Rosie O"Donnell is likewise mom come daughters Dakota, 8, Vivienne, 18, and also Chelsea, 23, plus kid Parker, 26



On Wednesday, the actress and also comedian, 59, shared a series of family photos come Instagram, featuring her daughter Dakota, 8, child Blake, 21, and also his girlfriend, Teresa.

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In the first shot, Blake put his arm about his younger sister because that an lover sibling photo. O'Donnell also captured a sweet photograph of Blake and his girlfriend, both attract masks to stay safe between the coronavirus pandemic.

The A league of Their very own star hopped in because that the last photo, placing she arm about daughter Dakota and standing next to Blake and Teresa.

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Several that O'Donnell's followers responded to the article in awe of how fast the comedian's kids are growing up.

"Kids have actually turned into adults. Dakota on her method .. And also fast! ❤️," one user wrote, while another added, "Wow, Blake is so grown!!"

"Wow time has actually flown by. Your kids are cultivation fast ❤️❤️," one more follower replied.



Earlier this summer, O'Donnell commemorated her she daughter Vivienne as she graduated high school, sharing a sweet tribute on Instagram.

In the photo, O'Donnell's best friend Jackie poses next to Vivienne as the teenager proud smiles in her red graduation cap.

"Vivi and jackie - together vivi graduates indigenous hs - hard to believe- im so proud of u honey - u r a exorbitant young woman," O'Donnell wrote, adding the hashtags, "vivi," "graduation" and "love."

O'Donnell's girlfriend expressed their disbelief about Vivienne's period in the comment of the photo.

American fear Story star Cheyenne Jackson wrote, "Wow," when Kristin Chenoweth added, "I. Can't. Believe. It. ❤️🙌👏"

viviodonnell 💖⭐️💖⭐️," singer Orfeh wrote, while Younger's Debi Mazar replied, "Congratulations Ro!!!"

Last year, in April, O'Donnell chatted with Seth Meyers for an episode of Late Night where she disputed her suffer spending time at house with her youngest youngsters amid the pandemic.

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The star revealed that her daughters Dakota, and also Vivienne, plus, kid Blake, were social distancing at house with her throughout the coronavirus outbreak. Her daughter Chelsea, 23, was in Wisconsin and son Parker, 26, was serving in the Marines in north Carolina.

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