It is no basic task to develop reality TV shows, however to make it so large that they have actually spin-offs and sister shows is important a magnificent feat. Among such reflects in the ‘Deadliest Catch.’ The guy who has actually been the face of the long-running hit national Geographic series is ‘Sig Hansen.’ this particular day we will be talk not about Sig Hansen himself yet his children, which are all just daughters.

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Just who room Sig Hansen’s daughters? satisfy not only his younger daughter, Mandy Hansen, that many people already recognize native the present but likewise his older daughter Nina Hansen. Friend may likewise be surprised to recognize that he has actually one more daughter named Melissa Eckstrom. Let us explore the wiki of his children and also family life in detail below.

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Mandy Hansen’s net Worth & Married LifeSig Hansen’s Daughter, Nobody, Knew About

Sig Hansen’s Married Life & Daughters

Sig Hansen being the main part the ‘Deadliest Catch,’ and also for so lengthy that he definitely is a pretty recognizable figure. Many world out there do not simply know about his career, but additionally Sig Hansen’s net worth is fine over $3 million. Many world even recognize as far ago as the basics of his married life.

Caption: Sig Hansen with wife June and also daughter Mandy

Everybody knows he is married to mam June Hansen for nearly 22 years. Sig Hansen might have come fight off not one but two heart strikes in the past, yet he received among the most terrible news in ‘Deadliest Catch’ season 15. It was his wife, June, who had called to tell him that she was diagnosed through cancer. Due to the fact that then, no additional details have actually come out due to the fact that the news broke out other than cancer lies in the neck an ar of Sig Hansen’s wife.

Caption: Sig Hansen with wife June Hansen’s latest pic native 2019 an imaginative Arts Emmy Awards

Since then, Sig Hansen has actually been right alongside his wife while his daughter, Mandy Hansen. She is acquisition the lead in both she father’s boat and show. Since Sig and also June Hansen it seems ~ to be doing it s okay in their many recent sightings, consisting of the red carpet the the 2019 an imaginative Arts Emmy Awards in so late 2019, let us check out the life that his daughters. Through Mandy, accomplish his older daughter, Nina Hansen, but additionally another daughter, you more than likely never knew about.

Nina Hansen’s Married Life & Bio

It’s not that many world do not recognize who Nina Hansen is, and an ext like human being don’t really know comprehensive details about Nina Hansen. Because that beginners, she was adopted, lot like she younger sibling, Mandy. After all, Nina stop credits for appearing or having a mention in an illustration or two of ‘Deadliest Catch.’ Not just does she pick to live life in different ways than she father and also sister, but she additionally likes come live an utterly secretive life.

Caption: Mandy Hansen v sister Nina Hansen and also nephew Jacsen

We can not also track many of her social media, and her Instagram account is additionally private. Most people may have involved know that her nearly three years ago when she provided birth come her an initial child and Sig Hansen’s an initial grandchild, Jaxsen, on June 18, 2017. Nina Hansen absolutely was happy because that the delivery of her kid after a job of 24 hours.


Caption: Nina Hansen provided birth to Sig Hansen’s an initial grandson, Jaxsen

However, her father, Sig Hansen, to be equally, if no happier, as he required to Facebook through utmost excitement to post pictures of his newborn son. This is all we know about Nina Hansen’s married life. We were unfortunately not able to even uncover Nina Hansen’s husband’s name, therefore figuring out her net worth to be an difficult task.

Mandy Hansen’s network Worth & Married Life

Mandy Hansen adhered to her father’s footsteps and will at some point take over every his roles as captain and also leading challenge of the ‘Deadliest Catch’ series. While holding appearances because 2014, she only obtained a little of a spotlight with various other ‘Deadliest Catch’ projects prefer her father’s documentary due to the fact that 2016. We might write a separate post on simply Mandy Hansen if we desire to.


Caption: Sig Hansen’s daughter Mandy Hansen

Mandy Hansen to be born in the Hansen family members in 1996 in Seattle, Washington. She and her larger sister, Nini, were adopted by Sig and also June Hansen. Through her work, Mandy Hansen’s net worth is currently in the estimate of being over $1 million.

Mandy Hansen is additionally happily married to she co-star and a greenhorn colleague at the Northwestern by the surname of Clark on June 10, 2017. Yes, Mandy married she husband simply a week prior to the bear of her nephew, Jaxsen. Your wedding awareness took location on the docks appropriate in former of the F/V Northwestern.


Caption: Mandy Hansen v her mother, father, and husband

Mandy Hansen’s Miscarriage; exactly how She lost Her Child

Mandy Hansen and also her husband have no youngsters yet. Clark did shot to traction a prank on his father-in-law by telling him Mandy to be pregnant before. Now, this was prior to their wedding, Sig ended up being furious till Mandy offered him the reveal that that was just a prank. Top top the unfunny and also tragic side, Mandy was pregnant in 2018 but went with a miscarriage resulting in the ns of she child.

We, in addition to her followers, gained the news about it only a year later when Mandy Hansen came forth through the information, lastly making it public.


Caption: Mandy Hansen opens up about miscarriage

“Though I shed you my previous season onboard, i still think around you every day. Indigenous cannot describe the hurt and the love i still feel for you.” She created in an Instagram article with a photo of a infant onesie and also shoes. Might we fulfill one day little one. Momma’s gained you in she heart forever and also ever.”

We space really sorry because that Mandy together we can’t even start to contemplate the feelings of a mom who already has dreams and plans because that their an initial child. Losing one ~ buying clothes and also picturing a future through that child must be devastating.

Sig Hansen’s Daughter, Nobody, Knew About

More than the Sig Hansen’s daughter you never knew about, she is much more like the daughter Sig Hansen walk not desire you come know about is Melissa Eckstrom. Many people don’t know around Sig Hansen’s life before his marital relationship with June Hansen. The was actually married to Lisa Eckstrom in the past we don’t know much about.

Anyway, over there is a factor we go not understand much about it. The marriage finished in fairly a confusing divorce with Sig Hansen’s ex-wife submit a lawsuit versus him of molesting his own daughter in 1990. His daughter, who was born in 1998, was just two years old at the time. Hansen to be arrested and ruled innocent in 1992 because that the sexual molestation charge against his daughter but had to relinquish every custody every parental civil liberties to his daughter in 1993.

You would certainly think the it will end there however no. An ext than 26 years later, Sig Hansen’s daughter, Melissa, that is currently a regulation attorney it s her in Seattle, has once again brought up charges of molestation.


Caption: Sig Hansen’s Daughter, Melissa Eckstrom

Melissa Eckstrom Accuses dad of Molestation

“I carry out remember gift hurt by mine father,” she composed in court documents. “I have actually memories the my dad hurting my genital region. Memories of being in a room alone v my father and also crying the end in pain.”

Despite currently winning the case in 1990, the assault and molestation fees were never ever really the allegations back then. Now Melissa 32, was pressing charges against her father. She used the fact that the 1990 judgment was basically a custody fight between she mother and step-father and also not she own.

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Sig Hansen, that believes his ex-wife and daughter are simply plotting extortion through this entirety ordeal, considers that unfair to re-visit the ruling and plans to require to Supreme Court for dismissal.