In spring, 2018 YouTubers to be shocked by the fact that finally the social media phenomenon roman inn Atwood chose to suggest his companion of 9 years and mother the his 2 youngsters Brittney Danelle Smith. That announced around it with Twitter and demonstrated a beautiful engagement ring with a vast diamond he to be going to give Britney. She claimed “Yes!”, and also on July the 27th this year 2 celebrities wedded. They had actually a beautiful ceremony in ~ Hawaii. But what carry out we know about Atwood’s spouse, who readjusted her surname ~ wedding?

Brit to be born in 1991 in Ohio. She prospered up through a sisters Veronica Smith. In 2009 Veronica wedded chase Gilroy, that turned to it is in Roman’s best friend. Atwood was invite to the wedding ceremony. Thus, two sweethearts met each other.

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At the start of their love story our heroine offered as an assistant in a dental clinic. Her loved one was a worker at his parents’ factory. They began dating, and also soon moved together.

Roman started his first channel top top 2009. He post pranks, i m sorry made world smile. From time come time Brit was the participant of his pranks.

In 2011 the couple announced their an initial pregnancy. Shortly they welcomed a son. Numerous years later they invited a daughter.

Now 2 young civilization share their pranks and daily program through 2 YouTube channels. In addition, new-made Mrs. Atwood is one Instagram star with an ext than 3 million followers. In her free from YouTube time, the woman has actually fun with her kids. She has also a stepson Noah, born by the first wife of the YouTube star.

Shanna Riley (ex-wife; married in 2001-2008)


Date of birth: February 21, 1983

Shanna Janette Atwood is a bitch; in ~ least for this reason she is named by she ex-husband, one idol for millions of his fans, roman inn Atwood. The announced about it through Twitter in March, 2015. We won’t discuss, if Shanna is really an ill-tempered human or not. We just tell you about her, and also you’ll do your own opinion.

She met the dad of her son in 2000s, when both to be in their teens, in Ohio. They fell in love and also being two romantic young people, determined to spend the totality life together. So, they wedded top top November 17, 2001.

At an initial the YouTube vlogger and his wife lived happy together. They provided a bear to a boy Noah 3 years after ~ the wedding.

Their relationships were damaged after Riley’s infidelity, at the very least according to her ex-husband’s words, i beg your pardon he common through society media. In 2008 Atwood started a divorce process, which to be finalized in 2010. After that 2 ex-partners combated for the custody end Noah.

Nowadays that is no publicized, if Shanna is date anyone and what career she is pursuing.


photo instagram / noahatwood_

Date that birth: October 18, 2004

Noah Vaughn Atwood to be born in Roman-Shanna family. He lives in Ohio and is carried up through his father and also his existing wife Brittney. The boy has a half-brother and a half-sister indigenous his father’s side.

He rose to fame because of his open up smile and also easy-going nature. Because the earliest year the young has end up being the continuous participant the his father’s videos. That resulted in a court process between Roman and his ex-wife Shanna, who accused the YouTube personality in the exploitation of child labor. Yet Mr. Atwood won the court and full custody over Noah. Now the young sees his organic mother just during Christmas time.

Kane Atwood (son with Brittney Smith)

photo instagram / kaneatwood

Date of birth: October 23, 2011

The active cute child with an open smile, he caught the mind of Atwood channel viewers. The 2nd son that YouTube sensation, Kane showed up in his father’s video clip for the an initial time, being just 5 months old.

Currently the boy lives with his parents, enlarge brother and also sister in Ohio. That is a continuous participant the his parents’ vlogs.

Cora Atwood (daughter with Brittney Smith)

photo instagram / kaneatwood

Date that birth: July 16, 2017

Cora is the youngest member of Atwood family. Once she was born, Roman and also his older boy Noah announced about in v Instagram.

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The vlog, committed to Cora’s birth, has end up being one the the most renowned on the channel. That gained around 7 million see within the first week after ~ its release.