Sara Haines balances her job as co-host on The View and a full home life. Haines and also her husband, Max Shifrin, have three kids under the age of 5. The View star is often transparent about her an individual life, and shared a battle she had after the bear of her very first son, Alec.

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Sara Haines of ‘The View’ | Lou Rocco/Walt Disney tv via Getty Images

‘The View’ co-host Sara Haines talked about being a new mom

Haines and Shifrin welcomed kid Alec Richard in 2016, daughter Sandra grace in 2017, and son Caleb Joseph in 2019. Top top The View previously this week, Haines mutual the suffer of coming to be a mom for the very first time as soon as Alec to be born.

“One that my very first lessons ns learned top top the job was right after I had actually my very first child, Alec, ns didn’t feel what everyone had actually described,” Haines stated on The View, according to Yahoo! Entertainment. “You know, in every Instagram post, ‘It’s as with everything! It’s beautiful!’ ”

Haines noted how it deserve to take time to important bond through your newborn as a mother, despite what various other women might experience. While some moms may have actually a sense of euphoria, it might be much more of an adjustment for others.

“I think so lot of that is true once we look ago on that day — and some people probably execute feel the — but I don’t think us speak enough about that you just met this baby,” The View panelist explained. “You might love them and also wanna defend them, but you don’t know them.”

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Sara Haines feel ‘broken’ when comparing she feelings to various other moms

With numerous old adages touting the dependability of motherly instincts, Haines revealed that those don’t constantly kick in.

“We constantly kind of pound in that, ‘You’ll have instincts,"” she remarked. “‘You’ll recognize what you’re doing, you’re a mom!’ but we don’t speak it could be yes, really hard. You’re probably not gonna know what you’re doing; you’re gonna discover on the job. It’s okay.”

Commenting on her own discovering curve, Haines felt she didn’t measure up to various other moms after ~ Alec was born.

“I think I just felt so broken when ns didn’t feel what anyone else had said I would certainly instantly,” The View co-host said. “I’ll it is in the voice for the human being who don’t feel that, and also let you know you’re no alone. It’s a work in progress.”

‘The View’ star is happy v 3 kids

Haines was 38 years old when her first child arrived. The View panelist previously common that there room some services to having youngsters later in life.

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“This is simply what i know,” she told Glamour in 2017. “You don’t recognize the difference. Ns don’t know how much more energy I had actually at 25. I also had 20 an ext pounds top top me – I like my human body now. So there’s give-and-take. This is just exactly how my life looks.”

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In a current “ask me anything” ring on she Instagram stories, Haines to be asked by among her pendant if she wanted more kids. She appears to be fairly content with her current number.

“More babies for you? Or is three enough LOL,” a pan asked. Haines responded, “I would love 10 more!!!! however 3 is every I have the right to handle while being my finest version because that each of lock ❤️❤️❤️”