielberg

Janet Spielberg

Theo Spielberg

Spielberg gave his an initial shot in 1958 in Scottsdale in ~ the Pinnacle height Patio restaurant. He winner the an initial award at the period of thirteen because that his 40-minute documentary based on a fight in eastern Africa named Escape come Nowhere.

He directed his an initial independent venture in the year 1963, which to be a sci-fi adventure named Firelight. The film had actually a budget plan of $500 and generated revenue of $1.

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Spielberg family Net Worth:


Spielberg functions in the height 400-fortune list through the Forbes Magazine. The network worth is approximated to be $3.6 billion by the Forbes Magazine.